SpotMe Reveals Four Event Trends Set to Take Over 2018

Staying on top of the latest trends is crucial in the ever-changing events industry. But how do you decipher what will last vs. a fleeting fad? Pierre Metrailler, CEO of SpotMe recently partnered with Mitra Sorrells, Technology Editor and Orlando Bureau Chief at BizBash to deliver a webinar session examining what’s hot and what’s not in the coming year.

In this webinar, Pierre discusses four event trends set to take over 2018 and shares new tips, tricks, and advanced tactics to successfully create unique and memorable experiences for participants.

  1. Personalization: Whether in a small workshop or a large annual meeting, participants want to feel like their presence is valued. One of the best ways to convey this message is by creating an experience that is tailored to reflect the unique needs and interests of each of your individual participants.
  2. Immersive Experiences: Capturing – and retaining – participant attention is a challenging task. While there are many ways to engage with your audience, technology can help developing an emotional, visual and layered experience that participants will remember.
  3. Virtual & Hybrid: Despite increased adoption of virtual & hybrid meetings over the years, participants often cite the limited opportunities to interact in their feedback. Interactive options for virtual events will ensure that your virtual experience will become a genuine two-way street.
  4. Collaboration: With the advent of the digital workplace, we find out that users want new, creative ways of collaborating both in-person and online. Events are no different and can be an excellent place to experiment with stimulating environments, shaped by brainstorming, table discussions, workouts and other formats inspired by design thinking methodologies.

Replay this presentation and learn how you can use mobile technology to maximize your event outcomes in 2018.

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