Post-Event Engagement: Everything You Need to Do to Maximize Success

Post-Event Engagement: Everything You Need to Do to Maximize Success

You spent countless hours pre-planning, preparing, and hosting your event to attract the right audience. 

Your event may have wrapped, but you are absolutely not done! There is more to do to make sure you’ll reach your event’s goals and objectives, whether those involve making sales, generating interest, or getting new impressions.

Because everything you’ve done up until this point — creating registration pages, hiring speakers, hosting the event, creating event slides and downloadable content, etc. — was to generate leads for your sales and marketing team.

If you’ve ever wondered “Why is post-event engagement important?” or “How do you keep people engaged after an event?” we’ve got you covered.

The useful content and data collected during your event will help you maximize your event’s potential by giving you plenty of reasons to continue engaging your audience, well after your event has ended.

How do you keep people engaged after an event?

Why is Post-Event Engagement So Important?

Post-event engagement could be considered one of the most important components, and your efforts toward it should not be left to the last minute.

Often the point of an event is to gather leads and to network with new people. So even though your event has ended, you’re only halfway done as far as completing your business objectives, whether it’s making sales or generating interest.

After all, what good are all those leads and new connections if you don’t actually connect and continue to build the trusted relationship?

Provides an Opportunity to Nurture Guests Into Customers

Attending an event warms up your leads and makes them more willing and interested to work with you or purchase your products. Because it takes many points of contact to close a sale, you’ll need to continue nurturing your leads as soon as your main event has wrapped.

For every day that passes after your event, you run the risk of your leads getting cold and losing interest.

But if you can properly engage your leads immediately after your event and nurture them with your content, maybe by getting them subscribed to an email drip campaign, you’re off to a good start.

Determines a Lead’s Level of Engagement and Value to Your Business

After your event, your marketing team will begin analyzing the massive amount of data collected during your event. This can include looking at what sessions were the most popular, which user profiles logged in the most, who participated in the most chats and polls, etc.

Basically, the more engaged an attendee is during the event, the more likely they are to be interested in purchasing your product and working with you.

If you find that certain guests were highly engaged during your event, and now they’re actively opening your post-event emails, this is another good indicator that your lead is highly qualified and more likely to add value to your business. 

These are the people your sales team should immediately contact and your post-event engagement strategy should appeal to, as they’ve shown repeatedly they are great prospects to sell to.

event marketing show

Extends Your Reach and Builds Brand Loyalty

After your event, keep your leads and event guests in the loop with your company’s messaging and content. This could include subscribing to a weekly newsletter or encouraging them to follow your company’s social media accounts. 

If you can regularly produce valuable and interesting content for your leads, then you can start to build a sense of authority, eventually gaining your new lead’s trust to build brand loyalty.

For people who signed up for your event, but didn’t attend or only participated a little bit, these post-event follow ups can be a good nudge to re-engage them. Perhaps this means getting them to follow your social media accounts, or sending them a highlights page of the event so they can register for your next one.

Helps Achieve Your Goals

If your event’s goals were to collect new leads, generate interest, or network with new people, it makes sense that most of your personalized communication and actual sales will need to occur during the execution of your post-event engagement strategy.

Now you have the leads you were looking to collect. You have all the data and insights to tell you what worked and what didn’t. You can see what sessions and topics of discussions were the most popular, and evaluate that data to craft interesting, relevant, and improved content that your growing audience will engage with.

Using your event’s data, you begin to formulate and improve your communication with your audience going forward. When you send a new email update, your audience will open the email and click on the links because you’ll better understand what they want to see.

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10 Ideas to Keep People Engaged After An Event (And Use Content to Your Advantage)

Because it takes many points of contact to close a sale, you’ll need plenty of reasons to continually reach out to prospective leads after your event has ended. Luckily, events create an abundance of content that can be used for nurturing leads long after they’ve attended your event. 

#1) Don’t Underestimate the Power of Email

Email will be your greatest tool for re-engaging your leads after attending your event.

You’ll get more responses if you send more emails. It’s as simple as that. Too many salespeople get discouraged when a lead doesn’t open an email or return their calls, so they stop post-event engagement with that person. 

Send a thank-you email, a sorry we missed you to no-shows, and nurture them all through targeted campaigns.

Post-Event Engagement Pro Tip:

Use an event platform that can integrate with your existing CRM. This will save you time from manually entering new customer information and make it easier to fire off more emails.

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#2) Share and Reshare Your Event Content

You’ll have a treasure trove of content following your event, so recycle and reshare this content regularly to your new audience.

If you host a hybrid or virtual event, you’ll have countless minutes or hours of recorded footage that can be edited into bite-sized chunks that are ready for sharing. 

Find the best clips and snippets from your event and include them in your emails, or post them on your company’s website or social media page. You can also make infographics, memes, or share inspirational quotes from your event.

Post-Event Engagement Pro Tip:

Let your analytics guide you toward finding the most valuable bits of content to share, whether it was a popular speaker who received tons of engagement, or a post on your event platform’s newsfeed.

#3) Send a Post-Event Survey to Collect Feedback and Attendee Data

The data you collected during your event (user interactions, time spent on the app, engagement levels, etc.) will give you a pretty good idea of how interested your leads were during your event. But it can be hard to measure “brand sentiment” how your leads actually felt during your event. 

Use your post-event engagement survey to really understand what your leads thought about your event and your company. Collect that more qualitative data. Was there a guest speaker they loved, or not so much? Use your survey as an opportunity to improve your next event.

Post-Event Engagement Pro Tip:

Send your post-event survey within 12 hours after your event has finished, while the event is still fresh in your guests’ minds.

#4) Pull Your Sales Team in to Make a Personal Connection

One of the primary forces driving events is lead generation. Naturally, it makes sense for your company’s salespeople to begin calling and emailing prospective leads after your event.

Depending on the size of your event, you may have hundreds or thousands of leads that need to be contacted. 

Not all leads will be ready for a phone call yet, if they haven’t exhibited the desired traits of a highly qualified lead. For these people, you’ll want to first engage them through emails and newsletters, eventually building their trust and brand loyalty before contacting them directly.

Post-Event Engagement Pro Tip:

Using your platform’s analytics, you can quickly begin lead scoring your attendees so that your sales team contacts those who exhibited the most desirable traits in a new customer (consider early registrations, time spent on the app, amount of engagements, email-open rates, etc.).

post-event engagement strategy

#5) Did We Mention Content? Create and Share More Than Just Your Event Content

Hosting an event is a great resource for generating useful and engaging content that will continue to promote your products and services. Build on this content to further create touchpoints with your leads that are essential for closing a sale down the road.

For example, turn sessions or popular discussions into blog posts and expand on more topics, create testimonial videos, or host “deminars” (demonstration webinars) of your services or products featured to keep your leads engaged in your content cycle and share more with them.

Post-Event Engagement Pro Tip:

YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine. Edit down the best parts of your event into a video that can be searched for years to come, and be sure to post deminars and testimonials to YouTube as well to be discovered by new prospective leads.

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#6) Host a Follow-Up Event to Encourage Networking

For an event goer, networking is often the most appealing and attractive part of attending an event. But many attendees often don’t feel like they connected with enough people during the event. 

If you can give people another opportunity to connect with one another, do it and you’ll find that many people will be receptive to the idea.

Think of all the professional connections that will be formed because of your event. Your event will now be the common connection between several future business relationships, which strengthens your brand and will become a future talking point for years to come.

Post-Event Engagement Pro Tip:

Use an event app that can remain live after your event has wrapped. This way you can send notifications and updates to remind attendees of your upcoming networking event.

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#7) Show Appreciation to Attendees With An Exclusive Offer

One of the many perks of attending events is getting special access to exclusive offers immediately following an event.

For example, if your event was meant to show off a new product and get pre-orders, then offering exclusive deals to your audience is a no-brainer!

Exclusive offers could be anything from giving your attendees pre-ordering privileges or giving them discounts or special bundle deals.

Post-Event Engagement Pro Tip:

Give your audience a limited-time offer to push them toward making the sale. This could mean offering a “24 hour only” exclusive offer, and then extending it for another week for audience members who haven’t yet purchased.

#8) Host a Friendly Competition on Social Media to Keep the Momentum Going

Leverage your audience’s competitive spirit to keep them talking about your event online.

Offer fun prizes and incentives to encourage your attendees to participate in a social media contest.

Popular suggestions include photo sharing contests, by getting guests to post their pictures taken during the event, but can also include caption contests, raffles, tagging friends, sharing the page or post with friends, or posting the most popular comment.

Post-Event Engagement Pro Tip:

Make sure to give the winner and runners up a special discount offer to purchase your products, in addition to their prizes won, always keeping your objectives in mind.

#9) Use Attendee Profiles to Create Personalized Email Segments

Events are powerhouses for generating new leads for your business. If you want to send follow-up emails and share upcoming content with your prospective leads that will be opened, you’ll need to segment your email subscribers.

Event management software like SpotMe can offer attendee profiles where you can see specific data collected to determine where these leads fall in your funnel and target them with specific emails and content.

Post-Event Engagement Pro Tip:

There are many ways to segment your email list using the data you’ve collected. For local offers, segment geographically. For specific content, segment your audience by pages visited on your website or sessions watched during your event. You can also segment based on behavior, such as sending emails to people who spent a considerable amount of time logged into your event’s app.

#10) House All Your Content in a Post-Event Page or Resource Center

If your event was particularly entertaining, educational, or noteworthy, then your guests will be excited at the opportunity to re-experience it.

Your post-event page is also the place to showcase your edited highlights reel so attendees can quickly reference the best parts of the event again. Also include any interesting stats about your event and links to downloadable content, which serve as another lead magnet.

This post-event landing page not only reignites your previous attendee’s interest in your event, but also acts as a lead magnet and powerful SEO tool for attracting new visitors to your next event.

Post-Event Engagement Pro Tip:

Hire an event photographer to snap photos of guests, speakers, and vendors and let people know they can view these pictures on the post-event landing page. 

Deliver a Post-Event Engagement Experience Your Attendees Will Appreciate

Now that you’ve put on a world-class virtual or hybrid event, you’re on your way to  achieving your business’s objectives and goals launched by your event planners.

With SpotMe, you can reach a larger audience than ever before, all while tracking important analytics and insights that will help your marketing and sales team maximize your event’s success.

Using SpotMe’s virtual and hybrid event platform, creating beautiful customized registration pages is a breeze. You can also keep your audience engaged by participating in Q&As, polls, networking, breakout rooms, and by broadcasting live streams and uploading on-demand content.

Try SpotMe for free today and begin generating leads for your sales funnel.

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