The Best Mobile Conference and Event Apps for Your 2021 Events

January 12, 2021

For organizers, conference event apps offer a valuable dataset that can afford priceless insights, with 91% of organizers experiencing a positive ROI from app usage.

As more and more users favor cell phones and tablets over other technologies, mobile event apps are a must for organizations wanting to connect with participants. 

Event conference apps offer multiple features that include chat and messaging, digital agendas, attendee and speaker profiles, social media platform integrations, and more.
best event conference app featuresFeatures That The Best Conference Event Apps Must Have

Custom Branding For Event Apps That Puts Your Business At The Center Of Attention

Your brand may have an instantly identifiable logo and color palette, but it’s much more than just a design scheme. Your brand is your business. 

You benefit when your conference event app gets the same careful design attention you put into all other aspects of your visual identity. 

The last thing your brand needs is a boring conference event app, or worse: a cookie-cutter template app that looks exactly like your competitor’s.

With custom branding for event apps, you can turn your app into a comprehensive tool that makes branding a crucial part of your overall event strategy.

Quick Assembly That Doesn’t Require A Professional App Developer

Templates can be a great starting point when it comes to creating conference event apps.

Use preset customizable templates provided for items such as agendas and forms to achieve the ultimate quick assembly. Or take advantage of fully customizable configurations to add, remove, or rearrange modules. You can also add colors and other visual assets to create the perfect representation of your brand.

Social Media Style Layout And Interface

A social media style feed can make attendees feel welcomed and comfortable, as the layout and interface will feel familiar to other home feeds.

The feed serves as a dynamic, interactive stream of both organizer and user-generated posts that attendees can like, comment, and reply to, just like Facebook or LinkedIn. This boosts engagement and participant collaboration.

Convenient Calendar Functionality

Calendars offer value-added convenience to help attendees use the conference app, rather than continually switching between programs for scheduling and to view an agenda.

This is especially important for events that span several days.

A Chat Function That Feels As Fluid As Texting or Instant Messaging

Chat features, whether for private one-to-one or group chats with other users are ideal for encouraging meaningful engagement and they support attendee networking. 

Unparalleled User Experience (UX) Layouts For Different Event Types

User experience is so much more than whether a conference app is easy to operate or not. It’s the emotions and attitudes users experience when using a particular product or, in this case, an app.

The best mobile conference and event apps worth using will offer optimized UX no matter what event type you are organizing and building.
best apps for mobile conferences and eventsTop 10 Mobile Conference Event Apps For 2021

#1) SpotMe

SpotMe is an intuitive conference event app that supports attendee engagement and networking. 

Key SpotMe event app features include: 

  • Customizable branding
  • Agendas
  • Q&As
  • Surveys
  • Private and group chats 
  • Social media-style interface
  • Video streaming
  • Breakout rooms
  • Networking options 

SpotMe combines calendar and agenda features for maximum organization, and attendees can view sessions per day or event. 

SpotMe’s app is quick to assemble, allowing you to create an event app in less than five minutes. Once created, you can integrate the app with your registration system and send event invitations, reminders, and follow-ups.

  • G2 Score: 4.4(104 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.2(5 reviews)

#2) CrowdCompass 

CrowdCompass uses a variety of features to give attendees a great event experience. 

Key CrowdCompass features include:

  • Personalized bookmarks and notifications 
  • Quick photo sharing
  •  Surveys
  • Posts

Attendees can access all event options using a single app. 

Interactive polling, push notifications, social sharing, and customized branding help event organizers increase attendee engagement to maximize ROI.

  • G2 Score: 4.6(675 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.6(33 reviews)

#3) Whova

Whova centers around helping attendees customize their experience around personal preferences. It allows event attendees to network before the event. It also lets them select and participate in panels or sessions of their choosing.

Key Whova features include:

  • Attendee bios with social profile links
  • Effortless setup and branding
  • Mobile agendas
  • Interactive maps 
  • Document sharing 
  • Push notifications

Whova’s conference event app can help event organizers optimize engagement through customizable features.  

  • G2 Score: 4.8(689 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.8(530 reviews)

#4) Attendify

Attendify is great for larger events like meetings or conferences, whether virtual or hybrid. 

Key Attendify features include:

  • Calendar picker for scheduling events 
  • Event registration
  • Smart event data
  • Attendee data
  • Single dashboard regardless of how many events you’re running

Attendify’s event management includes a dedicated social media timeline for your event that allows for photo sharing, messaging, likes, comments, and personal profiles. 

  • G2 Score: 4.7(161 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: No rating available

#5) Bizzabo

Bizzabo is an event management platform and conference event app known for its ease of use and feature options. It is widely used for trade shows and larger meetings. Their app offers extensive customizable branding options, too. 

Key Bizzabo features include:

  • Event creation
  • User registration process
  • Payment processing
  • Mobile check-in
  • Agendas and schedules

While not the most flexible tool on the market, Bizzabo offers integration with most industry-standard marketing tools, including Slack and HubSpot, which some feel is a worthwhile tradeoff. They also offer their own event website tool, making event creation about as easy as it gets.

  • G2 Score: 4.6(132 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 4.5(66 reviews)

#6) PheedLoop

PheedLoop hands over an unusual amount of control to event organizers with their conference event app. 

Key PheedLoop features include:

  • Live streaming 
  • Sales optimized registration/ticketing 
  • Surveys
  • Gamification
  • Monetization systems 

While PheedLoop doesn’t offer a calendar feature, they have an “add-to-calendar” option that adds events to Apple, Google, Outlook, or other custom calendars.

The app is quick and easy to set up and goes live when you launch your event. Attendees can engage in private messaging and discussions, as well as book meetings and build schedules before the event date.

  • G2 Score: 4.9(52 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: 5.0(2 reviews)

#7) Pathable

Pathable conference event app helps event organizers engage attendees before the event’s date, during, and after the event, all while offering real-time data metrics. 

Key Pathable features include: 

  • Private chat and community forums
  • Personalized agendas
  • Attendee profiles
  • Live and post-event polls and surveys 

Pathable offers both an “export to my calendar” option, as well as a conference calendar, in addition to agenda options.

Attendees can use the intuitive interface to build personal schedules and network through live chats and video conversations.

  • G2 Score: 5.0(7 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: No rating available

#8) EventBase

EventBase offers an award-winning UX and customizable options with their conference event app. 

Key EventBase features include: 

  • Attendee engagement 
  • Revenue generation tools
  • Full-screen commercials
  • Branded placements

EventBase also allows attendees to export events to personal calendars to support attendance. 

The highly scalable app offers advanced customization branding options such as fonts and themes. Engagement tools include gamification, live polls, chat, and Q&As.

  • G2 Score: 4.0(1 reviews)
  • Capterra Score: No rating available

#9) Guidebook

Guidebook uses a highly-intuitive, drag-and-drop interface to allow users to create event apps without prior coding or design skills.

Key features include: 

  • Social media promotion 
  • Attendee and speaker management
  • Ticketing 
  • Gamification
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Reporting analytics 
  • Event calendar

Guidebook is suitable for events of all sizes, mobile-friendly, and works on Android and iOS.

  • G2 Score: 4.2(29 reviews)
  • Capterra score: 4.8(52 reviews)

#10) Evenium ConnexMe

The Evenium ConnexMe conference event app helps organizers encourage networking and engage attendees through various tools. 

Key Evenium ConnexMe features include: 

  • Customizable agendas
  • Polls and surveys
  • Interactive maps
  • Push notifications
  • Branding options 
  • Attendee profiles (including social media sync)

Evenium ConnexMe is ideal for event organizers looking to build meaningful relationships regardless of audience size.

  • G2 Score: 4.9(11 reviews)
  • Capterra score: 4.4(11 reviews)

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