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At SpotMe, we have witnessed first hand the damages of COVID-19 to our industry. Fortunately for us, we were able to pivot and launch a re-imagined virtual event platform.

As we continue to innovate and deliver excellence, we need talented and motivated people to come and help us rebuild the live event industry.

This is why we have launched the SpotMe Delivery Network (or SDN - who doesn’t love a new acronym).

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Stand out from the crowd Stand out from the crowd
The new world is all things digital. Open the door to exciting career opportunities with new skills.
Get certified with digital tools Get certified with digital tools
Become an expert with the latest and greatest digital production tools and strengthen your credibility.
Make money on your terms Make money on your terms
Set your own schedule and get paid by putting your skills and expertise to work. Our rate is the most competitive in the industry.

What is the SpotMe Delivery Network?

If you are interested in a virtual event job, this is the place. As demand for virtual events has grown 30x, the SDN is where we are finding talents to support virtual sessions.

It is your opportunity to become a certified SpotMe Live Stream Producer, Live Coordinator or Project Manager.

In other words: it is your gateway to becoming a recognized SpotMe professional and get hired on jobs when it works for you.

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How does it work?

In short:

  1. You register to the SDN
  2. We send you a short assessment to complete
  3. We confirm your enrolment and share some self-training resources

And done!

You are then part of the SDN, and our team will contact you as soon as we have project opportunities where we need your support.

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What do I need to join?

We are looking for people that can either run:

  • live stream production, using SpotMe Studio / StreamYard / OBS, or
  • live coordination, briefing speakers and supporting customers during live sessions (can lead to a Project Manager position)

The requirements for these jobs:

  • Live in the UK or the US
  • Clean basic DBS check
  • At least 18 years old
  • Relevant past experience
  • An appropriate computer configuration and Internet connection

If you meet these requirements then follow on and join our Delivery Network now!

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How will I get compensated?

When we offer you to work on a project, we will share the number of days and dates. If you accept the offer, you are committing to doing the job and we are paying you for the days you have worked.

We offer competitive rates. You will submit your timesheet and you get paid on a monthly basis.

For more information, check out our SDN FAQ.

Any other question? Contact us at