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Product launch

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If you are re-branding the company or launching a new product or solution to market and your internal team needs training, the Product Launch template is the perfect choice.

With the template, you can expect:

  • An average of 76% adoption rate
  • Up to 75% increase in questions submitted (a sure sign people are engaged and learning)

Why is this?

Quite simply, we took the best event apps and pulled out the highest performing elements. Giving you a best-in-class learning app to engage employees and the sales team members.

How does this work?

The reason this template works is because it places the priority on promoting sessions on product demonstrations and training. Plus, modules like Activity challenge, Forms and Polling are included to enhance product education by making it more engaging and fun.


Deliver the best event experience

An event app to help you drive better event results and deliver an amazing event experience

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