Power sustainable events

Event technology has a major role in reducing industry carbon emissions. SpotMe helps event builders to reduce the carbon footprint of their events by:

 Raising awareness about sustainability at events
 Promoting sustainable participant behavior
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Help attendees make a responsible choice at registration

Improve your event sustainability with a registration module that estimates participants’ carbon footprint based on how they attend: in-person, virtually or locally. It includes:

  • Carbon footprint estimate generator
  • Customized messages per event type to promote sustainable behavior

Use innovative tech to create a sustainable event experience

The SpotMe event app makes the transition from pure in-person to virtual and hybrid events easy. And by using sustainable event template, you can help to instill green behavior by offering:

  • A true hybrid solution that engages virtual audiences
  • Gamification around sustainable practices
  • Replace event swag with on-demand content
Discover the sustainable event template →
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Find out how SpotMe can help reduce your event carbon footprint

Thousands of Fortune 500 companies use SpotMe reduce their carbon footprint through a new event approach. Discover how to build your sustainable event strategy.

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