Live Q&A: questions and applause

Live Q&A

Keeping your audience engaged from start to finish during your live streams is key to a successful virtual event.

That’s why we’re introducing a new live Q&A experience built for virtual events. We’ve also added a new feature to make your live streams more engaging.

Live Q&A

With the new integrated live Q&A, participants can ask questions before and during a stream.

We’ve heard from hosts and participants: you dislike having both Q&A and live chat on your virtual event. Hosts find it complicated to manage both, while participants never know what is being answered.

SpotMe’s live Q&A is designed to keep discussions focused, and at the same time make the live stream feel dynamic.

SpotMe live Q&A moderation panel
Live Q&A moderation panel

The moderation panel lets you decide which questions get displayed to the viewers. Besides the user-submitted questions, you can prepare your own questions and add them in advance.

Finally, as the speaker answers a question, the moderator can display the question on the live stream. This way everyone knows what is being discussed and can send follow-up questions.

Live Q&A answering now question
Answering a question live


One thing comes up often when talking to speakers about virtual events. They don’t get any live feedback form their audience. In a in-person event, it’s easy: people smile, cheer and applaud.

Today we’re introducing Applause. A simple and fun way to give feedback to speakers during a live stream.

The audience can easily say “thank you” or show they are happy with Applause. By simply clicking 👏 everyone watching the live stream can see you clap and join in.

We hope that Applause will have a positive impact on the speaker and participant experience at virtual events.

Live Q&A and applause are available right away on the Marketplace to SpotMe customers. If you are not a customer yet, take our product tour to see them in action.


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