Introducing SpotMe Streaming

Introducing SpotMe Streaming

Live video streaming is without a doubt the key of every virtual event. That’s why over the past couple of months we have been heavily investing into our own streaming solution. Today, we are thrilled to announce SpotMe Streaming is available to all our SpotMe Anywhere customers.

If you are a SpotMe VX customer you have already used our streaming platform that was managed and setup by our team. With SpotMe Streaming now available to all our customers it means anyone can start streaming in a matter of minutes.

Here’s what you get with SpotMe live video streaming:

  1. End-to-end encrypted* video streaming
  2. Interactive features
  3. Instant video replays
  4. Precise video analytics

Let’s take a deeper look at what each of these features mean in practice.

#1 End-to-end encrypted video streaming

Because SpotMe Streaming is integrated within our platform we can ensure end-to-end encryption and security for your live streams.

Flow chart of end-to-end encryption used by SpotMe Streaming
SpotMe Streaming offers end-to-end encryption from production to video delivery.

In technical terms this means:

  • SpotMe Streaming is based on RTMPS, a secure video streaming protocol
  • Live stream is authenticated and requires users to be logged in into our apps.

In layman’s terms this means:

  • No one can monitor or snoop on your stream between your streaming software and SpotMe’s cloud
  • No one can snoop or watch a live stream unless they are logged into SpotMe

In short, your stream could not be securer. 🔒

#2 Interactive features

With Q&A you can get your audience really involved and transform a live stream into a real discussion. On the other hand, Applause is there for the audience to give real-time feedback.

Screenshot of SpotMe live video stream with Q&A and Applause
Live video stream with Applause and Q&A

Q&A and Applause are both a SpotMe streaming exclusive. Coming soon is a fully revamped polling experience.

#3 Instant video replay

Number one question participants ask on virtual events: will there be an on-demand version and when?

With SpotMe Streaming your live stream is automatically recorded and made ready for on-demand distribution. You can publish the on-demand version as soon as the live stream ends, or decide to publish it later.

#4 Precise video analytics

Since SpotMe live video streaming requires users to be authenticated, it means you can get more data than with any other platform.

Including a per-user report of how much time they have spent watching the stream, number of claps and Q&A questions they have sent.

Try it now

If you are a SpotMe Anywhere customer, install or update Live streams module on your workspace and go live!

If you are not a customer yet, get in touch with our team to get started.

* End-to-end encryption assuming your video conferencing software is also using encryption.

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