Download the Event RFP Template for the Life Sciences Industry

Brought to you by SpotMe: this template is ideal for pharma companies looking for a vendor to fulfill their specific omnichannel life science event platform needs and requirements! Map out exactly what you want quickly and easily and make your life science events a success.

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You now have access to download:
“The Essential Hybrid + Virtual Event RFP Template”

Enjoy running a successful search for the right solution to suit your event needs.

Downloaded by 10,000+ leading professionals from top life science and pharma companies like:
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Key features include:

  • 200+ up-to-date RFP questions for successful omnichannel life science event technology

  • New footprint, reputation, pharma integration (incl. Veeva, IQVIA, Salesforce), privacy, and information security sections

  • Life science enterprise edition to cover large pharma organizations’ specific needs

After 10,000+ downloads, SpotMe’s Event RFP Template for the Life Sciences Industry is the ultimate procurement tool for event technology in the pharma industry.

Download the Event RFP Template for the Life Sciences Industry and get:

  1. RFP Outline – the most efficient way to tell prospective vendors what your RFP is all about, set the tone for the responses, detail what you need the vendor for, and what your goals and dates are, etc.

  2. Vendor Response Sheet – a template that’s ready to be sent to prospective vendors. Vendors will complete the details and return their answers to you within the allotted time.

  3. Response Comparison Grid – the easiest and fastest way for you to compare each of the prospective vendor responses side by side. And in turn, speed up your decision process.

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Download the Event RFP Template for the Life Sciences Industry and find your perfect life science event solution today!

“Think of the RFP process as the equivalent of posting a job description and inviting prospective employees to apply. Running an RFP allows you to screen out and whittle down potential vendors to select those most likely to meet your life science event needs.”