October 24, 2017

SpotMe and Dorier Bring the Next Generation of Immersive Hybrid & Virtual Meetings to Life

LAUSANNESwitzerlandOct. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — SpotMe and Dorier announced today a new milestone in their technology partnership by completing the integration of Dorier live webcast and streaming capabilities into the SpotMe Engagement Platform.

Dorier, a leading provider of creative production services and audio-visual solutions, and SpotMe, the premier enterprise platform with a focus on live, virtual and hybrid events, have worked together to take full advantage of Dorier’s digital solution for hybrid events and tap into SpotMe’s live interactive modules to accelerate audience engagement.

“Virtual and hybrid meetings have witnessed a widespread adoption over the years,” says SpotMe CEO, Pierre Metrailler. “However, participants often cite the limited opportunities to interact. Virtual meetings should not be limited to one-way webcasts, and a mobile app is an efficient solution for empowering your remote audience and bringing all participants under a single roof.”

Participants are joining virtual meetings and town hall sessions on a desktop and mobile application powered by the SpotMe engagement platform. The platform offers flexible authentication and registration workflows as well as comprehensive analytics which enable fine-grained reporting. From the application, users are tuning into the live webcast or streaming feed while seamlessly interacting with presenters through live polling, case studies, Q&A and evaluations during sessions. Simultaneously, users can review upcoming agenda topics and speakers, build their take-home package by bookmarking and annotating slides and other documents, share their impressions on the live activity feed, and connect with other participants with instant messaging and virtual business card exchange.

SpotMe and Dorier have rolled out this new product with Novartis as launch customer. “The partnership between SpotMe and Dorier provides a practical and flexible solution for our visionary customers,” says Nektarios Makris, VP Business Development at SpotMe.

“Our joint solution is an innovative business model that will accelerate the development of digital events across all industries,” says Simon Tomei, Account Manager at Dorier. “It provides resource allocation and solves management challenges while delivering a unique and reliable experience to all our customers.”

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