SpotMe partners with Ai-Media, a global leader in technology-driven live captioning, transcription, and translation services

SpotMe AI Media live captioning

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, July 5, 2022  — SpotMe, the leading B2B event marketing platform is pleased to announce a new partnership with Ai-Media, a global leader in technology-driven live captioning, transcription, and translation services today. 

“We are delighted to provide seamless captioning and translation solutions to the audiences worldwide through our partnership with a global leader Ai-Media,” says Pierre Metrailler, CEO at SpotMe. “The Ai-Media team has been providing essential inclusivity-driven solutions, and paired with SpotMe’s event solutions, together we can engage audiences with translations in nearly 20 different major languages.”

“SpotMe is a growing digital platform that brings together audiences no matter their location and to partner with a company that provides such inclusion and accessibility is an exciting opportunity for Ai-Media, as those factors are so important to us,” says Tony Abrahams, Ai-Media Co-Founder, and CEO. “Providing our captioning and translation services to SpotMe will allow more people to participate, learn and connect through the platform’s events so it is mutually beneficial and is just another way we can add value with our offerings to the growing live-streaming sector.”

The Ai-Media team will now offer SpotMe’s clients an affordable and seamless way to connect with a global audience and drive more meaningful and inclusive engagement, all through their automated captioning and translation solutions:

Lexi is a simple and affordable product delivering automated captioning to add a live stream and overlay captions into every live webcast.

Smart Lexi layers key names and phrases in human-curated dictionaries adapted by machine learning in the company’s Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) engine. It does so to deliver automated captioning with higher levels of word and phonetic accuracy than standard ASR services. It is more affordable and faster than human translation services.

iCap Translate Network connects to both Lexi and Smart Lexi products to deliver automated, affordable translations into nearly 20 different major languages. iCap Translate allows viewers to choose from up to 4 different language dropdowns during any live webcast.

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About Ai-Media: Founded in Australia in 2003, technology company Ai-Media has become a global leader in the provision of high-quality live and recorded captioning, transcription, and translation services. Its technology platform combines artificial intelligence and human expertise to deliver speech-to-text accuracy. The company is the biggest captioning provider in the Australian market, with clients including major free-to-air and pay television networks, and has a growing international footprint, with offices in Australia, the US, the UK, and Canada. Globally, Ai-Media technology delivers 7 million minutes of live and recorded media content, online events, and web streams every month.

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