Watch the webinar: Make user-generated video a strategic asset

Watch the webinar: Make user-generated video a strategic asset

As brand marketers prepare for a new year of rapidly evolving technology, one trend holds true: content is still king, and user-generated video content (UGC) is the crown jewel. In fact, 28% of brands surveyed by Forrester in 2018 say that developing a customer-created content program is among their top content priorities for the next 12 months.

In a new webinar titled Make User-Generated Video A Strategic Asset, SpotMe and a guest from Forrester share data-backed insights and battle-tested strategies for effective UGC campaigns, centered on video creation during in-person events.

Stream the webinar for free to hear guest speaker Nick Barber, Senior Analyst at Forrester, and Pierre Metrailler, CEO of SpotMe, discuss the biggest opportunities and most important best practices when it comes to user-generated video. You will learn what works (like framing a context and making it high-stakes) and what does not (like heavy moderation and filtering), and gain inspiration from successful UGC case studies.

In addition, Nick and Pierre guide you to a deeper understanding of how to design live events that serve as episodes in an overarching brand story. Because when you can establish strategic frameworks for engagement and content creation, events will become your most powerful tool for driving transformation and supporting long-term goals like increased awareness, stakeholder alignment, and customer advocacy.

For all who are ready to reject the old thinking about video and live events, and instead embrace the new, this webinar provides tools that will help spark change and innovation within any organization.

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