SpotMe’s top 10 updates of 2019

From enhancing some of our most popular modules to centralizing platform management tools and launching optimized templates, SpotMe spent 2019 making it even easier to create and unleash powerful event engagement apps.

Go up, up and away—catch up on SpotMe’s ten biggest launches from 2019.

1. Next-generation Backstage

Backstage originated as SpotMe’s content management system (CMS), but it is so much more than a CMS. Backstage is a centralized control room where users can access data, monitor engagement, build and manage applications, and more.

For the latest iteration of Backstage, introduced this year, we reimagined the interface and gave priority to the most popular tools. Check out the new modern and intuitive Backstage.

2. Marketplace in Backstage

SpotMe introduced our SaaS Marketplace to simplify the discovery and consideration of software options for business leaders. Clients can search through dozens of modules, exploring by name, description, or filtered by specific categories.

In 2019, we made the SpotMe Marketplace available to all users within Backstage. Thanks to this update, clients can now discover new modules, gain inspiration around features, access updates, and manage their own apps—all in one platform. See how the combination of SpotMe Marketplace and Backstage empowers workspace managers.

3. New Polling

Organizers and moderators have long used the SpotMe Polling module to drive audience engagement through real-time interactive prompts, quizzes and more. Over time, the appetite among participants for such two-way experiences at live events has only grown.

In the new Polling module, launched in 2019, everything is more intuitive. Now, anyone can create a poll from their laptop with a few clicks—and push it live, without the need for SpotMe support or a big screen, as everything goes through the app. Plus, moderators have access to a Polling control center, for live question management and to view real-time results. And finally, the new Polling comes with push-notification capability, to drive participation in an immediate and intuitive way. Take a look at how the new Polling works!

4. Templates

Templates make it even simpler for users to create engaging apps for their audience.

In creating the first three templates—for thought leadership, product launch, and user conference events—we applied best practices gleaned from more than 30 client case studies. With these new templates at their disposal, Backstage users can design their own engagement apps with even greater confidence.

5. iPad app look and feel

For an event app to be effective, it has to work beautifully on every device. With that in mind, we refreshed the design of SpotMe apps for iPad to make better use of the screen size.

Now, SpotMe iPad apps display the navigation bar, just like the iPhone apps, and the Speakers list features a new comfortable design with large photos. Plus, the Agenda, People and Messages tabs in the iPad app have a new split-screen design, allowing users to see more item details at a glance.

6. Updated Home feed

The Home feed is where SpotMe app users can see all the relevant posts from multiple feeds in a single place. This year, we redesigned the Home feed user interface (UI) to better align with evolving user expectations around interactivity, video, and instantaneous search. Now, SpotMe apps feel as easy to navigate as LinkedIn or Facebook—or perhaps even easier.

This year we made it possible to:

  • Post as a user or a speaker: Create authentic, personal posts to increase engagement on your announcements
  • Schedule posts: Within Backstage, select a future date and time to publish your update
  • Upload videos from Backstage: Instead of adding videos as links, attach auto-playing videos to any post
  • Highlight updates: The Home feed now displays a notification bubble in the navigation bar whenever there are new posts

In addition, from the organizer’s perspective, the new Home feed offers even greater control. Through Backstage, users can exclude any feeds that they do not want to display in their app’s Home feed, and configure feeds in order to target specific participants. Learn more here.

7. Notifications

Push notifications have always been part of the SpotMe app experience, helping participants navigate events efficiently and with confidence. This year, we upgraded the notification capabilities and user experience across. 

Now, SpotMe app users will receive relevant notifications not just from event organizers but also through modules like Agenda, Polling, and more. When a new contact accepts a meeting invite, the Meetings module will let the user know right away. If a participant shares a video to the Feed and the post is starting to get new comments, a push notification will alert them.

We have also updated the user experience for notifications. By creating a standalone screen for all new and previous notifications, we’ve made it easier for participants to stay informed, to network, and to engage fully with their event.

8. Faster app activation

Performance and stability is key to our services. We are happy to report that in 2019, that work has resulted in a 5x increase in app activation speed.

This was partly achieved by simplifying app authentication. With new temporary activation codes, SpotMe app users can launch their workspaces more easily, with just a few clicks on any device.

We also upgraded SpotMe apps’ speed by updating the synchronization algorithm. Each synchronization cycle now downloads a larger amount of data, which reduces the number of network requests needed to perform any update.

The new SpotMe algorithm particularly speeds things up for users on large workspaces or when using mobile data. So your apps work exactly as you need them to, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

9. Privacy and security

Ensuring the privacy of our customers and their users, including the security of their data, is always top-of-mind at SpotMe. Over the course of 2019, we continued evolving our product in alignment with privacy initiatives like GDPR and CCPA, and to guarantee that every SpotMe user has transparent and flexible access to their data.

The updates that we made to privacy and security this year include enhancing our privacy controls, our privacy API, OpenID Connect, and just-in-time user provisioning.

With this year’s privacy updates, any SpotMe user can request an export of their data or for their account to be deleted. On the administrator side, SpotMe now supports the setup of webhooks, so administrators can receive notifications based on specific user triggers and take any necessary action automatically.

We also focused this year on improving single-sign on (SSO), in order to help our customers achieve greater security and compliance, improve usability and employee satisfaction, and lower their IT costs.

10. Budget block

The SpotMe Forms module is one of our most popular tools for event organizers looking to engage their audience and generate data. With the introduction of an enhancement called Budget block, the Forms module became even more powerful this year.

Strategic constraints inspire creativity. The Budget block capability allows organizers to constrain the budget, time, or points available when completing a Form, forcing participants to think critically and prioritize their answers. With Budget block, organizers end up with participant data that is more specific, and therefore more actionable. Learn more and explore Budget block use cases.

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