Make user-generated video a strategic asset

[New webinar featuring guest speaker Nick Barber, Senior Analyst at Forrester]

In the business world, customer engagement is the new gold standard when it comes to measuring success. 21st-century human beings have short attention spans—only the brands that provide personalized, entertaining, and intuitive experiences will be able to break through the noise. And no medium is more powerful at grabbing attention and cultivating engagement than video.

According to a recent Forrester report by Nick Barber and Ellen Carney, “Video conveys emotion and empathy like no other medium.” Yet many brands are hesitant to commit to video. Business leaders can be intimidated by the perceived production cost and lengthy time-to-market.

“Video conveys emotion and empathy like no other medium.”

That outlook, however understandable, is misguided. To understand video as exclusively the domain of high-production, TV-quality commercials is to miss a massive opportunity for brands to create impactful videos in ways that are low-cost, quick to turn around, and actively engage their customers. The secret is user-generated content (UGC).

Today, iPhones and social media make it possible for anyone to create and share videos that pull viewers into a story. This is particularly true—and impactful—during live events, a fact that brands can and should be taking advantage of. Just as concert-goers all raise their phones when the opening act walks onstage, so too can participants at a conference capture their favorite moments to re-watch later or, even better, to share with their fellow participants. (This is exactly why SpotMe recently introduced Video Recording within our event apps.)

It is time to evolve the perception of video. Brands should reject the old thinking—that video production is a risky investment to make once or twice per year—and embrace the new. It is time to see video as a flexible and powerful tool that helps engage users and participants, and tell a larger brand and company story across multiple events and touchpoints.

Join guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Nick Barber, for a webinar that will demonstrate the power of video, detail how users are leveraging it to engage with others, and guide creators on how to foster meaningful UGC.


About Nick Barber

In his role at Forrester, Nick serves Application Development & Delivery (AD&D) Professionals. He specializes in video technologies, including live and on-demand video within the enterprise and for customer experiences. His research centers on how companies can use online video platforms for sales and marketing operations and how they can enhance their business using video collaboration and video conferencing.

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