Enterprises should use videos to boost employee engagement

Enterprises should use videos to boost employee engagement

Building on the experience of marketers who have been focusing on delivering more relevant and engaging videos, Forrester is seeing business leaders apply lessons from online video to make their employee communications more effective.

“Many of the companies we’ve talked with accept user-generated video content, and most of them don’t put restrictions on what employees can upload,” writes Nick Barber, Analyst at Forrester, in the March 2017 Forrester report, Enterprise Video’s Future Aligns With Customer Obsession.

“Additionally, enterprise video platforms support interactive elements like commenting and calls to action that drive further engagement. Crafting an interactive video experience transforms lean-back content into an engaging medium for employees and customers alike.”

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At SpotMe, we believe group video recordings can drive a collaborative culture and create a call to action that promotes accountability. In our July product release, we will be revealing new video recording and sharing capabilities integrated in our Feed module.

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