SpotMe & GMF Reveals Secret to Empowering Participant Conversation

CHICAGO, IL March 21, 2017 / PR Newswire / — The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMFUS), celebrating its third year using SpotMe’s interactive solutions at its annual Brussels Forum conference, is further improving the participant experience through empowerment of conversation.

The GMF Brussels Forum is a high-level meeting of the most influential North American and European political, corporate, and intellectual leaders to address pressing challenges. With so many topics to discuss such as Preparing for Cyber Warfare and Understanding America, to name a couple, GMF faces the common struggle of giving all participants a voice while dealing with the existential limitations of time. In 2014, GMF first partnered with SpotMe, to optimize how participants engage during the three-day event. The result: attendees who were captivated in the conversation and enriched through the ease of communication. All of this by using SpotMe’s Q&A Feed, Polling, Word Cloud, and Networking features.

“Our long-lasting partnership with SpotMe has truly helped GMF take the next step with our annual conferences” says Nicole Lightner, Director, Major Conferences, at GMF. “In using some of SpotMe’s flexible and interactive features, such as the Q&A Feed and live polling, we have found that now more than ever, participants are increasingly engaged with the conversations.”

This year, GMF is aiming to utilize SpotMe’s Audience Guided Panel Discussion feature, which allows participants to choose the topics that are of most interest to them. This feature provides a fresh and interactive way of engaging participants to assist in guiding the direction of the discussion, as well as ensuring the hottest topics are always covered.

“For the Brussels Forum 2017, we are planning on using the Audience Guided Panel Discussion feature which, in addition to the other interactive features, will give our participants the ability to guide the discussion topics that matter most to them. GMF’s objectives for using this tool is to further engage our participants, and empower them to guide the topics of discussion during selected sessions,” says Lightner.

SpotMe’s interactive solutions have not only given event organizers a more enhanced tool to keep conversation targeted, participants have also found the SpotMe app to be like no other! We asked Shyam K. Reddy, a GMF Board Member his thoughts on using the SpotMe app and this is what he had to say:

What was your experience with the SpotMe conference app?

“I used the SpotMe conference app to access real time information about the conference, engage as a passive and active participant, and trade contact information.”

What did you like best about it?

“I loved the app’s versatility. It provided a user-friendly, technologically-advanced interface to participate in all aspects of the conference in real time.”

How – if at all – did it contribute to your engagement during the sessions?

“The SpotMe conference app functionality, such as the voting, networking, word cloud, and photo tools, enhanced the collaborative experience, thereby making my individual and collective interactions with attendees that much richer and rewarding.”

About The German Marshal Fund (GMF)

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) is a non-partisan American public policy and grant-making institution dedicated to promoting better understanding and cooperation between North America and Europe on transatlantic and global issues.

GMF does this by supporting individuals and institutions working in the transatlantic sphere, by convening leaders and members of the policy and business communities, by contributing research and analysis on transatlantic topics, and by providing exchange opportunities to foster renewed commitment to the transatlantic relationship. In addition, GMF supports a number of initiatives to strengthen democracies.

Founded in 1972 through a gift from Germany as a permanent memorial to Marshall Plan assistance, GMF maintains a strong presence on both sides of the Atlantic. In addition to its headquarters in Washington, DC, GMF has six offices in Europe: Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Belgrade, Ankara, and Bucharest. GMF also has smaller representations in Bratislava, Turin, and Stockholm.

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