Top 10 Hybrid Event Studios of 2022

top hybrid event studios

The global pandemic has driven everyone in every sector to get creative, especially those in the event space. While many shifted to a completely virtual event strategy in 2020 and 2021, some sense of normalcy in 2022 has introduced a new and popular event trend, hybrid events.

Producing, hosting and managing hybrid events can be tricky. With a mix of in-person and online activity, you need quality production both on the ground and on the web. That’s where hybrid event studios come in.

What are Hybrid Event Studios?

We’re glad you asked. Hybrid event studios and their services have been gaining traction around the world. Designed to accommodate both a live studio audience and offer live-streaming capabilities, hybrid event studios allow you to reimagine the future of events for your virtual and in-person attendees. 

From their versatility to straight-forward costs, the benefits of partnering with a hybrid event studio can make a lot of sense to companies and event marketers looking to take their events to the next level. 

Whether you’re in search of a large scale production or just need somewhere to produce an interactive set design, finding a reputable studio to help you with the heavy lifting can make a lot of sense. 

Being the virtual and hybrid event experts that we are, we’ve rounded up the top hybrid event studios that can handle all of your needs. Keep reading for our list of the top 10 Hybrid Event Studios that will check all of the boxes for your hybrid event (whatever it may be).

Hybrid Event Studios of 2022

Sound Investment AV

Chicago, IL

Sound Investment AV Hybrid events studio

20 years of industry experience has solidified Sound Investment AV as a full-service production solution and a reputable name in the hybrid event studios space. Sound Investment offers virtual event/livestream event studios in New York City and Chicago. Specializing in the event and entertainment space, these studios deliver on maximizing audience engagement with impressive dynamic abilities handled by the in-house crew of technicians and innovative designers. 

Their capabilities include:

  • Multi-camera switching packages
  • Graphics and video playback options
  • ISO/program recording, 
  • Studio lighting, 
  • Broadcast-quality audio
  • Livestream codecs
  • Teleprompters
  • LED wall sets

The space, which was originally created for in-studio audiences, can be utilized for experiential events, in-person. With other hybrid event solutions spread across New York City, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Sound Investment brings clients’ visions to life no matter where they are located.

Cavendish Venues

London, UK

Cavendish Venues, Hybrid Event Venues

London-based Cavendish Venues specializes in hybrid conferences and events throughout London. Averaging more than 7,000 events annually, Cavendish has accumulated a growing number of awards as one of the top hybrid event providers in the region. Because of a successful event history, Cavendish has been able to secure contracts with big players like BBC, Wells Fargo, and the Crown Estate.

When it comes to their capabilities, this hybrid event studio does not mess around. Cavendish Venues’ offers a variety of hybrid event packages and their conference rooms can arrange solutions to hold anywhere from 2 to 270 attendees.

Key elements offered include:

  • Audio Visual Package: projector and screen, microphones, speakers, switcher, technician and other bits you would normally use to run your conference or event
  • Capture and Streaming Equipment: cameras, streaming laptop, mixers, encoders, recorders etc
  • Virtual Event Platform: a robust vendor to host every digital component of the event

Regardless of the type of hybrid event you plan to carry out, Cavendish can help.

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PRG Virtual event studio

PRG is combining their event production experience and knowledge with 20 digital studios around the world available to creatively and effectively connect companies to their audiences. PRG has the world’s largest inventory of production technology, and it’s all on hand so no time is wasted at one of their hybrid event studios. 

The PRG Virtual Production Studios support both xR and non-xR shoot, and the xR stages offers a deeply immersive experience for both the viewers and the performers.

This top of the line studio hasn’t stopped creating during the pandemic either, as they are owners of 250+ production tech patents/trademarks like the 35Live that is available at their studios. 

With a global presence and endless emerging technology, the sky really is the limit when utilizing PRG services. 

Royal Lancaster

London, UK

Virtual event studio Royal Lancaster

Royal Lancaster is one of the most renowned venues in all of Europe. Located in the heart of London, the Royal Lancaster Hotel has multiple expansive ballrooms as well as a fledgling XR Mixed Reality Production studio for in-person, virtual and hybrid events. 

This SmartStudio is a fully immersive, 360-degree experience and a highly engaging environment that features a 215-square-foot Extended Reality stage with LED backdrop and floor, audio, broadcast cameras and TV-ready lighting.

The team can also incorporate an event app, so attendees (virtual or otherwise) can choose which session of a conference or event they want to join, and take advantage of networking opportunities.

50 years of event experience and a coveted location has also led to honors at the Silver’s Best Venue Awards and recognition on London’s Best Venue list!

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Exclusive Collection

United Kingdom

Hybrid Meeting Venue Exclusive Collection

Spanning across southern England, Exclusive Collection lets hybrid event seekers choose between multiple countryside properties to host the perfect in-person or hybrid event. 

Their Surrey-based Pennyhill Park now holds a state-of-the-art studio experience for streaming and pre-recorded content. The hybrid event studio has been designed with all the capabililites of a broadcast company and offers TV quality cameras, stage lighting and production facilities, alongside a team of AV professionals to ensure all goes smoothly.

Adapting to the global pandemic, Exclusive Collection has also pivoted to ensure sites are thoroughly prepared, by offering exclusive property rentals, or secured and reserved space as needed.



Châteauform event production studio

For over 20 years, Châteauform has been creating events, seminars and more to meet numerous companies’ growing list of needs throughout Europe. Châteauform might be one of the most dynamic hybrid event studios one can choose when looking to a provider to be “streaming ready.” 

Choose from three stream ready studios alongside 70 different Châteauform houses that are equipped for added safety, security, and hassle free. 

Each studio boasts:

  • A sound and video control room
  • A high definition Led screen or wall
  • Robotic HD or 4K cameras

Among a variety of other features and capabilities.

Regardless of your needs, Châteauform promises four important components to your hybrid event: confidentiality and security, personalization, social distancing and added safety, and hassle-free support.

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Faber Audiovisuals


Faber audiovisuals hybrid events studio

Faber Audiovisuals has been leading the way AV companies continue to develop their offerings over the last 80 years! Expertise, creativity and enthusiasm are some of the building blocks to Faber’s acheivements. 

In addition to a variety of virtual event studios, Faber-AV has created a hybrid event studio in the Beurs van Berlage to continue hosting events in the stunning space with a virtual and socially distanced element. 

Virtual visitors can now enter an event through the Virtual Venue™, the online reproduction of the Beurs van Berlage. Attendees arrive virtually at the lobby of the Beurs building and are able to navigate from the lobby to the Effectenbeurszaal in just one click.

116 Pall Mall

London, UK

116 Pall Mall Virtual event studio

If it’s five floors of secure and pristine event space you’re after, 116 Pall Mall is a great place to host your hybrid event in London. The luxurious setting and ideal location make this a particularly charming spot to collaborate professionally. 

Partnering with Oxygen events, there is now a permanent virtual and hybrid event studio space in their Trafalgar room, promising high quality engaging experiences to those who are involved. 

The studio package includes:

  • 2 Camera HD online event studio
  • 2 Radio microphones
  • 1 Laptop for content
  • 1 Laptop for connection to zoom, skype or teams
  • 1 Macbook for video content
  • 3 Display screens (One in shot for content, one comfort and one for reviewing the call)
  • LED Uplit set in your choice of colour along with TV Style soft lighting
  • A full production crew

If this sounds like your kind of setup, the hybrid event studio is accepting business bookings up to 30 people.


Toronto, CA

StartWell Hybrid event studio Toronto

Toronto’s StartWell is making strides with their hybrid event studio offering event planners and marketers two different venues to conduct their events. 

With high definition cameras in the main room, StartWell can broadcast both presentations on stage and views from the audience perspective. For breakout sessions, the hybrid event studio has intimate rooms on site with presentation technology including HD conference cameras that are plug and play. 

Last but not least, the studio records media captured during your event for your own use without watermarks or copyright restriction, so you can use the raw footage for archives or later broadcast.

With over 2,500 square feet on a single floor, StartWell can easily accommodate 50 physically distanced guests and any number of virtual attendees for your next hybrid event.

Lytehouse Studio

Brooklyn, NY

Lytehouse Studio Brooklyn Hybrid event studio

With more than 5,500 square feet of event space, Brooklyn’s Lytehouse Studio offers a full-service immersive and interactive venue for hybrid events. 

With the hybrid event studio’s cyclorama stage, event professionals can customize the background to create whatever virtual environment they want. Want a more realistic look? The studio’s private patio and rooftop can be used for optimal daytime shooting.

Additional features and equipment available at Lytehouse include:

  • Luxury green rooms
  • 22-foot-tall ceilings
  • 600 amps of power
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Central air conditioning
  • Wireless speakers

Need more convincing? Clients like HBO, Starbucks, UPS have let Lytehouse Studio create their engaging experiences.

Utilize SpotMe for Your Hybrid Event Solution

SpotMe’s virtual event and conferencing platform is an intuitive and engaging solution that will create a memorable experience for your guests. Take your virtual and hybrid events to the next level with our hyper-customization, interactivity, and reporting and analytics capabilities.

Combined with all the elements of a hybrid event studio, our interactive features allow your virtual and in-person participants and speakers a fun and simple way to communicate with each other. Polling, Q&As, surveys, applause, and breakout sessions ensure your conference will be lively and entertaining for all involved.

Interested in giving SpotMe a try? Reach out for a free trial.

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