Live audience engagement

Get more of your audience to participate

Make the most of your live experience by turning your audience into active participants. Easy to create. Seamless to host. More fun for your audience. Better results.

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Interactive tools
Interactive tools

Turn your event into an experience

Provide an experience people want to be involved in. From video, to polling, to word cloud, Q&A, your audience cannot help but join in. Deploy them pre-event to get your audience involved early on, during sessions to increase comprehension, and in the home feed to increase participation.

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Immersive tools
Immersive tools

Deploy gamification & prize store

Humans are by nature competitive. Channel your participants’ activities to make sure they get the most from your event. Choose between individual or team challenges/quizzes, test people’s knowledge, set pre-event tasks, give networking a kick-start, drive interactivity and let people trade points for prizes, badges or certificates.

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Make your chatbots more human

Use the power of conversation to make your chatbots more human. Greet your participants, ask for feedback, provide logistical event answers and even generate more leads. Our simple to use, no-code conversation builder lets you tailor the conversation to your needs.

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Help your audience connect

Make it easy for your audience to network. Let them find other people to connect with, or help them with participant matching. Then have them request connections, and set up 1-1 chats. Bonus: make networking a part of your gamification.

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Activity feed
Activity feed

Make engagement the centerpiece

Your audience is conditioned to interact with a feed, just like they would do on many other platforms (e.g. LinkedIn). Choose to moderate posts, switch on and off likes and comments. Let your audience upload videos, photos and participate in discussions. Bonus: personalize the experience by choosing which participants see what.

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Live interpretation
Live interpretation

Hello, こんにちは, bonjour, السلام عليكم

Add remote simultaneous interpreting to your live stream, powered by Interprefy. Reach more audience in 10 world languages with professional, conference-level interpreters. Seamless to use for the audience, cost-effective for you. Closest thing to face-to-face interpretation.

Arabic • French • German • Italian • Japanese • Korean • Mandarin • Portuguese • Russian • Spanish

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