Live sessions

UPDATED 1.25.1

Developed by SpotMe


Create and manage live sessions in your workspace. Choose between hybrid, virtual, or in-person, and configure all the options that you want to use: streaming, Q&A, polls, applause, closed captions, live displays, live interpretation, etc.



When using SpotMe streaming you can:

  • Have desktop and mobile users following your live stream
  • Enable users to multi-task with a floating video player
  • Add Applause to your videos – the easiest way for audience to get engaged with the speakers
  • Host discussions with Q&A – receive questions in real-time, display them next to the stream, and promote questions that are being answered now
  • Share the list of people currently watching the stream
  • Bring up to 10 speakers into a room with Studio, share screen and manage interactivity all from one place, without having to use OBS, Zoom or other tools
  • For advanced production, get your RTMP credentials from Backstage and start streaming in a few clicks by connecting Zoom, WebEx, OBS or other live video production systems


  • Stream with SpotMe or link a 3rd party stream via RTMPS or HTML embed
  • Attach streams to sessions or as standalone items in menus or pages
  • Watch streams from the session page or while navigating the app
  • Moderate Q&A, push questions live and see applause from users



Survey the room with a quick interactive poll. Keep your audience engaged and generate some friendly competition with a technical or fun quiz. Brainstorm ideas or capture the mood of the room with a visual, dynamic word cloud.


  • Polling for in-person, hybrid or virtual events.
  • Deploy a poll before the event to build excitement, during to drive engagement and after to gather feedback.
  • In-app notifications to grab your audience's attention and to allow super easy access to polls.
  • Ask single or multiple-choice questions with no limit on the question or answer length.
  • Make the poll available to everyone or target specific polls to selected groups, to collect segmented data or create a personalised event experience.
  • Word cloud results are visible in real-time, keeping the audience involved as the answers stream in.
  • Decide when to share poll and quiz results to support and emphasise your message.
  • Project the questions and answers on the room’s main screens, or in the event apps to keep everyone involved.
  • Include polls as an activity in your activity challenge to encourage participation.
  • Extract an interactivity report to understand who answered what to gain audience insights and drive the next best action.
  • Polling can be used with up to 7,000 users simultaneously, regardless of the number of live sessions.

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