Top 12 hybrid and virtual event production companies for 2023

Example of hybrid and virtual event production

When it comes to hybrid and virtual event production, “67% of event organizers state that technology to ensure a smooth experience is a challenge.” (Markletic)

With the rise in virtual and hybrid events over the past few years, there’s more pressure on event organizers to pull off a great event experience for all participants. Whether they’re in person or remote.

That means using hybrid and virtual event production technology that will wow your audience and leave a lasting impression. After all, this will boost your brand’s reputation, get people coming back for more, and lead to more conversions.

What better way to show your boss that your event budget is paying off?

You may just be starting out with hybrid and virtual events. Or you may want to improve the event tech you use to create unforgettable experiences that turn attendees into leads. There are lots of hybrid and virtual event production companies out there to help you ensure your event will run smoothly.

Lucky for you, we’ve gathered a list of 12 hybrid and virtual event production companies we know will provide the right fit and expertise for your particular style and goals for 2023. Keep reading to discover which company suits you.

What are hybrid and virtual event production companies?

When you combine live, in-person event duties with virtual event duties or when you run events that are entirely virtual, things can get complicated. A hybrid and virtual event production company can ease your stress by providing support throughout the event production and execution process.

Ultimately, hybrid and virtual event production companies offer event planners and organizers a much broader range of options to engage attendees. These companies offer a variety of services and products for both the virtual and in-person components of a hybrid or virtual-only event. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Audio/visual production
  • Dynamic entertainment
  • Thematic production elements
  • On-site management
  • Expert content streaming

You and your hybrid and virtual event production company have the same goal: to give in-person and virtual attendees the same rich experience, but with more flexibility.

Not sure how to go about planning your hybrid event? We’ve put together an executive guide and 6-month practical plan to help you out!

Hybrid and virtual event production companies for 2023

#1) WRG Live 

UK and US

WRG Live, hybrid event production company

With 25+ years of event hosting experience, WRG Live has a proven track record of handling all types of events. It creates and delivers 1,400+ virtual, in-person, and hybrid experiences around the world every year. At its core, WRG is an event and experiential agency that serves customers across the healthcare, energy, technology, luxury, retail, FMCG, and financial & professional services industries. 

Spanning across the UK and US, this hybrid and virtual event production company has 200+ employees whose main goal is to create and deliver unforgettable content and experiences!

Are health and safety a major concern as you plan your hybrid event? WRG Live’s health & safety team won 2 internationally recognized awards in 2020 from the Royal Society for the Protection of Accidents (RoSPA). With almost 2,000 entrants every year and as the UK’s longest-running Health and Safety Awards, this is something to be proud of.

#2) Ashfield Event Experiences

US, UK & Hong Kong

Ashfield meetings, hybrid event production

Ashfield Event Experiences, part of Ashfield Engage, is one of the largest global events agencies with a primary focus on the healthcare industry. It has 5,000 employees across multiple locations worldwide. And the hybrid and virtual event production company can handle hybrid, virtual, and face-to-face settings.

Ashfield helps event professionals manage the planning process and choose the best virtual or hybrid event platform to achieve the desired outcomes. Through a one-to-many, peer-to-peer, or multi-hub approach, the hybrid and virtual event production company uses its technical standard operating procedures and communication expertise to advise on meeting structure and program design and ensure each event is efficient and effective.

A few of their many hybrid event production services include:

  • Set, sound, and projection design
  • Web streaming, live broadcasting, and digital support
  • AV specification and procurement
  • Event management and production scheduling
  • Managing the production health and safety elements and event documentation

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#3) Dorier Group

Multiple locations in Europe and Asia

Dorier Group, event production company

Dorier Group is a Geneva-based audiovisual event experience company with 40+ years’ experience. This global hybrid and virtual event production company has aligned with 100s of other audiovisual companies across 80 countries, to provide exceptional experiences around the world. 

Their expertise lies within the following areas:

  • Spatial layout
  • Interactive experience
  • Stage design
  • Graphic design and backdrops
  • Exhibition booth design
  • Interior design and decoration
  • Creative and ephemeral structures

Clients like Mercedes and Zenith are just two renowned brands that Dorier has provided memorable hybrid event production services for.

#4) Encore Global 

Multiple locations worldwide

Encore Global, top hybrid event production company

Encore Global is a leading global events production company that creates seamless end-to-end experiences for hybrid, virtual or in-person meetings with 2,100+ in-house venue locations in 23 countries.

Whether you need a clean and safe place to meet, a professional presentation studio, or a strong virtual platform. Or whether you already have a preferred technology provider, Encore’s hybrid and virtual event production and venue services will meet you right where you are and help fulfill your objectives.

Encore’s hybrid event production solution, Hybrid+, combines the best platforms, production, and on-site technology with event strategy, creative, and design capabilities to ensure you deliver the best hybrid event and maximize engagement.

#5) C2 International 

Montréal, CA

C2 International, C2 Montreal

C2 International is revolutionizing the event business industry as a pioneer in “Festivalization.” Back in 2012, the flagship, C2 Montréal event proved to be one of the best events for business leaders. Over the years, it has earned awards such as “Most Innovative Conference,” “Best Conference” and many more. 

In fact, the popular conference went online in 2020, becoming one of the most talked about virtual events of the year. 

C2’s hybrid and virtual event production company’s services include:

  • Strategy
  • Experience design
  • Event technology
  • Production and management
  • Sales and partnerships
  • Guest services
  • Content and programming
  • Marketing and editorial solutions

Applying their successes and expertise, the 100+ employees of C2 create events globally and have done so for names like Google and Michelin.

#6) Stagedge 

Boston, MA

Stagedge, hybrid event production company

Stagedge specializes in 3 core areas: staging, content, and technology. Dedicated to conceiving, creating, and executing immersive brand experiences through live, virtual, and hybrid event production, Stagedge offers a fully customizable environment and turnkey operations.

To complement this “Virtual 2.0” world, Stagedge makes its events interactive, secure, and available on demand, in case people miss the event in real-time. 

With reputable clients like Dell Technologies and Hasbro, the hybrid and virtual event production company is continuously captivating audiences around the globe.

#7) WMH Project

France, China & Belgium

WMH Project - hybrid and virtual event production company
Image by WMH Project


WMH Project is a hybrid and virtual event production company that is the result of a merger. Several existing agencies that had been in the event production market for 25+ years joined forces to provide a high level of expertise. These agencies included FC2 Events, PHB Events, Mondial Events, TeamWork & Vademecom FC2 Events.

With experts in spatial design, in-person and virtual events, travel, and public relations, the WMH project help you deliver the most engaging brand experiences. 

They work with top clients such as:

  • Volvo
  • Novartis
  • Nestlé

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#8) Freeman

Dallas, TX

Freeman, Hybrid event production

Freeman is a Dallas-based hybrid and virtual event production company that has received more than 100+ awards in the past few years! 

Whether your event is hybrid, in-person, or virtual, Freeman is a choice you’ll want to consider. Freeman covers all sorts of events ranging from sponsorships, annual meetings and trade shows to virtual exhibits and galas.

Some of their event production solutions include:

  • Overall program management
  • Content and speaker management
  • Graphics
  • Lighting design and audiovisual support
  • Event site services

And more!

#9) EGG Events

Multiple locations worldwide

EGG Events, hybrid event production company

EGG Events is a full spectrum events provider with a broad range of corporate clients ranging in industries such as pharmaceuticals, sports, luxury, goods, and finance. Their range doesn’t stop there, the hybrid and virtual event production company specializes in multiple in-person, virtual and hybrid event types including team-building events, dinners, award cemeronies, conventions, and conferences. 

With a belief that “the more the world becomes digital, the more people need to experience things together,” EGG aims to capitalize on the growing hybrid event trend and help companies and organizations everywhere engage in the new age.

#10) First Agency

New York, Los Angeles, London & Singapore

First Agency, event production

First Agency is a global brand experience agency that brings together brands and people through creative, connected experiences. The hybrid and virtual event production company’s full suite of capabilities includes content, creativity, digital technology, management and delivery, and data and insights. 

With an increased focus on enhanced content strategies, digital technology support, and data and analytics, the hybrid and virtual event production agency has adapted to the changing goals of companies and is now delivering these specialized services through “FIRST Solutions.”

Brands Like LG, Mercedes, and Advent International have let First Agency use their experiential technology, audiovisual solutions, and other specialties to bring their events to life.

#11) West End


West End hybrid event production company
Image by West End

West End is an international experience creation company with 40+ years’ experience in the hybrid and virtual event production industry. It has a production capability that is entirely in-house and based on the latest technology.

This hybrid and virtual event production company specializes in creating memorable experiences for sectors such as ethical healthcare, finance, and other highly regulated markets.

They provide support with everything you need to produce your hybrid or virtual event. Whether you need a small or large stage or exhibition set. Or event support material and interactive media. West End has it all.

And with a dedicated account manager and technical staff, you know you’ll be in good hands.

#12) Media1 Productions


Media1 Productions
Image by Media1 Productions

Media1 Productions is a hybrid and virtual event production company with a small yet highly talented production support team. From live event production to video production and virtual meetings, they’ve provided services, particularly to the healthcare industry over the past 20 years.

They’ve helped global pharma companies deliver hundreds of conferences, internal meetings, awards ceremonies, medical investigator meetings, exhibition stands, and virtual symposia.

In 2020, they created the first One World Live studio to go hand in hand with their virtual event services. It’s a studio that helps event organizers create virtual event experiences that feel as if they were live. It’s been a huge success, so it’s worth checking out!

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Hybrid and virtual event production companies of course help you run a smooth event with no hiccups.

But another key element of hosting a successful hybrid or virtual event is the event platform you use.

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