Introducing SpotMe’s New Virtual Event Solutions

Lausanne, Switzerland (April 1, 2020) – SpotMe has launched two new virtual event solutions, called SpotMe VX and SpotMe Anywhere, to meet growing demand from clients.

SpotMe VX was created as a virtual event platform, with SpotMe Anywhere being an enterprise platform for digital experiences. Both new products have all the features needed to deliver amazing virtual events, meetings and conferences. Including registration, live interactive streaming, 2-way breakouts, personalized agendas, activity challenges (a.k.a gamification), networking, and collaboration abilities.

“We are seeing companies come to us with increasingly complex virtual needs.” said Pierre Metrailler, CEO of SpotMe “Now we can provide a range of options from full support to self-service virtual solutions in one neat package”.

SpotMe’s new products are available right now, with pricing based on the live-streaming time needed.

“Until now, our virtual event solution relied on teams understanding and having the capability to deliver a virtual event by themselves.” said Ivan Probst, Head of Professional Services at SpotMe “We are excited to be able to extend our world-class service and support in order to assist companies in delivering their virtual events”.

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