SpotMe’s new event app templates come with best practices built-in

SpotMe’s new event app templates come with best practices built-in

A successful marketing event is one that engages participants at the right time and in the right ways. Through such in-person engagement, marketers achieve long-term goals like customer advocacy, brand awareness, and lead generation. Helping to drive such success is precisely why we created the SpotMe mobile engagement platform for events.

Today, we’re making it even simpler to create mobile engagement apps that power transformative live events, with the launch of templates.

Design your apps with ease and confidence

Backstage is SpotMe’s all-in-one platform for enterprises, where any user can create and manage event apps designed specifically for their needs and their audience. Every event is unique—so Backstage gives organizers the power to choose and prioritize mobile app modules through drag-and-drop design.

event app templatesThe introduction of templates take the ease and convenience of SpotMe’s self-service platform to the next level. Backstage users now have access to suggested workspace formats, designed specifically for three common needs: Thought leadership, Product launch, and User conference.

To create these new templates, SpotMe evaluated more than 30 client events. The best practices observed across those case studies deeply informed the structure and capabilities of the three suggested workspace formats. With these optimized templates to reference, event organizers can design their own event apps in Backstage with greater confidence.

Prepare to engage participants at the right time, in the right way

event app templates

The first step in designing a mobile app to drive event success is considering the event’s primary objective.

Drive more conversation with the thought leadership template

At a thought leadership event, the organizers want to establish authority and drive conversation around a company’s key values and messages. SpotMe’s template for thought leadership events is designed to drive those results, with an emphasis on highlighting speaker sessions, knowledge-building content and networking tools.

Enhance training with the product launch template

If an event is supporting a product launch or re-brand, its key objectives would be training and empowering employees while driving awareness and interest among customers. In the SpotMe template for product launch events, priority is given to promoting sessions on product demonstrations and training. Plus, modules like Activity challenge, Forms and Polling are included to enhance product education by making it more engaging and fun.

Kickstart engagement with the user conference template

Finally, for a user conference, the event app needs to drive participant buy-in and engagement. SpotMe’s template for user conferences puts a Welcome message right at the top of the home Feed, and includes posts from speakers, participants, and sponsors—highlighting a flurry of activity and prompting the user’s desire to be part of it all. The template also includes modules that drive exploration and generate user data, like Q&A, Contacts for networking, Forms and more.

Choose, customize, and configure templates to meet your needs

Templates give marketers the power to create mobile event apps more efficiently, while still empowering them to design the app based on their needs and goals.

event app templates

With built-in best practices for settings and modules, such as Agenda, Feeds, and Forms, templates can be selected and used as-is. (It doesn’t get any more efficient than that!) Or, for any organizer who wants to make tweaks, all of the templates’ configurations remain fully customizable. You can then even share those customizations with the rest of your organization as a template. Options include adding, removing and rearranging modules, and adding brand colors and other visual assets. In Backstage, organizers also have the power to configure who has access to the templates within their organizations.

Get started with templates

You can explore SpotMe’s three introductory templates in Backstage now. Poke around and see what you like, or use Backstage to create and save your own template for future use.

Happy designing.

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