The new Backstage: SpotMe’s all-in-one platform for enterprises

SpotMe is thrilled to unveil today a next-generation version of Backstage, the enterprise platform that makes it easy to deliver engaging experiences to every audience, internal or external.

As businesses across the world embrace digital transformation, and look for ways to deliver engaging experiences to their audiences, this latest iteration of Backstage is focused on making it even easier for everyday users. Whether you are focused on closing learning gaps and driving performance of employees and sales teams, aligning and delivering leadership on strategic priorities or driving revenue from engaged buyers, the new Backstage makes it easy and simple to build the engagement apps your entire organization will need.

Backstage makes it easy and simple to build the engagement apps your entire organization will need.

Backstage originated as SpotMe’s content management system (CMS), but it is so much more than a CMS. In its latest iteration, Backstage is a centralized control room where you can access data, monitor engagement, build and manage applications, and more. In other words, it is an indispensable tool for business leaders like you to efficiently achieve your goals.

Create apps in a few easy steps

Backstage makes it incredibly easy to design, launch and manage enterprise apps. In the redesigned main menu, every tool you need is at your fingertips, organized into three main categories that you can navigate with ease.

First up is Design. The tools in this category allow you to determine the appearance of your app or workspace. You can customize, for example, your menu, theme style, and even the invitation emails for your employees or customers.

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After Design comes Content. Within this section of Backstage, you can set up brainstorming sessions and talks, add participants and speakers, and create forms and pages to drive user engagement.

Finally, the tools in Live allow you to configure all your interactive experiences. You can set up content feeds for app users, write and schedule push notifications, create Q&A requests, polls, and more.

Monitor engagement and unlock enhanced value

With the new and improved Backstage, your apps, conferences and workspaces all become infinitely more powerful—because they deliver actionable data for your business. And that data is all collected in your Backstage dashboard.

Backstage, platform, applications

The Backstage dashboard puts you in control of your most important engagement data. Upon opening Backstage, you’ll be greeted by high-level analytics around your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs), like active users and sessions, downloads and adoptions, and more. You can explore each of those data sets in greater detail easily through the dashboard.

Based on what you learn from your KPI and data analysis, Backstage can also help you make strategic optimizations to your workspaces—and deliver enhanced value to your end audience. Backstage gives you seamless access to the SpotMe Marketplace, where you can explore all of our modules. You can select and instantly install modules and integrations to further improve your participants’ experiences.

Backstage gives you seamless access to the SpotMe Marketplace, where you can explore all of our modules.

Take the next step for your enterprise

Now is the perfect time to explore how Backstage can help your enterprise accelerate its digital transformation. We redesigned the software to be thoroughly modern and intuitive, to make workspace management and monitoring simple, and above all to help business leaders achieve their goals.

Plus: this relaunch is just the beginning.

Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing new workspace templates to get your apps up and running faster, revisited modules with better grouped functionalities to facilitate editing and navigation, and a global search, to list just a few.

We’re looking forward to sharing more information about these exciting updates with you soon. In the meantime, contact us to help you get started with the new and improved Backstage today.

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