27 Creative Event Promotion Ideas For Your Next Online Event

January 16, 2021

An audience is more than just ticket sales. They are the very heart and soul of any event, in-person or virtual. Without an engaged audience, there would be no great concerts, no life-changing conferences, and no business-expanding seminars.

But where do you find these engaged audience members? And how do you get them to attend your event?

We’ve compiled a list of 27 different event promotion ideas to get the word out about your event without emptying your bank account.
27 different event promotion ideas

Event Promotion Idea #1) Early Sign-Up Deals That Promote Urgency + Exclusivity

There’s a reason they say the early bird gets the worm. Early sign-up deals offering extra goodies (something extra that only early-birds receive) can be a powerful incentive for attracting event attendees.  

Event Promotion Idea #2) Promote Your Event With Social Media

While posting about your event on social media is fun, you’ll have better results if you engage your audience with social media stories.

Stories offer an inspiring, insider’s perspective of your event, drawing audiences in, and giving them a realistic glimpse of what they can experience at your event.

Event Promotion Idea #3) Never Underestimate the Power of Influencer Marketing To Promote Events

We love our influencers. Even if we don’t outwardly admit it, we always check our favorites to see their recommendations. And businesses that understand that power are ahead of the game, to the tune of 500% ROI. Get those influencers to talk about your event, and sign ups could skyrocket.

Event Promotion Idea #4) Target the most interested people with Ad Retargeting

Retargeting people who browsed your event, began to register for it, or made an event-related purchase with ads can produce exceptional results. In fact, Wishpond found retargeted ad click-through rates (CTR) were 10x higher compared to typical display ads.

Event Promotion Idea #5) Wow People With Video Content (Highlight Reels And Valuable Speaking Moments)

Research shows that viewers retain almost 100% of a video message compared to 10% when in text. Harness that power and show potential attendees how amazing your events are and will be.

By streaming highlight reels and powerful speaking moments that resonate with your ideal audience, you’ll do more than align messaging, you’ll communicate directly to them in a way that counts.

Event Promotion Idea #6) Branded Merchandise

From apps to caps, everybody loves swag.

Branded merchandise is a popular, effective way to promote your brand while turning event attendees into walking brand ambassadors.

Event Promotion Idea #7) Encourage Attendee Promotion with Sign-up Incentives (Promo-codes, Reduced Costs for Friends that Sign Up)

Offering incentives such as discounted tickets for friends or referrals of someone who has already registered can help boost attendance, especially for those who don’t like to go to events alone.

Event Promotion Idea #8) Test Out The Success of Different Audiences Using Email Segmentation

Custom email segments are an essential part of any email marketing campaign. Audiences of different ages, genders, work history, occupation, etc., will all have different online behaviors that encourage a different response.

Break up your segments to align with your target audiences and carefully evaluate your engagement and responses. 

Event Promotion Idea #9) Create a Digital Channel for Attendees to Network Pre and Post Event

Creating a dedicated channel where event attendees can chat and message before, during, and after an event, heightens engagement and helps foster more meaningful relationships.

And carryover to post-event social connections extends your brand reach, encouraging an even greater ROI.

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Event Promotion Idea #10) Choose a Virtual Event Software Platform that Integrates with Marketing Automation Tools and Your CRM.

Platforms that easily integrate with the tools you already use can make or break your event. Not only do integrations speed up processes and data management, but they also save time (no more switching between multiple programs) and decrease workloads related to customer engagement. 

With a virtual event platform like SpotMe, you can pick an existing integration module from the Marketplace or connect your system using the SpotMe API, allowing you to sit back and watch the data flow.

Event Promotion Idea #11) Have Your Staff Compete Against One Another For Event Ticket Sales

Incentivize event attendance by getting your staff to buy in. Offer perks or prizes for the top ticket salesperson, such as paid time off, rewards with monetary value, and more.

Event Promotion Idea #12) Sponsor or Partner with Other Virtual Events

Partnering or sponsoring other virtual events is an effective method of getting your name and event in front of people who are also likely interested in what you’re offering. Choose complimentary topics, products, or services of interest to your target audience. 

Event Promotion Idea #13) Get Your Event Listed In An Events List or Directory

Many virtual event providers offer a directory of events they are hosting, which can help spark interest. Listing your event can help you find a whole new audience. Check out our favorite virtual conferences of 2020.
How to promote an online event, promotion ideas

Event Promotion Idea #14) Make Sure Your Event Website is Fully Updated and Optimized To Pull You Into Google Events Lists

Let Google do the heavy lifting when it comes to promoting your event.

Optimize all event website metadata, headers, images, titles, etc., for better SERP ranking. Ensure your event name is included in an H1 heading and that all images list event location and name in the title text and alternative text.

Event Promotion Idea #15) Tease Your Event Agenda and Make It Easy To Share

Populate your event agenda as it evolves over a few days, weeks, or months depending on your timeframe.

You’ll keep potential attendees interested while laying the foundation for more meaningful engagement as viewers gain interest and share the details of your event.

Event Promotion Idea #16) Promote Certifications and Credits For Educators, Medical Professionals, and Others Who Are Required To Have Continued Learning Credits

By offering certifications or credits to professionals attending your event, you’re helping them fulfill professional needs, while they add to your event. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

Event Promotion Idea #17) Run Giveaway Campaigns For Tickets, VIP Experiences, and 1-1 Connects With Influencers and Speakers

Giveaways that offer attendees an opportunity to level-up their experience or attend your event for free can encourage audience engagement for a relatively low cost to you. 

Event Promotion Idea #18) Utilize Podcasts, YouTube, and Popular Blogs Leading Up to the Event

Begin connecting with your audience before your event through relevant podcasts, videos, and blogs. Talk about issues or subjects that align with your event while sparking interest in learning more.

Event Promotion Idea #19) Donate Some Tickets to Increase Awareness and Brand Loyalty To Organizations You Wish To Partner With

Giving free tickets to organizations you want to partner with can generate amazing results. It’s another win-win situation. Your target partner has an opportunity to learn more about your brand, while you benefit from their engagement with your event. 

Event Promotion Idea #20) Create Event and Industry Infographics That Promote Your Event

Create an infographic containing important, often referenced information that also promotes your event. Whenever someone searches for the information within your infographic, your event will gain exposure.

Event Promotion Idea #21) Host A FREE Lead Generation Event Such as a Webinar or an AMA

Free events are excellent ways to increase interest and promote a larger event with a minimal initial investment. Ask interested participants to provide contact information to participate in the free event, and collect their data as a resource for future outreach.

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Event Promotion Idea #22) It’s 2021; Select Diverse Leaders in Your Industry To Be Speakers and Sit On Panels

Including speakers and guests to participate in panels from diverse cultural and professional environments will help your organization appeal to the broadest possible audience. This is especially valuable for those making it a priority to seek out and support organizations promoting diverse events. 

Event Promotion Idea #23) Try Out Invite-Only Experiences For Your Event

Exclusive offerings pique interest and generate buzz. Run one or several small invite-only events that align with your main event, and analyze the results before deciding on your main ticketing scheme. 

Event Promotion Idea #24) Be A Speaker at Another Event

By speaking at another event, you build valuable associations with the event you speak at. You also get your brand and your message out in front of audience members interested in your field. And the added authority you get from being a speaker will elevate your event, building interest among attendees.

Event Promotion Idea #25) Include a Milestone Component to Your Event (1st Ever or 50th Anniversary)

If you have an organizational milestone such as an anniversary, an IPO, office expansion, new employee, etc. open this up to attendees at your event to share in the celebration. This can also help you market your event as a unique, one-time experience.

Event Promotion Idea #26) Try Old-School Traditional Advertising Techniques (Billboards, Mailers, Flyers, T-Shirts)

If you’ve got the money, spend it here. Traditional advertising still packs a punch when it comes to attracting event attendees. Don’t underestimate the power of having something physical to remind warm leads of important registration and event dates.

Event Promotion Idea #27) Always Be Collecting Data and Evaluate What Worked In Years Prior

Some of the best indicators of future activity are past actions. This is true in real life and virtual conferences, trade shows, and other events. By continually collecting data and evaluating past engagement, you’ll be better positioned to create the type of dynamic events you know your audience wants to attend. 

You don’t have to use all of these event promotion ideas to successfully market your event. Pick a few that align with your event messaging, resources, and efforts, then grow from there. 

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