Sneak peek: SpotMe Studio

September 17, 2020

Our mission at SpotMe has always been to help our customers make great events, easily.

We think everyone should be able to comfortably run their own weekly shows, product demos, or trainings with their customers, just by them selves. We want to empower the next generation of marketing, event and customer success teams to get closer to their prospects and customers with less effort.

This is why were are very excited to give you a sneak peak into SpotMe Studio. A new tool for SpotMe that will give you the power and the tools to run professional live streams on your own.

First look at the SpotMe Studio

What’s in the Studio?

Screenshot SpotMe Studio with multiple speakers
SpotMe Studio with multiple speakers on-video and the speaker chat

The aim of the Studio is simple: Bring video conferencing and video production together into Backstage.

By bringing video conferencing to Backstage you will be able to invite speakers, moderators and other guests to your live stream. You won’t need to download any additional software or use conferencing tools such as Zoom or WebEx.

Because your video call now happens in Backstage, all the engagement tools will be just a click away: viewer stats, applause stats, Q&A, and soon polls.

Finally, to create branded live stream designs today, you have to use complicated solutions like OBS or vMix. With the Studio, we plan to bring those capabilities to the SpotMe platform with logo watermarks, backgrounds and pre-recorded content.

Speaker experience

Screenshot of polls in SpotMe Studio
Speakers talking about poll results in a Studio session

Besides helping you easily create stunning live streams, we also want your guests and speakers to have a top-notch experience.

You will be able to invite speakers to your stream with a simple link that won’t require full Backstage access. Before joining the Studio, speakers will be greeted with a professional on-boarding experience. No more wondering “how do I share my screen” and “do I look good”.

Professional on-boarding experience for speakers in the SpotMe Studio

Once in the Studio, speakers will be able to comfortably share slides, read shortlisted questions, and check polls.

In short, your speakers will be able to focus on delivering a great presentation.

Coming soon

Studio will be rolling out the first version of Studio to select customers in Q4 2020. Sign up for our product updates newsletter to hear about it first.

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