Introducing video breakouts

June 23, 2020

Virtual events don’t have to be only about lectures and presentations. At SpotMe, we believe team-work and networking at virtual events should be just as easy as at in-person events.

Today we’re excited to launch Video breakouts. Video breakouts are a complete solution for anyone looking to organize a virtual workshop, a breakout session, or a fun networking session on their virtual event.

video conference with 4 people in a virtual event
Video breakouts perfectly integrate with SpotMe VX platform

With Video breakouts you get a built-in video conferencing solution that makes it easy for you to plan and run video calls.

It’s simple and easy to add video calls to your virtual events. First, schedule your sessions in Backstage. Next, turn the session into a video call by clicking “Schedule video call”. Finally, participants just need to open the session in their app to join the call.

Best of all: there is no extra software to download or purchase.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can do with Video breakouts:

  • Schedule video calls with up to 50 participants from Backstage.
  • Share your webcam or share your screen.
  • Multitask, as the video call minimizes while users browse the app.
  • Unlimited minutes and meetings.
  • No downloads required.

Video breakouts are available to all SpotMe customers via the Marketplace. If you are not a customer yet, schedule a demo with our team.

What can you do with Video breakouts

We’re certain you will find many more ways to use Video breakouts, but we wanted to share some of our favorites.

Virtual workshops

With Video breakouts you can easily turn your whole virtual event into a virtual workshops for a leadership team. You can plan any type of brainstorming or ideation workshops.

Screen sharing in a virtual workshop
Screensharing in a virtual workshop

These workshops can be either an integral part of your virtual event, or an optional activity for specific audiences.

Breakout sessions

Organize short video calls after the main sessions, to have small group discussions on the same topics. The group can then post their comments on the feed or send a feedback form.

Use targeting and segmentation options in Backstage to create different teams to facilitate the discussion.

After hours

Create a networking hub and get to know your audience better with a more free-form video chat after the main agenda.

After hours session

A great way to have some fun is to set a theme or a topic for your after hours, like dressing up or having drinks.

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