2020 vFairs Review: A Virtual Event Software Review

2020 vFairs Review

Event organizers moving toward the improved accessibility and increased ROI associated with virtual events can often find themselves struggling with the migration. Rendering hard skills acquired from years of hands-on experience into a virtual environment can be a challenge. That’s one reason why choosing the right virtual technology platform can either make or break your event’s success. 

We know how stressful planning a virtual event can be, without having to evaluate new platforms. So, we’ve done some of the legwork to help you get started. Keep reading to find out more about

  • vFairs pricing
  • vFairs competitors and alternatives
  • vFairs pros and consvFairs Review

What is vFairs?

vFairs is a virtual technology platform that allows organizations to produce a variety of online events.

vFairs gives an intuitive virtual experience to both exhibitors and event participants. 

They offer numerous interactive features, including audio and video chat, scalability, and customization options.

vFairs Pricing Review

vFairs doesn’t offer a free or trial version of the virtual technology platform, and a general pricing model isn’t provided. Instead, vFairs requests that event organizers interested in their program reach out to them directly to obtain a customized quote.

The Verdict of Our vFairs Review

While vFairs offers some great features, the overall experience feels like they’ve placed a greater emphasis on the virtual environment over the event itself. 

The “love it” or “hate it” line for customers seems to revolve around handing over a few key areas such as registration control, exhibit hall layout, and reporting to vFairs. Doing so requires a considerable amount of trust in a platform that can leave some organizers feeling uneasy.

If you’re happy to hand over the keys and take a slightly less hands-on approach, or consider yourself less tech-savvy, vFairs’ control hand-over might be the answer you’ve wished for.

On the other hand, if you need to have your finger on the event’s pulse or make adjustments in the moment based on real-time analytics, this might not be your best choice. 

vFairs Review: What Types of Events is vFairs For?

vFairs breaks its services into three key categories: universities, corporations, and organizations. Within these three sections, they offer virtual services, including:

  • Conferences
  • Job and career fairs
  • Trade shows
  • Onboarding fairs
  • Alumni networking events

vFairs Features Review

Vfairs promotes its ability to provide event organizers with “all the ingredients” essential to running a successful virtual event. 

vFairs offers unique, customizable landing pages to align with your branding. Their registration interface is easy to use, and the virtual lobby that welcomes attendees, exhibitors, and participants is pretty slick.

With vFairs, event organizers can set up booths with many engagement features, including brochures, datasheets, images, and live stream videos. And their library of ready-made templates allows exhibitors plenty of customization possibilities.

They offer numerous engagement tools, including booth representatives, polls, Q&A sessions, along with video, text, and audio chat for both groups and private one-to-one conversations. Speakers can also host third-party webinars within your virtual event. 

vFairs most popular features include:

  • 24/7 global customer support
  • Custom registration forms
  • Virtual lobby for attendees
  • Customizable booth templates
  • Information desk
  • Audience engagement tools
  • Webinars
  • Responsive templates
  • Data analysis & reporting

We’ll explore the features in more detail below.

24/7 Global Customer Support

vFairs Customer Support team steps up to take care of the heavy lifting that often accompanies event organization. 

Reach out to them to explain complex technical issues and help identify potential problems early, before they become more significant. 

Customer support is available by phone or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Custom Registration Forms

vFairs customizable registration forms allow organizers to include any data-input-field combination you need.

Virtual Lobby

Participants arrive at your virtual lobby immediately following event registration. The lobby, a stunning 3D vestibule that acts as both welcome and launchpad, guides attendees to various event destinations.

Customizable Booth Templates

Say goodbye to boring booths with vFairs. 

It provides a library of ready-made virtual booth templates to help you put your best face forward. If you don’t like any of their pre-sets, don’t worry. You can create an entirely custom-made booth.

Information Desk

vFairs information desk ensures event attendees never get lost. 

The easily accessible information desk functions as both a central information hub and a home base — a place participants can return to if they are unsure of where they should go next.

Audience Engagement Tools

Engagement is what makes your virtual event pop. With vFairs, booth representatives engage with visitors through real-time text, audio, or video chat in either a group or private one-on-one setting.

In-Event Webinars

vFairs offers a third-party webinar tool that lets you host a speaker webinar as part of your virtual event. Webinar attendees further engage with polls and Q&A sessions.

Responsive Templates

vFairs’ responsive templates support mobile access to your event from any tablet or mobile device anywhere in the world.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Data is the key to understanding what you did and how well you did it. It helps you realize the results your event achieved. 

vFairs reports provide stats and metrics for event registrations, turnout, and engagement for both the overall and booth levels.

vFairs in-house project managers are also available to help you understand what your data is really trying to tell you.

Overall Platform Experience Review

vFairs connects people from around the globe into a fully realized virtual event experience. Their exceptional support and customizable features help you achieve greater engagement without a lot of hassle. 

A dedicated event program manager keeps the overall lines of communication open. You get a top-of-class virtual event experience and engagement without the top-of-class headache.

What Other Online Reviews are Saying About vFairs

What People Like About vFairs

The vFairs pros can be found in reviews that are bursting with compliments for their support staff. vFairs reviews also mention its overall ease of use. 

The other big praise-earning feature centers around attendees experiencing a traditional conference or expo look and feel in a virtual environment.

Fantastic!” says Regina, a Getapp reviewer, adding that she “LOVED” her vFairs experience and will “absolutely continue recommending this platform.”

Camilla, a vFairs reviewer who posted on Featured Customers, said she was “pleased” that the vFairs platform was “visually engaging and easy to use.

What People Dislike About vFairs

The vFairs cons had some users reporting problems with attendees seeing the full-screen width when using specific devices with lower screen resolutions. 

Other vFairs reviews were frustrated by platform limitations expressing a desire for built-in email communication features to allow automatic registrant follow up. 

The lack of individual control left a few very frustrated customers. 

vFairs “completely failed to deliver,” says Pete, a discontented Getapp reviewer, adding that on event day, set-up was still unfinished, several key features didn’t work, and “the UX and client experience was completely unacceptable.”

Hyoun P voiced frustration over control problems with vFairs. He recounts that any part of the event handed-over to vFairs “broke on the day of the event.”

He also added that sessions failed to start on time, incorrect session video versions were played, and many users “were unable to access chat rooms.” His review went on to add that “exhibitor booths weren’t working.”

The Main vFairs Competitors and Alternatives

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