5 GoToWebinar Alternatives for Virtual Events

August 11, 2020

GoToWebinar alternatives are plenty full. Before we dive in, let’s explore GoToWebinar itself.

GoToWebinar logo

Logging in whenever and wherever we want. This is what we expect from tools that run in the cloud. Open your browser, enter the address, and off you go! It’s perfect for the world we live in today. The answer to our on-the-go needs.

However, it wasn’t always this easy in the pre-cloud era of 1998. Opening programs from your browser went via a remote desktop connection. Thus, a great opening for a startup. It was the entrance of what would become a sequence of GoTo products.

GoToWebinar alternatives: Background

Started as GoToMyPC in 1998, ExpertCity made the first GoTo product. It got popular for quality and ease-of-use. But, in 2004, it couldn’t refuse an offer from Citrix. Citrix GoTo became a business unit in the enterprise. It kept up with the GoTo core values. Eventually, it would spin off multiple GoTo products. The most popular became GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. In 2017, Citrix sold the GoTo unit to LogMeIn.

GoToWebinar platform by LogMeIn.
GoToWebinar is a platform from the GoTo line (image by LogMeIn)

GoToWebinar is similar to the GoToMeeting app. Thus, for years, they were together leaders in their space. Both received mainstream recognition. Users enjoyed high-quality audio and video. Other platforms are often buggy in this aspect. Therefore, GoToWebinar stood out as the best of all.

GoToWebinar alternatives: Quality

How important is this? Well, did you ever have issues in a meeting before? Maybe the quality of video made it impossible to make out the face on the other side? It is a very common issue. But, with GoToWebinar, the chances of this are small. This is an important note, before looking at GoToWebinar alternatives.

GoTo represents quality. It is the main reason for choosing the tool. Think of selling a product via a webinar. Suddenly, you are stuck with sound issues. This can make you lose many of those potential clients. You worked hard to get them to join you in the first place. Therefore, the platform you choose can have a direct effect on your revenue stream.

GoToWebinar alternatives: Features

GoToWebinar went through changes since LogMeIn took over. It wasn’t just the design that changed. They also added emojis and clapping. The quality aspect is combined with a rather basic feature set.

Nonetheless, the tool works very well. GoToWebinar is thus a solid and proven choice. Also, for virtual events. Features include whiteboard, Q&A, and polling. This last one, polling, has been a useful tool for event planners. Polls can be shown at any time. Then, you can share the results with the audience. While doing that, you can talk over what the results mean.

GoToWebinar has a content hub. This is great for on-demand content. It can make your event longer lasting after it has ended. In addition, it features top-notch security. All data transmissions are encrypted. On top of that, it only works with SOCII certified data centers. GoToWebinar supports up to 2,000 participants per virtual event.

Looking for more than the basics? We have gathered 5 GoToWebinar alternatives for virtual events.

5 GoToWebinar Alternatives for Virtual Events

Here are the top 5 GoToWebinar Alternatives for Virtual Events. In the reviews, we look at ease-of-use, features, and ideal event types.

#1 ON24

ON24 is at it’s best when used as a webinar solution. So, great as GoToWebinar alternative. ON24 can also host on-demand content. It also scores well on live webinars aspects.

ON24 live webinar session in presenter mode.
ON24 webinar platform (image by ON24)

The ON24 platform is easy to use. However, it lacks certain virtual event features. Think of it as a broadcast platform. But, it is not a two-way engagement platform. If you have questions next to content, ON24 is not the best choice. Speakers can’t easily get feedback. Thus, if you are looking for more than a webinar, look elsewhere.

It is good to note that security is taken care of quite well. ON24 encrypts all sensitive information in transit. In addition, the data on their databases is encrypted too.

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G2 Score: 4.2 (690 reviews)

#2 SpotMe

SpotMe is truly all about audience engagement. It is built to deliver an event experience. Something which other tools cannot deliver.

SpotMe virtual event platform is an alternative to GoToWebinar.
SpotMe virtual event platform with live Q&A (Image by SpotMe)

First of all, the platform creates experiences that last. It combines live features such as clapping, and Q&A with on-demand. Secondly, the platform scores high on ease-of-use and being adaptable. Part of the reason is the ease at joining it to other tools. Popular marketing and sales tools are connected in no-time. Lastly, they support virtual booths, networking, and personalized agendas. These help to enhance your virtual event. 

Virtual events and conferences use breakout sessions. These sessions go deeper into certain subjects. This platform does a fantastic job of supporting this type of event.

SpotMe has earned its spot in the list of GoToWebinar alternatives. It’s the complete virtual event package that keeps your audience engaged.

G2 Score: 4.6 (100 reviews)

#3 Livestorm

Livestorm is a simple but useful live streaming platform for webinars. As a GoToWebinar alternative, this one can’t be missed.

Livestorm webinar platform is a great GoToWebinar alternative.
Livestorm fits with basic webinar needs (image by Livestorm)

Livestorm fits perfectly for the basic webinar needs. It is easy to use and the quality is high. It integrates with live streaming platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Live. In addition, it is easy to connect to marketing platforms. Think of Slack, HubSpot, and others that are so common these days.

Livestorm features can turn a webinar into an event. It has polling and Q&A. But, it is not a virtual event solution. It truly aims at the webinar experience. The pricing of Livestorm is quite competitive. It offers a basic package for free. This pack is only for webinars up to 20 minutes. The Premium pack goes for $89 per month.

Livestorm is a good GoToWebinar alternative. Look further if you want to take advantage of virtual event features.

G2 score: 4.6 (121 reviews)

#4 Zoho

Zoho is a like for like GoToWebinar alternative. If you’ve been looking around for a webinar tool, Zoho probably popped up. It has attractive prices and the interface is clean and easy to use.

Zoho is a like for like GoToWebinar alternative.
Zoho meeting platform for virtual events (Image by Zoho)

However, for virtual events, Zoho might not be your choice. It supports basic features such as screen sharing, registration, and reminders. The tool supports webinars up to 250 attendees. Thus, if you’re organizing a smaller webinar, this could be a good choice.

The Zoho platform is chosen for simple use and low price. You won’t have to download anything. You just access Zoho through your browser. Strong as GoToWebinar alternative for small events.

G2 Score: 4.5 (‎546 reviews)

#5 Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a collaboration platform. It tailors the experience for each session. As such, it’s quite popular for lectures and training. Sessions can be made interactive through chat and whiteboards.

Adobe Connect live session with share screen.
Adobe Connect live virtual collaboration (Image by Adobe Connect)

The platform supports up to 1,000 participants. Breakout sessions only have a capacity of up to 100 people. This isn’t great for the bigger conferences and events. This tool is for small events where collaboration is key.

Adobe Connect is a good GoToWebinar alternative. However, you will need to add features to make it a virtual event. These are mainly coming from other vendors. Keep in mind that this might add to your total cost.

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G2 Score: 4.1 (553 reviews)

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