SpotMe App Filters Optimize Attendee Value at #ATA17 Telehealth 2.0

I recently attended Telehealth 2.0, the annual conference of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) held April 23 – 25 in Orlando, Florida. Telehealth 2.0 is the world’s largest telehealth innovation and networking conference connecting healthcare professionals and industry leaders to learn, network and exchange ideas.

Before arriving to Orlando, I downloaded the ATA2017 app and found the following:

  • 2,700. The number of Participants.
  • 355. The number of Sessions.
  • 286. The number of Exhibitors.
  • 162. The number of Abstracts available.
  • 62. The number of ePosters.
  • 23. The number of hairs I pulled out when I saw this!

For regular participants to medical and scientific events, from educational courses to annual meetings and congresses, this kind of data is common yet overwhelming and difficult to absorb. As a first-timer attending Telehealth 2.0, I didn’t know where to begin or how to maximize my time while reaching my objectives.

Luckily, ATA chose SpotMe Societies, as their trusted mobile event platform, where they utilized the filter functionality to optimize the time and value of attending the conference. Every individual has specific goals when they attend a conference. With filters, every goal was one step closer to achieve.

Set Goals; Dive into Filters

SpotMe Filters allow each individual to refine content within the app and display data that is relevant to their professional goals. Here are some of the filters that were found at Telehealth 2.0:

Filters by Track: A key objective of Telehealth 2.0 is to learn from educational sessions. With over 350 sessions to choose from, it seemed impossible to be strategic with time. Filters by track divided the sessions into 17 meeting categories such as Plenary Sessions, Member Meetings, Workshops, Clinical Services, Networking Events and more. Participants could select the sessions that was most beneficial each day.

Filters by Product: Connecting and discovering new health care providers is another goal attendees set. With 283 exhibitors on the show floor, filtering by product categories identified companies that provided relevant services. Product categories included hospitals, ICU, medical devices, solution integrators, neurology and more. After selecting products most interesting to you, a new targeted list would appear which contained company information, contact details and location in the show floor.

Filters by Category: Learning and sharing the latest scientific advantages at Telehealth 2.0 is a key priority for attendees. While content is king, content can be lost when you have over 500 combined ePosters and abstracts in the app. With filters by category, content was easy to find. ePosters could be found by selecting different topics meanwhile abstracts were filtered by the type of presentation.

Filter by Tags: 68% of conference participants say networking is the primary reason for attending. 2,700 is the number of participants that attended Telehealth 2.0 and you only have three days to connect with peers. ATA took advantage of individuals profile settings by allowing them to select different tags that described them which made networking more targeted and efficient.

When you download a SpotMe event app, you are first taken to your Profile where you can provide additional information about yourself like; your telephone number, your profile picture, and linking your LinkedIn account. To help your profile stand out, TeleHealth 2.0 included a tags section where you had the option of selecting from 20 tags that described your profile category. Profile tag categories included: ATA Member, Chronic Care, Dental, First-Timer, Exhibitor, Investor, Healthcare Provider and Technology Vendor. Choosing tags helped pinpoint the people you were most interested in networking with. For example, if I wanted to connect with service providers that were new to the conference, then I would select the following tags: ‘Exhibitors’ and ‘First-Timers.’ From there, a unique list of filtered participants appeared and I was able to easily reach out to them with SpotMe’s networking functionalist: instant-messaging, locating them in the interactive map, adding them to my LinkedIn network, exchanging digital business cards and scheduling one-on-one meetings directly from the app.

My TeleHealth 2.0 Takeaways:

  • 55. The number of sessions I attended.
  • 60. The number of exhibitors I visited.
  • 262. The number of People I connected with.

The Value Gained from using filters? Priceless!

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