8 Fun Virtual Event Ideas

July 28, 2020

Virtual events are on the rise and here to stay. So it’s crucial that you keep your audience captivated. One great way to do this is to be creative with fun virtual event ideas.

We’ll start with why fun virtual event ideas are so important.

Next, we’ll share some fun virtual event ideas that you can use.

We’ll wrap up with some great tools for your virtual event ideas.

Why do fun virtual event ideas matter?

Whatever your event, you have to captivate your audience. And fun virtual event ideas are the best way to keep their attention. This is even more true for virtual events.

Fun virtual event session
Fun virtual event session. Image by SpotMe.

Attending any type of virtual event can be draining. Focusing on a screen, in any context, is tiring. Attendees do not get the same face to face moments. There is no constant interaction like at in-person events. The virtual event is the only access to your content. Attendees will be joining from their office or their home. They will be prone to lots of distractions.

This is why you need fun virtual event ideas. You need them to stimulate your audience. To keep your audience tuned-in and receptive from start to finish.

If not, they will get distracted, and leave.

It’s a fact: your audience will prefer a fun event. Fun virtual event ideas will balance out the formal content with lighthearted moments.

Read on to find out more.

#1: Create a fun virtual event look and feel

A good starting point for a fun virtual event idea is to have a cool design. Most virtual event tools have advanced design options. Don’t hesitate to use them to give life to your fun virtual event ideas.

One fun virtual event idea can be to design the whole event around a theme. Adjust the colors, images, menus, graphics, icons, feeds, and pages, etc. Change the entire look of your virtual event to recreate an atmosphere. Last but not least: add a touch of humor to create a fun environment for your event.

You could even take this fun virtual event idea a step further. Why not update the design of your event based on the ongoing sessions? Or even the time of the day? Your event could have its own theme during the day when sessions take place. Then it could change for the evening or any social meet-up moments. Your breakouts could even each have their own theme, depending on the topic. It could be a coffee break or cocktail theme. Even an 80s, Hawaiian, fancy dress, or any crazy ideas your guests might enjoy!

Send your theme into overdrive with swag. Why not coordinate swag to go with the theme? Perhaps even sending something for people to wear or use?

Mentor Aberystwyth's virtual fancy dress competition
Mentor Aberystwyth’s virtual fancy dress competition. Image from Twitter.

#2: Invitations

The way you invite attendees to your virtual event can be fun.

Create intrigue using fun invitation emails. Build-up interest with hints at what’s in store at the virtual event. Ask your attendees to introduce themselves in a fun way. This could be some kind of recording prior to the event. You can even use this content to populate the feed or the user’s profiles.

Why not create a fun interview of your attendees? Some conversation tools are great for gathering information from users. Use intriguing questions and add fun GIFs and emojis. Just remember to keep things light and fun. This will encourage users to play along and provide the info you need.

Casually collecting info from your users will have two benefits. You’ll generate fun content to share, and help attendees to get to know one another.

#3: Entertainment

There are lots of fun virtual event ideas you can use. You could make the virtual event stage into a fun TV studio. Invite someone to tell funny jokes, or witty host or influencer to act as a master of ceremony. Prep your speakers so they play along. And of course: get your participants to join in. You could even use the stage to record a short mini-series. Then share it with your audience live or on-demand.

With the right set-up, you can use all kinds of virtual backgrounds and effects. Check out below the virtual stage Snapchat did. Take it a step further and mix streams from various sources for your event. You can even create your own layouts. There are lots of tools, tips, and tricks available online to help you with this.

SNAP virtual summit stage
SNAP virtual summit. Image by SNAP.

#4: Live sessions & streams

There are many fun virtual event ideas to help users have a good time during sessions.

Use polling to ask your audience a fun question before discussing a topic. See what they come up with, you may be surprised! Add in a few word cloud questions. These are great for keeping people amused. You could even test their knowledge on a subject. Remember, all these questions can be fun, by adding a touch of humor.

Some tools allow the audience to react on-screen during virtual sessions. Your audience could even clap during a session.

If used in a fun way, a real-time Q&A feed can be a great idea to keep your audience amused. Encourage users to post questions and react to them. They can like or comment, or even vote for the most popular questions. Based on the room’s reaction you can pass on questions to the speakers.

Why not mix things up and discuss feed posts during a live session? You could create a contest on the feed and then discuss it live. Perhaps an Origami challenge? Participants could post and then vote for the “best” or “funniest” post. Then go through the results live before announcing the winner.

#5: Team fun

There are many fun virtual event ideas for small groups.

Add video breakouts during or after sessions for small groups. Create fun assignments or challenges for each group to work on. Then reconvene in the session to discuss the outputs.

Create themed virtual break rooms. Your attendees can get together, have lunch, or just socialize.

Why not create games for your attendees to relax a little? There are tons to pick from. Virtual Pictionary, charades, time’s up, trivia, bingo, caricature challenge, work out sessions, etc.

How about your groups all take part in a “best virtual background” competition? Have the members of the group vote for the best background. Then publish a picture of it on the feed to find out who gets the most votes?

#6: Treasure hunt!

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get participants to engage with your virtual event. Many platforms offer gamification options that will open up lots of possibilities for your fun virtual event ideas.

Virtual event gamification or treasure hunt
Virtual event gamification. Image by SpotMe.

One fun virtual event idea can be to combine a number of activities into a virtual treasure hunt for your participants, or even an escape game. Each task could have its own clue or riddle for your audience to solve to earn points and then move on to the next activity.

You could choose to have participants compete individually or in teams. You could also imagine a fun leaderboard that displays who’s in the lead, how many points they have, etc.

Another fun virtual event idea can be to send goodie bags to users before the event. Think of a fun virtual swag bag that they can use for your all the virtual event activities. You can also reward users with gifts during, or after the event: some platforms allow participants to exchange the points that they’ve earned in games. How’s that for some fun incentive to play?

#7: Interactivity

There are plenty of fun virtual event ideas you can use to drive interactivity. Just keep in mind that your app users will love to share their opinion. Some fun virtual event ideas can be to create dedicated channels or feeds, a chat room for meeting new people, polls, interactive forms, etc.

The world is your oyster in terms of ideas: How about a “share pictures with pets” channel or feed, or a “what’s for lunch?” channel. To encourage chatting you could also set-up a sort of “Chatroulette”. Donut or Hopin both provide this type of functionality.

Any type of easy and fun interaction is a great way for your audience to share their fun ideas and to feel connected with your virtual event.

#8: Invite the family.

With more people working from home, family members are more likely to be close by. Children, dogs, cats…. the list is endless. Why not create a moment/session where family members can join in. Perhaps you have a movie-watching party? Or even a pet fancy dress party?

Virtual event with guide dogs
Virtual guide dog event. Image by Guide Dogs of Australia.

Finding a way to include family members can help create a fun atmosphere. And will make your audience feel more comfortable.

The solution is out there, you just need to find the right one for your fun virtual event ideas…

We hope these tips have helped to get your imagination going. As you can see, there is no shortage of fun virtual event ideas.

There are of course a lot of tools out there depending on what you’d like to accomplish for your virtual. Check out this solution comparison article for some more context: Virtual Event Platform Comparison: 2020 Virtual Event Tech Guide.

You can also take a look at 10 Ideas to Get Higher Participation at Digital Experiences for some more ideas.

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