New Home Feed Promotes Engagement and Collaboration

A shift—from “lean-back” consumption to “lean-in” engagement—is underway, between businesses and their employees and in B2B communications.

As fluency in the language of interactive news feeds, online video, and instantaneous search increases, so too does our expectation to see conversational user interfaces (UI) in professional environments. Effective, engaging corporate communications are no longer one-way broadcasts, but rather two-way conversations.

Enter the new SpotMe Home Feed

Now, SpotMe apps feel as natural and easy to navigate as a LinkedIn or Facebook feed—or perhaps even easier.

With a redesigned UI that includes exciting new capabilities, we have both simplified and enriched the SpotMe Home Feed to align with evolving user expectations. We knew that if we could deliver a more native app experience, event planners would find it even easier to bring innovative engagements to life using SpotMe.

Tap less, learn more

During events and meetings, participants want to be eyes-up: listening, chatting, networking. So the new SpotMe Home Feed UI requires as few taps as possible to access essential information.

Our first priority was to replace the standard, static home screen with a dynamic combination of content discovery and a live feed.

During events, the agenda is by far the most-used module: 34% of event participants check their apps to discover what is happening next. In the new SpotMe Home Feed, browsing upcoming sessions requires zero taps. Now that is what we call seamless.

Like, comment, share, and record

Just below the dynamic agenda header comes the content feed. Like the social apps we have all become accustomed to, the SpotMe Home Feed is an interactive stream of posts, with organizer- and user-generated content living side-by-side.

Likes, comments, and replies can all happen in-feed, facilitating engagement and collaboration between participants, even those who are sitting in different rooms.

The SpotMe Home Feed also includes two exciting new capabilities that take the app UI from simple and seamless to a truly interactive and engaging experience.

First, we have introduced universal search. Type anything into the search field on the SpotMe Home Feed, and you will get smart, relevant results spanning personal profiles, session titles, and more. Participants can get the information they need right away, so they can get back to working and networking.

And finally, SpotMe Home Feed users will be able to create and share content in today’s most ubiquitous and dynamic format: video. Using the record video option, participants can capture and share moments of connection, insight, and inspiration in real-time.

We cannot wait to see how this new capability promotes engagement and accountability, and cultivates the type of collaborative culture that is the hallmark of outstanding events.

To learn more about the new SpotMe Home Feed, please contact us.

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