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May 9, 2018
Networking is the lifeblood of most any event.

In study after study, roughly 68% of participants state that “networking” for new business, relationships, and content ideas is a top priority when attending any event.

Yet the ability to target one’s networking efforts to align meeting others with mutually similar interests can be challenging and time consuming, yielding suboptimal connections of little added-value.

Introducing SpotMe Connect

Now you can save time while meeting like-minded people with similar interests and create meaningful connections, on-site or online.

SpotMe’s new Connect enhances the participant experience by enabling new connections, be it across a table, a room or an entire event. Make a request upon review of the People directory from wherever you are and upon acceptance from the other party – Voilà! – instantly share each other’s contact details and accelerate a meetup in real-life!

Connect also enables SpotMe users to seamlessly and quickly connect with those hard-to-reach, time constrained presenters and keynote participants through in-app messaging and social integration such as LinkedIn.

Predictive networking with Participant Matchmaking

Initiate relationships faster by requesting a conversation of mutual interest in seconds. SpotMe Participant Matchmaking facilitates meaningful introductions with like-minded people through automated reasoning analytics that consider each participant’s similar interests to include congruent as well as complimentary session topics, roles and regional areas of professional responsibility.

The result? A personalized, made-to-order selection of like-minded participants with shared interests to chat about, in just a few swipes.

First mover advantage with Nearby

SpotMe Nearby uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to locate, and then display those targeted participants who are in your immediate proximity, so you can make the first move to break the ice quickly. BLE technology enables you to access this functionality offline without network access if necessary, so your ability to continue connecting is never disrupted.


Growing user networks with long-lasting connections

A long-standing, multiyear SpotMe client, The American Telehealth Association recently implemented the new Connect extension at the ATA 2018 annual telemedicine conference.

“SpotMe is unique because they are always eager to create tailored solutions that get the best results for our association. Recently at ATA 2018, we adapted a combination of the new Connect and Nearby to encourage participants engagement in new conversations of mutual interest, faster. As a result, new relationships were made with less effort,” says Courtney Mesmer, Director of Meetings and Events at ATA.

Relationship roadmap with a real-time Connection Wall 

Bring event networking to life with a real-time view of your participants and their connection activities throughout the event. Connection Wall can be rendered in meeting rooms during breaks, or on any screen real estate throughout your venue to demonstrate the full extent of momentum triggered by your event.

Nothing shows the success of dynamic interaction like a powerful visualization of new, meaningful relationships. Find your needle in the haystack.

QR Scanning, Personalized

QR Scanning has long provided simple and practical networking technology for business contact information exchange. Nevertheless, participants demand more interesting ways to interact. Enter SpotMe QR Scanning, Personalized.

More powerful, immersive, and authentic. Accessible from the Contacts screen, the new scanner displays an augmented QR code that embeds the participant’s profile photo, enabling each code to be unmistakably identifiable.

This enhanced release can also be used for scanning codes printed on badges, conveniently displaying a person’s contact details on the same screen, effortlessly.

To learn more about our new enhanced networking modules please contact us.

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