SpotMe Polling: engage audiences in real-time with the new “first” screen

SpotMe Polling: engage audiences in real-time with the new “first” screen

There was a time when participants at events would expect to sit, still and silent, gazing at a big screen while faraway figures delivered speech after speech.

That time is over.

Armed with a growing arsenal of mobile tools, successful event organizers are emphasizing interactivity in the planning and execution of corporate experiences. They’re empowering audiences by giving them a voice. They’re delivering real-time data and access to ideas. In other words, they’re replacing the one-directional broadcasts of the past with transformative, two-way conversations.

SpotMe’s Polling module has for years provided organizers and moderators with tools for audience engagement: quick surveys of the room that generated real-time results. Meanwhile, the appetite for such interactive experiences has only grown.

According to The 2019 Event App Bible, engagement and interactivity are today more important to event success than ever. EventMB’s research indicates that 60-70% of event app features most commonly used across industries are engagement-focused, with polling in the top three most popular features.

60-70% of event app features most commonly used across industries are engagement-focused, with polling in the top three most popular features

Clearly, event participants are eager for interaction. They want to ask questions and express their opinions in easy, intuitive ways. And while SpotMe Polling has always made such engagement possible, this tool is about to get even more powerful.

Create and launch a poll through a new intuitive interface

As user expectations evolve, so too does the SpotMe user interface (UI). In the new Polling module, everything is more intuitive. Now, anyone can create a poll from their laptop with a few clicks—and push it live, without any audio-visual or SpotMe support.



Not only does this new capability make engaging an audience through polls quicker and easier, it also delivers cost savings by trimming technical support. An organizer, moderator, or speaker can manage the whole process with a few tabs on their computer.

Turn up the engagement with three new capabilities

A dynamic event experience requires dynamic tools. The new SpotMe Polling module empowers users to be more nimble in how they drive engagement among their audiences, thanks to three new capabilities:

  • Easy central control. The person running the poll can do so from the new Control center. This tool has an intuitive UI for controlling the question flow—so the organizer or moderator can respond to the mood of the room in how they pace the prompts from their poll.
  • Real-time results for greater impact. Next, real-time results will have even more impact in the new Polling. Because audience answer data now displays right in the user’s app itself, and not just on a centralized big screen. This gives speakers or moderators more immediate access to results, and also allows for immediate, seamless sharing of results with the audience—thanks to the third new Polling capability.
  • Push notifications drive engagement. Last but not least, the SpotMe Polling module now facilitates in-app push notifications to participants. This capability will help drive even greater engagement with polls and surveys, by inviting participation in an immediate and intuitive way.

Put the new Polling to work for your enterprise

SpotMe Polling was designed to allow anyone to deliver layered, immersive experiences that tell stories and support long-term goals. The new capabilities announced today make such interactivity even easier to implement at your next corporate event.

Here are a few thought-starters for ways to make experiences more engaging using Polling:

  • Solicit feedback: Reviews, critiques and comments from participants are key to evolving and improving any corporate event. But thoughtful feedback can be hard to come by, using traditional tools. Surveys distributed via SpotMe Polling—where the prompt arrives via push notification and the person can respond using their app—offer participants native, hassle-free ways to share valuable feedback.
  • Brainstorm better: At today’s knowledge-sharing sessions, participants can certainly still use markers and paper—but they also have at their disposal powerful mobile tools like SpotMe Polling. Brainstorm moderators can use live polls to distribute ideas, survey the room, and much more. A more interactive session means more engaged participants and more dynamic ideas.
  • Test knowledge: Training sessions offer a ton of opportunities for using SpotMe Polling to engage with participants. One interactive approach to consider is using live polls to “quiz” the trainees on information they were just given. With the new simple interface for launching polls and the real-time display of responses, session moderators can quickly assess the effectiveness of their presentations—and even adjust on the fly.

To learn more about SpotMe Polling and try the new capabilities, please contact us.

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