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SpotMe is laser-focused on helping customers produce engaging events that communicate their greater story to their customers and employees. That is why we are constantly evolving the capabilities of our digital event platform—including upgrading its ability to work in tandem with other popular live events tools. To that end, we are excited to announce game-changing improvements to the module for integration between SpotMe and Cvent, the popular event management platform. 

The key to this integration module update is two-way data sharing. Organizers using Cvent can connect to SpotMe in just a few clicks, immediately create an event engagement app using information imported from Cvent, and automatically synchronize data between both platforms. The two-way flow of data between the platforms creates a number of new opportunities to activate participants, drive engagement, and increase the ROI of the event.

SpotMe and Cvent easily create synergy between management and engagement

Cvent has established itself as a go-to event management platform, supporting companies and event teams that want to run seamless, efficient events for customers, vendors and employees. However, getting the right people into the room is only the beginning to deliver an amazing event.

When companies layer SpotMe into their event plans with Cvent, they gain access to the best of both worlds. Cvent supports organizers throughout the pre-event tasks, providing superlative event management, including marketing campaigns and seamless user registration. Then, as the event approaches and kicks off, SpotMe pulls Cvent data and with event templates available, makes it easy to deliver an amazing event experience for every user. 

Specifically, SpotMe tools help organizers activate their specific event audience, drive participant engagement through personalized alerts and content, and generate valuable data that helps convert attendance and engagement into sales and profit.

Cvent organizes the event audience, and SpotMe activates it

Companies lay the groundwork for their events with Cvent, managing their audience through seamless data collection and organization. Then, by importing the user and speaker data from Cvent into SpotMe, event organizers have at their fingertips two key tools for delivering amazing and personalized experiences.

First, the dynamic nature of the SpotMe platform means that organizers can easily create an event app that is designed specifically to activate their particular audience. They can configure the modules that their audience needs, like Maps and Agendas, and then add extra capabilities they think their customers would love, like Polling or AR Scanner. All modules can be configured within the event app with ease, so organizers can prioritize what matters most. 

Thanks to SpotMe’s two-way integration module, the imported Cvent data is pre-mapped by type. This means that user profiles, speakers, sessions, and registrations populate automatically in the SpotMe app.

The second way that SpotMe helps companies activate event audiences is through the superpower of personalization. Each user journey in the SpotMe app begins with a custom welcome screen that delivers that user’s key information, and continues as the user gets notifications for the most relevant content and features. Through relevance and personalization, the company builds loyalty and trust with event participants.

SpotMe’s two-way integration with Cvent multiplies ROI

Much in the way that Cvent is great at managing audiences and getting people in the room, SpotMe is the leader in activating those audiences—and in turning participant activity into signals that help increase the lifetime value of customers.

It all begins with in-person engagement, the hallmark of live events and the best signal of buyer intent. With events powered by SpotMe and Cvent, your event is created in Cvent, your audience engages within the SpotMe app, and SpotMe converts app activity into insights or buyer signals. These signals sync back to Cvent or a system of record, like a CRM or marketing automation software, and provide actionable outcomes for the company’s marketing, sales and customer-facing teams.

For example, suppose you are launching a new product at your user conference and would like your on-site sales team to connect with interested customers. By setting up the event in SpotMe with triggers that monitor activity around  new product sessions, feedback and feed posts, as your audience set off these triggers, SpotMe sends a buyer signal alert to the on-site sales team. In this manner, the sales team and the interested customer are connected which lays the foundation for the new product to be a success.

“The power of the SpotMe and Cvent combination is the ability for event teams to drive efficiency and engagement at the same time,”says SpotMe Head of Product Marketing, Tom Gardiner. “This new integration gives event professionals a best-in-class event technology stack enabling both convenience and optimal results.”

Get started with SpotMe and Cvent

Powering your next event with the SpotMe two-way Cvent integration is simple. Organizers can connect Cvent events to the SpotMe event app platform with just a few clicks, and immediately start using their event data to build an event app in SpotMe Backstage.

To learn more about the two-way Cvent integration module, start here.


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