Developed by SpotMe


A hassle-free integration between SpotMe apps and Cvent registration. Leverage Cvent for event management, increase interactivity with SpotMe event apps, and easily keep everything in sync.

Maximize your Cvent investment

A typical event registration process lasts about 2 minutes, whereas event participants routinely exceed 80 minutes of in-app time per event.

Sync with Cvent in seconds

With just a few clicks, seamlessly have guest lists, registrations, speakers, and sessions automatically sync two-way between SpotMe and Cvent.

Get better results

Drive higher adoption with SpotMe's event apps, increase audience activation and impress leadership by converting SpotMe’s buyer signals into event leads, pipeline, and revenue.

Technical information

Supported data types:

  • Users.
  • Speakers (with photos).
  • Sessions (with tags).
  • Registrations (two-way).
  • Map locations.