The 2021 Guide To Virtual Conferences (And Why You Might Want to go Hybrid)

Virtual conferences aren’t a groundbreaking idea anymore, but event planners are continually learning how to use them in groundbreaking ways. What grew out of necessity is quickly turning into a benefit, with new ways to connect and explore with people around the globe.

One of the many benefits is a hybrid element, which includes the best of in-person and virtual events. With new ways to creatively connect, inspire, and share, event planners are excited to learn how to leverage hybrid events to their fullest potential.

Learn how virtual conferences work, which key components you need to include to really stand out in your field, and how going hybrid may be the trick in a post-pandemic world. Plus, check out our list of the best virtual events and conferences to attend and be inspired by in 2021.

What is a Virtual Conference and How Does it Work?

Virtual conferences are just that — conferences that you attend virtually on the web. Conferences tend to be larger events that can last days or weeks, depending on the purpose, as opposed to shorter events such as webinars.

Virtual attendees can register, pay for their ticket, and hop on from wherever they are in the world, engaging in content digitally and enjoying all aspects of the conference in an online format.

The best virtual conferences are packed with interactive components tied to trademark conference staples, such as networking opportunities, breakout sessions, engagement tools, keynote speakers, and gamification. 

Exciting content such as virtual tours and workshops are also becoming common in the digital event world.

Virtual Conference vs. Virtual Event: What’s the Difference?

Virtual conferences are a type of virtual event. While there are a variety of virtual events, virtual conferences include many elements of traditional conferences, and sometimes other types of virtual events. Ultimately, they’re longer, larger, and more involved. 

In addition to conferences, other virtual event types include:

  • Webinars
  • Expos
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Trade shows
  • Job fairs
  • Trainings
  • Summits

The length and scope of virtual conferences results in many exciting virtual opportunities. With a larger audience and longer time length, the options for creativity are endless. How far can you extend your reach? What types of engaging, immersive content and activities can you add?

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what to include in a virtual conference

8 Key Components Every Virtual Conference Needs

Some event planners still worry that it’s too difficult to keep virtual attendees engaged, especially when it comes to holding a multi-day conference. But it’s more than possible to break out of that box. Consider how to build these key components into your conference for a richer, more engaging experience for attendees. 

From virtual entertainment to sponsorships, learn how you can make a digital or hybrid conference just as exciting — or more exciting — than its fully in-person counterpart.

#1) Solidify Your Message With a Keynote

Keynotes are an essential element of conferences. They define the main theme of the event in a moving and inspiring way, often by tying together personal stories with important ideas that are true to the event goals. 

Keynotes can be used to set the tone for the event and introduce the purpose, they can be strategically placed throughout the event, or at the end to wrap up certain aspects or ideas. No matter where you choose to place the keynote, this speaker often has a certain level of influence and can draw more attention and attendance.

Keynotes teach, inspire, and entertain attendees, while simultaneously solidifying your message and connecting with your audience. The most exciting part about keynotes in a virtual setting is the ability to obtain wider-reaching connections. Your message can be viewed globally, and shared on all platforms.

#2) Deliver an Experience With the Right Virtual Conference Platform and Event Technology

You might have all the perfect speakers, content, and experiences planned — but do you have the right platform and technology to deliver it? The most important part of a successful virtual event is having the right software.

Choose wisely, because not all platforms are created the same. It must be capable of easily handling your audience size, engagement tools, virtual entertainment, integrations, and more. And don’t forget about security and analytics.

Evaluate your current event tech stack, and research which platforms will support it. On the other hand, if you’re feeling ambitious, find your ideal virtual event platform and update your tech stack to match it.

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#3) Start the Conversation With Breakout Sessions, Round Tables, and Panel Discussions 

To combat the idea that virtual elements lack engagement, pack in all the opportunities you can. Include breakout sessions for networking opportunities and Q&As, round tables for specific topic discussion and exploration, and panel discussions to share various perspectives from industry experts and leaders.

In a hybrid setting, users can join in virtually from the physical event with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone if they’re interested, allowing the opportunity to network with all attendees. Add collaborative tools for interaction or brainstorming.

You also can create these breakout spaces for casual conversation and lunch breaks, where attendees can chat and network in a relaxed setting. 

#4) Educate With Workshops and Demonstrations

Everybody values a learning opportunity, and workshops and demonstrations lend themselves perfectly to a virtual or hybrid world. Presenters can even bring attendees into their home, office, or workshop by filming demonstrations of their product or idea. They can share their screens for how-tos, and upload other content and graphics.

Use engagement tools such as live chats, polls, or Q&As so presenters can view and respond during the demonstration. Attendees can take quizzes or surveys after the workshops to test their knowledge or share thoughts and feedback.

#5) Build Credibility With Sponsorships

Worried about how to incorporate sponsors into the virtual side of your event? Fortunately, you have plenty of cool options: 

  • Place sponsors on your virtual platform with banners, graphics, or video ads
  • Feature sponsor-provided speakers, keynotes, or workshops
  • Encourage sponsors to send swag or gifts to attendees
  • Collaborate with sponsors on virtual networking or after-parties with entertainment
  • Work together on social media content and promotions

Discover what ideas your sponsors may have, and how they would like to see these ideas executed with your unique goals and specific platform in mind. 

#6) Offer Every Opportunity to Network

In-person conferences are known to be huge networking opportunities. Sophisticated virtual event platforms were built with this understanding, so they allow for networking chances at every turn.

Allow your audience to connect on discussion boards based on common interests, and break into small groups or one-on-one chats. Attendees can find each other based on who is nearby, share personal QR codes, and exchange contact details.

Make games and activities natural icebreakers using gamification, encouraging friendly competitions that connect more people and result in points and prizes.

Incorporate an event app as well to offer attendees the opportunity to interact and keep up with event announcements on their smartphones.

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#7) Engage with (Virtual) Entertainment

The key to providing valuable entertainment is knowing your audience. Provide surveys and polls ahead of events to discover what types of entertainment they would like to see to break up or end the day. Understand what kind of content will make people forget they’re at a computer, and become immersed in something fun and engaging.

Consider these types of entertainment:

  • Live performers
  • Virtual travel opportunities
  • Game shows based on live participation
  • Photo streams sharing the unique surroundings of attendees at home

Have your team brainstorm the most creative ways to engage your audience in a way that fits your brand and image.

#8) Make it Valuable With VIP Experiences and Curated Digital Swag

Create opportunities for people to get more out of the event, if they choose, with VIP experiences. With a special VIP ticket, what can you offer to attendees that takes the event up a notch and still expresses your goals and values?

Consider exclusive networking sessions or one-on-ones with experts in the industry, special entertainment opportunities, early access to sessions or VIP-only sessions, vouchers for food or entertainment in the area, and, of course, plenty of gifts and swag.

The best part about swag for virtual events is that you can mail them swag packages filled with branded gifts. These boxes will make great shareable photos for social media.

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Planning a Conference? Here’s Why You Should Go Hybrid

While in-person and virtual conferences each have their own strengths and benefits, together they make one powerful event: the hybrid conference. With hybrid events, you can fulfill multiple needs and create unique experiences for your audience, no matter where they are.

Having an in-person component to your conference with a venue, speakers, and live audience can be exciting for virtual attendees, adding another vibrant dimension to those who are tuning in on their phones or computers.

Helping virtual attendees feel part of the action is more fulfilling and entertaining — plus, you’re reaching many more people and gathering valuable engagement data.

Dynamic Reach and Engagement

Creating a hybrid conference meets multiple preferences, allowing a much farther reach and greater audience satisfaction. You will attract those who prefer, and are able to attend, an in-person experience, while still providing the opportunity to connect with those who are unable to attend in person.

The best part? You’re able to connect in-person and virtual attendees through event apps and technology. This widens networking opportunities, and gives each type of attendee a feel for the other’s unique experience.

Data, Data and More Data

When events were exclusively in-person, it could be difficult to gather accurate data on attendees and their points of engagement. With the technology available with today’s virtual event platforms, you can track just about anything, including:

  • Attendance
  • Costs
  • Engagement rate
  • Which sessions were most popular
  • Email click-through rate (CTR)

Analyzing these event metrics will help you see which sessions, speakers, and content were effective so you can improve future events and enhance your brand.

Boosted Event ROI

You will easily boost your event ROI with a hybrid conference, because you’re providing many more engagement opportunities for attendees and are able to simply and instantly track it. Plus, you can use these sophisticated tracking tools to understand how to better target content in the future.

With the right virtual event platform, you also can continue to interact with participants long after the event, in the form of social media content, blog posts, surveys, emails, and more.

The single best way to boost your ROI is to make sure your event goals are clearly defined in the first place. This is especially important in the hybrid event world, where your goals must be clearly executed across two types of channels: in-person and virtual.

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The Best Virtual Conferences and Events of 2021

CES 2021, virtual conference
CES 2021. Image by CNET

January 2021 Virtual Conferences and Events

Name Host Date Industry Description
CES Consumer Technology Association Jan. 11-14 Technology CES likes to kick off the start of the year and set the tone for the consumer industry. This year it offers its first all-digital show. The annual trade show, which began in 1967, features presentations and product introductions in the consumer electronics industry, touching on “every aspect of the tech sector.”

Historically, CES has introduced many important tech products on its stages, including VCRs in 1970 and the Microsoft Xbox in 2001. Leaders from Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Vox Media, and the WNBA are some of the featured speakers at this year’s event.

Opex Week: Business Transformation World Summit International Quality and Productivity Center Jan. 25-29 Business Encouraging businesses to adapt to the ever-changing work environment, OPEX Week offers discussions, debates, and demonstrations to help attendees navigate uncharted territory.

This is its first year going global, with a 100% virtual experience. Network with peers around the world to learn new operating models and work to make your business as resilient as possible — with optimal growth. Speakers include experts from Goldman Sachs, Sprint, Twitter, and AT&T.

February 2021 Virtual Conferences and Events

Name Host Date Industry Description
DeveloperWeek DevNetwork Feb. 17-19 Technology More than 8,000 developers will gather for this virtual event, broken down into more than 15 conferences and tracks. This is the first year DeveloperWeek will be hosted online. 

Tracks include API, AI and machine learning, Javascript, DevOps, and many more. Hear from experts at Microsoft, IBM, Citrix, and Oracle. Network, learn, and join the hackathon for some fun challenges.

Influencer Marketing Conference Influencer Marketing World Feb. 17 Marketing Influencers have quite an impact on consumers today, and businesses eager to tap into this trend can learn valuable insights at the Influencer Marketing Conference.

Marketing and social media topics include authentic engagement, emerging platforms, audience targeting, crisis control, budget management, and more. Speakers include marketing leaders from Universal Music, Lancome, Colgate-Palmolive, and Dove Global.

Social Media Strategies Summit Global Strategic Management Institute Feb. 25-26 Marketing Marketing professionals from Starbucks, Ocean Spray, and Nickelodeon are among the many speakers who will share their successful social media strategies.

Learn how to leverage their success for your own brand, complete with live Q&A sessions, a networking lounge, and one-on-one meetings with fellow attendees.

International Digital Fashion Week FNL Network Feb. 25 Fashion A prime example of how various industries adapted to the pandemic, International Digital Fashion Week was created so designers from all over the world could continue to share their work.

Download the app and unlock access to the work of more than 100 designers. The program will stay on the platform for six months.

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March 2021 Virtual Conferences and Events

Name Host Date Industry Description
Microsoft Ignite Microsoft March 2-4 Technology & Design Microsoft decided to split its Ignite event into two parts, with the first part taking place in September 2020, and the second part March 2-4. Both parts are global, digital events.

A statement from Microsoft said in place of its usual Ignite Tour, they are leveraging the benefits of virtual events to bring the global Microsoft community together. They will provide opportunities for local community meetups and skill building with Microsoft Learn and certifications.

On March 2-4, listen to the experts at Microsoft discuss the latest technology, schedule a one-on-one consultation, and collaborate with your community.

SXSW EDU Online SXSW March 9-11 Education Closely followed by the popular SXSW event, SXSW EDU’s focus is on cultivating and empowering the community to advance teaching and learning.

While the organization traditionally hosts its annual EDU event in Austin, Texas, it does host smaller community events online and in-person. But both SXSW and SXSW EDU are hosting their main events fully virtually this year.

The keynote speakers at SXSW EDU are set to include Oprah Winfrey and Chris Evans. In addition to the keynotes, there will be film screenings, showcases, networking, and exhibitions.

SXSW Online SXSW March 16-20 Technology & Design SXSW usually consists of a huge, in-person festival that brings together the latest innovations in the realms of technology, film, media, and music. This year, they are hosting SXSW Online, which will feature keynotes and sessions, film screenings, music showcases, networking, and exhibitions available to a wider virtual audience. Some of the speakers will include Stacey Abrams, Mayim Bialik, Mary J. Blige, and James Cameron.
AI in Healthcare Virtual Summit Re-Work March 25-26 Technology & Health Listen to experts who will share how to use AI in health companies large and small. From practical examples and real-world case studies, learn how AI is delivering more productive and efficient care. Best of all, you can participate in interactive Q&As and roundtable discussions.

Purchasing one ticket will give you access to two tracks: Implementation of AI in Healthcare, and AI in Healthcare and Pharma. This virtual summit is recommended for healthcare professionals, data scientists and engineers, founders, investors, and CTOs.

MDMC2 2021 virtual conference
MDMC 2021. Image by UMSL Blogs

April 2021 Virtual Conferences and Events

Name Host Date Industry Description
11th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK21) Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) April 12-16 Education LAK21 is taking its second fully digital opportunity to create an engaging, interactive conference that builds on the success of its first, LAK20, and makes it even better. LAK20 was supposed to be a hybrid event, and within 10 days had to be fully converted to virtual-only.

SoLAR’s goal is to explore the role and impact of analytics on teaching, learning, training, and development, and they are working to create a vibrant conference that enhances social engagement.

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference USML Business April 26-29 Marketing Beginning in 2013, the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference has grown to become the largest in the Midwest and now draws in-demand speakers.

The first two days of the conference will include workshops and an academic summit, while the final two days will feature 14 speakers. Live sessions will be accompanied by more than 70 on-demand breakout sessions on topics such as social media, ecommerce, content marketing, and strategy. This year’s speakers include leaders from TikTok and Fox Communications.

Auto#DigitalWeek Digital Automotive Meetings April 26-30 Automotive Featuring a virtual exhibition, online B2B meetings, and webinars, Auto#DigitalWeek is an entire week dedicated to exploring the global automotive supply chain.

Network with peers in chats and use the matchmaking platform to schedule online B2B meetings with contacts of your choice. Speakers include leaders from Jaguar, Deloitte, Siemens, and Mercedes-Benz, with topics related to the pandemic’s effects on the industry, technology, and women in engineering.

Collision Collision April 20-22 Technology & Design Considered one of the world’s biggest tech conferences, Collision is a highly anticipated event with more than 40,000 attendees around the world. With a constant stream of quick sessions ranging from technology and digital media to culture, music, and politics, Collision believes in the simple power of bringing everyone together.

Ample networking opportunities with its thousands of guests have left past attendees with fresh perspectives and inspiration. Event partners include AWS, Slack, and Microsoft, and this year’s speakers include Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jameela Jamil, and leaders from Walmart, Headspace, and Impossible Foods.

Adobe Summit — The Digital Experience Conference Adobe April 27-29 Technology & Design This year’s Adobe Summit is a free virtual event with more than 200 sessions and training workshops. The 11 session tracks include topics such as the Adobe Experience Platform, B2B marketing, analytics, campaign management, content creation, trends, and more. 

You’ll learn the best practices from top brands on everything from data and personalization to marketing automation. Last year’s speakers included the CEOs of Microsoft, Chegg, and Best Buy, but this year’s speakers have yet to be announced.

Red Hat Summit Red Hat April 27-28 Technology & Design Hailed as “the ultimate open source technology event,” Red Hat Summit has big plans for 2021. Starting with an immersive virtual experience, attendees will be able to hear the latest news, ask questions to tech experts, and hear from customers around the world. 

Red Hat also is planning a world tour of small-scale, in-person events, so you’ll be sure to hear more about that, too.

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May 2021 Virtual Conferences and Events

Name Host Date Industry Description
Social Media Week New York Adweek May 4-7 Marketing #SMWNYC is a worldwide virtual event for leaders in social media marketing. Its goal is to serve as the “central meeting point” for the entire social media marketing industry. 

Speakers from Google, VICE Media, Peloton, TikTok, and more will share their tips, ideas, and best practices. Attendees can participate in main stage talks, panel debates, fireside conversations, academy classes, product demos, networking events, and more.

Content tracks will include relevant, timely topics such as storytelling and creativity, society and culture, and emerging trends.

IMPACT Deloitte May 10-13 Human Resources IMPACT works to delve into the latest technologies, trends, and research driving the future of Human Resources. In its 14th year, IMPACT’s new virtual experience will include “immersives:” curated content and activities that allow participants to learn and problem solve.

There will be plenty of networking opportunities and wellness sessions, too, and attendees will be able to peruse a 3D exhibitor gallery and click to chat.

WSJ The Future of Everything Festival The Wall Street Journal May 11-13 Technology & Culture Three days of unscripted interviews and interactive workshops will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn and collaborate with entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and athletes.

Themes include technology, culture, style, money, and health. The Future of Everything aims to be an “intersection of industries,” with speakers from Delta Air Lines, Poshmark, OnlyFans, and more.

Accounting & Finance Show Terrapinn May 18-19 Finance This independent accounting and finance conference has blossomed to include more than 7,000 attendees and 100 expert speakers. Topic areas include digital innovation, accounting and bookkeeping, practice management, and taxes.

Network, see demos from more than 50 software startups and showcase your own solutions with a speaking slot or exhibition booth.

Running Remote Running Remote May 21 Human Resources Running Remote is aimed at those with a remote-first company or a remote team within a hybrid or traditional company. Learn the tools and strategies you need to build successful remote teams.

Running Remote held its first event in 2018, and with the swap to virtual events in 2020, the company’s new goal was to design an experience that breaks barriers and aligns with everyone’s emotional worlds. With the tagline “not just another webinar,” Running Remote’s virtual platform has advanced features to push for meaningful human bonds.

June 2021 Virtual Conferences and Events

Name Host Date Industry Description
ENGAGE 2021 AICPA & CIMA June 7-10 Finance Taking into account the major challenges and developments of 2020, ENGAGE 2021 is focusing on the new opportunities of the year — and they are confident no other event will provide what they can. Covering a wide range of focus areas including advanced accounting, corporate finance, sports and entertainment management, and estate planning, ENGAGE wants to push attendees to reimagine their future while improving skills.

Offering exclusive insights and networking opportunities, you can choose the level of access you need.

World Conference 2021: It’s About Time International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) June 28-30 Communications The IABC’s 2021 World Conference is a virtual event focusing on “collective strength” and the ability to impact the world around us. Discussions will center on the continuous state of change we’re currently experiencing, what’s next, and how we can accomplish it.

The event will include networking opportunities, breakout sessions, and workshops. Last year, organizers had to make a quick shift from in-person to virtual for the conference. This year, they decided to focus on bettering the virtual experience in the midst of the pandemic, instead of trying to schedule the event when in-person gatherings became possible once again.

July 2021 Virtual Conferences and Events

Name Host Date Industry Description
EdMedia + Innovate Learning Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) July 6-8 Education This annual, international conference is a forum for all things related to innovation and education. Live keynotes, Q&As, workshops, and virtual sessions will define a week of cutting-edge research aimed at educators and researchers.

Topics include everything from advanced technologies for learning and teaching to ultra-relevant discussions on virtual and distance learning. This is its first time going virtual, but there’s a big emphasis on the live aspects, which are meant to maintain the face-to-face connections you would get at an in-person event.

MozCon Moz July 12-14 Marketing Led by “Ringmaster Roger,” learn the latest in SEO, search marketing, mobile, and conversion optimization from industry leaders. Aimed at everyone from beginners to experts, attendees say they leave with fresh ideas and new skills.

Their speaker lineup is TBD — so keep an eye on the event page for updates. This year’s all-virtual format was planned in an effort to keep all attendees safe, yet still able to connect and enjoy all MozCon has to offer.

Annual Modeling and Simulation Conference (ANNSIM) The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS) July 19-22 Modeling & Simulation ANNSIM is a new conference that was created by merging SpringSim and SummerSim. This will be a hybrid event, covering state-of-the-art developments in Modeling and Simulation.

Keynote speakers will include technology and industry leaders, and there will also be vendor exhibits, technical sessions, and professional development tutorials. Anyone who develops or uses Modeling and Simulation methods and tools is invited to participate or present their original contributions during the conference.

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August 2021 Virtual Conferences and Events

Name Host Date Industry Description
Distance Teaching & Learning Conference (DT&L) University of Wisconsin-Madison Aug. 2-5 Education Connect with distance educators, trainers, practitioners, and administrators from around the world and hear about the best tools, products, and services that are enhancing productivity and online practice.

Throughout more than 100 sessions, you can learn, network, and share your own experiences. DT&L emphasizes evidence-based practice and innovation within distance and online learning.

Ai4 2021: Exploring Artificial Intelligence Across Industry Ai4 Aug. 17-19 Technology Ai4 brings together business leaders and data practitioners in efforts to spread artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to various industries.

All speakers will be people who are actively involved in artificial intelligence projects. Last year’s lineup included speakers from UCLA, John Hopkins Healthcare, UPS, and T-Mobile.

September 2021 Virtual Conferences and Events

Name Host Date Industry Description
FinCon 2021 FinCon Sept. 22-25 Finance FinCon, simply put, is aimed at anyone creating personal finance content on the Internet, including bloggers, YouTubers, coaches, podcasters, authors, and social media influencers. The goal is to bring the community together to connect and collaborate. 

Currently, the event is going hybrid: You can attend virtually or in-person. Regardless of how you want to attend (the in-person event is in Austin, Texas), virtual attendees will also have access to networking opportunities and will be able to attend the opening party and all main stage speaking events.

Open Source Summit The Linux Foundation Sept. 28-Oct. 1 Technology The North American Open Source Summit, scheduled for August, was cancelled due to the pandemic. The company then decided to shift its efforts instead to the European event, which now has taken on a global focus and become a hybrid event. An in-person component will take place in Dublin, Ireland, but attendees can participate virtually from anywhere in the world.

As you can see, in 2021 companies still are continuing to shift and learn how to incorporate virtual components. In short, this event connects the entire open source ecosystem under one roof, allowing for collaborations between developers, admins, architects, and more.

October 2021 Virtual Conferences and Events

Name Host Date Industry Description
INBOUND Hubspot Oct. 12-14 Marketing Widely hailed in the marketing world, INBOUND’s purpose is to provide the inspiration, education, and connections that attendees need to grow their businesses. More than 70,000 people attended the 2020 digital experience, which included speakers John Legend, Kerry Washington, and Bob Iger.

The 2020 content library is still available on their website for you to peruse while you wait for 2021’s special announcements. If last year’s digital event pulled in that many guests, we can only imagine what this year’s event can do.

November 2021 Virtual Conferences and Events

Name Host Date Industry Description
Web Summit Web Summit Nov. 1-4 Technology While the Web Summit team is hopeful they can hold their event in person by November, they will have a virtual option as well.

Called “the world’s largest technology conference,” Web Summit aims to bring together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry. Speakers this year include tennis player Serena Williams and leaders from Zoom, Facebook, PayPal, and 23andMe.

MOMENTUM Reuters Events Nov. 2-3 Technology At MOMENTUM, more than 10,000 attendees and 60 speakers join together with the goal to build a better future through technology and overcome global challenges. MOMENTUM wants to provide a platform for tech innovators to share their insights and perspectives on how technology can positively shape our future.

Speakers will include leaders from Bank of America, Google, Ford, Zoom, and John Hopkins University. Discussions will include responsible AI, technology in healthcare, lessons learned from the pandemic, and much more.

AWS re:Invent Amazon Web Services (AWS) Nov. 29-Dec. 3 Technology Hear the latest news from AWS leaders about customers, products, and services. Last year’s speakers discussed how AWS solves today’s difficult technology problems and how they think differently about reliability and efficiency.

Check out their website for highlights from 2020’s event and to subscribe for updates to this year’s as they become available.

December 2021 Virtual Conferences and Events

Name Host Date Industry Description
OEB CloserStill Media Dec. 1-3 Education OEB (Online Educa Berlin) is an international event focused on how technology can support learning. Discussions center on the most important developments and trends that shape the future of learning in the corporate, education, and public service sectors.

More than 140 sessions and keynote speakers from around the globe will offer attendees new perspectives and ideas.

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