AI and IoT Create Event Networking Opportunities with Mobile Apps

AI and IoT Create Event Networking Opportunities with Mobile Apps

Live events provide an invaluable opportunity to meet like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and establish new connections. 68% of event participants cite networking as their primary priority when attending a conference, and participants appreciate technology that makes it easier to connect.

With mobile apps, networking at events traditionally translates into contact requests, in-app messages, and activity feeds. But when you are at a large-scale event with thousands of participants and limited time, how can you meet with the most relevant people?

SpotMe, the leader in event engagement solutions, believes not only in helping you growing your network, but, more importantly, in supporting you initiating meaningful, lasting connections. SpotMe solves networking challenges and creates personalized user experiences with artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) technologies.

How to Hone Your Participants’ Networking Process

SpotMe apps provide users with advanced capabilities that help target the relevant contacts, extending the impact of the networking process:

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise is a SpotMe extension that facilitates meaningful introductions by pairing like-minded individuals. Participants select their interests, topics and fields of expertise; powered by a machine-learning AI algorithm, the SpotMe app will display a list of matching participants, with corresponding interests and suggested connections.

Armed with these recommendations, participants can initiate their networking journeys. Leveraging SpotMe’s core modules, including instant messaging and social media platforms like LinkedIn, users can crystallize long-lasting connections. Additionally, they can initiate contact request and schedule face-to-face meetings directly within the SpotMe app.


“Growing your network” acquires a whole new meaning with SpotMe’s Nearby capability. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), this IoT technology displays participants who are in the vicinity, making them easier to find, break the ice and connect with. Nearby has device-to-device sensory capabilities, which means it can work offline without network access.

Networking Puzzle

Networking Puzzle is an icebreaker, an activity that helps people get to know each other. By encouraging users to connect with participants from other departments, regions, countries or business units, Networking Puzzle stimulates participants’ competitive spirits to help them break silos and get to know each other.


Connection Wall

Connection Wall is a powerful visualization of the social graph of your event. With a live view of all your participants and their connections, the Connection Wall grows as new contact requests are facilitated through the app. The Connection Wall can be rendered in your meeting room during breaks, or on any screen real estate across your venue to demonstrate the full extent of the networking momentum trigged by your event.

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