NEW 2.0.0

Developed by SpotMe


Use the Swoogo <> SpotMe integration to connect your event in Swoogo events with your event app in SpotMe.

All the organizational aspects of the event are handled within the Swoogo event, where you can select an existing SpotMe workspace in order to import data via the integration.

Sync with Swoogo in seconds

The data imported from the Swoogo event to the SpotMe workspace includes:

  • Users (including photos)
  • Speakers (including photos)
  • Sponsors (including logos)
  • Sessions

Once the events on the two platforms are connected, when app users register to sessions via the SpotMe event app, the app will communicate in real-time with the Swoogo event in order to manage session registrations based on capacity and agenda availability (i.e. verify that the attendee is not already registered to a concurrent session).

Get better results

All live aspects of the event are handled within the SpotMe event app. In addition to session registration, this includes live session stream interactivity, video breakout sessions, live polls, Q&A sessions, etc.