Session check-in


Developed by SpotMe


Configure the Session check-in module in Backstage, and give your event team the perfect tool to control access to sessions:

  • Choose what check-in methods will be used: assisted check-in performed by your event staff, or self check-in.
  • Define the exact criteria for accessing each session, manage walk-ins, and set session capacity.
  • Session attendance data is collected and made easily accessible in the workspace attendance tracking report.

Assisted check-in

  • Allow your event team to scan attendee user QR codes on badges or on their devices as they arrive at a session, determine whether each participant can attend the session, and if so check them in.
  • When checking in attendees, the event team can see the registration status of the attendee, the capacity of the session, and (if enabled) manage walk-ins.

Self check-in

  • Allow attendees to scan a QR code available in the session room or location, to check-in to sessions.
  • Allow your speakers to share check-in and out PIN codes with attendees, that they can enter in the app when joining or leaving a session.

Session check-in data

  • With session check-in enabled and used on your event, all session check-in data is compiled and included in the attendance tracking report.
  • This report is available in the workspace dashboard, and will provide valuable insights into how your audience attended your sessions and your event.