Virtual Event Platforms That Integrate with Webex

Webex Integration

Organizing a virtual event comes with a million different tasks and responsibilities. And chances are you have an assortment of apps and software programs to help you automate some of the more mundane tasks. That also means you’re probably switching between programs every other minute. Or worse: you might be logging in and out of different software all day long.

From syncing contact data to automatic web analysis to survey responses, software integrations can be a time and sanity-saver for virtual event planners and organizers.

Researching virtual event platforms that integrate with Webex can help you identify your event’s most influential platform choice. 

What is Webex?

Webex from Cisco is a virtual event technology platform you can use to host online events, such as meetings, conferences, and seminars. 

Webex is an engaging way to host face-to-face meetings. Being able to interact with colleagues regardless of geographic location can significantly boost online collaboration and innovation. 

Webex leverages technology features to heighten productivity and engagement, including meeting recording and screen sharing. Their HD video gives most virtual event participants a feeling like they’ve been in the same room with other meeting attendees, regardless of where they are in the world.

Webex works in real-time. It delivers crisp audio and HD video that allows attendees to:

  • Share visual aids 
  • Reduce or eliminate business travel
  • Make eye contact (and see attendee reactions in real-time) rather than relying on typed or texted responses alone

Webex is easy to use, often by just using a dial-in number and secure PIN or connecting via a secure online link. They’re mobile-friendly, and you can participate with practically any device, from any location. 

You can host virtual events and webinars of varying sizes, with participants ranging from one to 100,000. Users can also record and share meetings on-demand for anyone unable to participate live.

Online Event Software Platforms That Feature Easy Integration With Webex

Webex Integrations

1.  SpotMe Online Event Platform

SpotMe integrates with Webex using a two-way integration module. Their integration pre-maps Webex data automatically populating core SpotMe app features, including:

  • Map locations
  • User profiles
  • Registrations (two-way)
  • Sessions (with tags)
  • Speakers (with photos)

When an event attendee interacts with the app, SpotMe automatically converts that activity into one of the features above. SpotMe then syncs back to Webex or other software you might be using, like a CRM.

Integration with SpotMe provides customer or client-facing teams with valuable, actionable outcomes and takes just a few minutes to set up. Event organizers don’t need specialized coding or other technical skills.

Users install the integration model on their Backstage workspace and input basic data, such as user name, account number, and user name. 

User’s who are uncomfortable with technology can always head over to SpotMe’s website. They provide screenshots that walk you through the entire integration process. 

Users wishing to take advantage of SpotMe’s advanced data configuration options may benefit from a little more tech knowledge, but it isn’t essential. SpotMe provides easy-to-follow instructions for any skill level.

SpotMe’s effective platform supports quick and effortless event app creation, specifically designed to engage target audience groups. 

Organizers can easily customize in-event app features such as an AR scanner or polling, or adapt modules to align with audience-specific needs such as maps or agendas.

2.  Cvent

Cvent integrates with Webex to provide registrants with access to meetings, eliminating the technical difficulties that can impede online events. By combining registration and virtual event data, Cvent helps you get a comprehensive understanding of the participant experience.

Cvent has a dedicated page specifically for integrations offering easy-to-follow instructions that include screenshots.

Users start by creating a meeting in Webex and selecting “Create Integration.” At this point, users will provide some basic data, such as name and meeting URL (provided by Webex). The entire integration takes under five minutes.

Integration with Cvent allows event organizers to collect the information they need, based on individual requirements. This can range from asking pre-event questions, to registration data and payment processing.

Once the integration is finished, users can view complete event history and streamline communications to meeting participants, registrants, and invitees. 

Because manual data imports and exports are no longer necessary, users save time while improving accuracy. 

Additional benefits of Webex integration with Cvent include measuring ROI for the complete virtual program through registration, event, and session activity data.

3.  Engagez

Engagez is a virtual technology platform used for various virtual events, including online marketing programs, live and on-demand broadcasts, individual presentations, job fairs, conferences spread over several days, and online classrooms. 

They are a single platform host focusing on helping clients have more successful events, assisting with audience engagement, product launch, lead generation, and more. 

Because Engagez is cloud-based, they are exceptionally reliable. It also makes them very accessible. No need to download additional software. 

Engagez has been integrating with Webex since 2012, and your account rep can help you make any adjustments to customize the integration. Additionally, if you’re comfortable with code, check out their Developer Portal. It’s a great resource to create the app of your dreams for your precise data requirements.

4.  NextTech

Nextech’s virtual event platform, InfernoAR, is ideal for keeping audiences engaged through virtual meetings, conferences, webcasts, and product demos.

With InfernoAR, users can benefit from Nextech’s six main virtual verticals:

  • Conferences, networking, and corporate events 
  • Trade shows offering books, registration, demos, and keynote speakers
  • Product tours that allow direct attendee engagement 
  • Education events such as labs, quizzes, courses, and more 
  • Webinars and webcasts that are easily scalable in either private or public ecosystems
  • Home panels that are available on demand

Collaboration is easy through preset integrations with Webex, and other popular tools like Zoom, Google, or Microsoft Teams.

5.  VBrick

VBrick offers organizations the ability to leverage live streaming and on-demand video content solutions to engage audiences. They focus on four main virtual frameworks:

  • Corporate communications 
  • Human resources and training
  • Sales and marketing
  • Information technology

Whether you’re recording a CEO announcement and distributing it to a private group or hosting a live-stream town hall, VBrick will work with you to make it happen. 

VBrick recently announced the release of comprehensive integrations with Webex and several other popular virtual technology platforms. They currently offer several preset integrations that support the platform’s focus on helping users extend their video content value while maximizing ROI.

VBrick has partnered with Webex to offer event organizers a video management solution that deploys using Rev. 

Webex users can also share videos directly to their Webex Team spaces using Rev’s video sharing feature and be alerted when new videos are shared within the team space.

Webex users can reach beyond their specific team and share videos with other teams that use Webex. They can also subscribe to their choice of video categories, share their videos, and receive alerts when others share new videos.

Integrations and Alternatives for Virtual Event Software

If you’re curious about other popular integrations and virtual event software reviews, check out recent post about event platforms that integrate with Cvent.

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