Virtual Event Platforms That Integrate With Cvent

Cvent Registration Data Integration for Other Platforms

You’ve probably got a dozen different software programs running at any one time, helping you manage everything from event travel expenses to marketing emails. While each one helps streamline their specialty, remembering numerous passwords and continually switching between programs can be frustrating. It can become another source of tension in an already stress-filled day.

Integrations can be a lifesaver, allowing you to connect multiple systems with your virtual event technology platform. Sync contacts, web analytics, accounting data, survey responses, and anything else you might be using. 

That’s why it’s essential to consider whether the virtual technology platform you’re interested in can integrate with technology you already have. 

For example, does Cvent work with Hopin or SpotMe? Keep reading to find out the answer to that question and a few others.

How Do Virtual Event Platforms Integrate with Cvent?

Software platforms can be awesome, but if they don’t play well together, nothing gets accomplished. When software platforms seamlessly integrate with each other, clients and customers reap the many benefits, including the ability to collectively leverage strengths from each platform.

Cvent is a virtual technology platform specializing in virtual events, meetings, and hospitality management technology. It offers software for venue site selection, online event registration and management, email marketing, and more. 

Cvent comes with built-in integration compatibility with many of the most popular programs, including Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua and others, and it requires no special coding skills. 

If your software program isn’t one of their preset integrations, Cvent’s API allows integration with almost any software program, though you’ll need decent tech skills (or access to someone who does).

You can find out more about Cvent in our Cvent Review:  A Virtual Event Software Review.

5 Online Event Platforms that Integrate with Cvent


1. SpotMe’s Event Platform Makes Cvent Integration Convenient For Easy Registration
SpotMe has a two-way integration module that pre-maps Cvent data by type, automatically populating key elements in the SpotMe app, such as:

  • User profiles
  • Registrations (two-way)
  • Map locations
  • Speakers (with photos)
  • Sessions (with tags)

When it comes to integration, Cvent organizes the event audience, and SpotMe activates it. When your audience engages using the SpotMe app, SpotMe automatically converts user activity into the above insights and syncs back to Cvent or other software, like a CRM. These integrations provide actionable outcomes for any customer or client-facing teams, like marketing or sales.

Integration takes just a couple of minutes and requires no special technical or coding skills. Simply install the Integration module on your workspace in Backstage and provide some basic data, such as account number and user name. Their website provides screenshots and walks you through the straightforward process. If you want to get a little more technical, there are advanced data configuration options available, but even this is easy to follow for users of any skill level.

SpotMe’s dynamic online event platform allows for quick and effortless event app creation, specially designed to activate target audience groups. Organizers can configure audience-specific modules based on needs such as agendas or maps. But it doesn’t stop there. Additional in-event app capabilities like Polling or AR Scanner can be configured with ease, allowing organizers a high level of customization to prioritize what matters most.

2. Hopin’s Platform comes with a Cvent Integration with the Help of Zapier

Hopin’s integration interface is ideal for novice users. No coding experience is required to connect Cvent and Hopin, but you will need Zapier. Their process is simple and clearly laid out, especially for non-tech administrators.  

  • Simply authenticate both Cvent and Hopin. They estimate this to take under one minute. 
  • Select an app as a trigger, which automatically kicks off automation. This will take about 15 seconds.
  • The next choice is for a resulting action from the other app and another 15-second wait. 
  • The last step is to choose the data to send from one app to the other. Wait two minutes, and you’re ready to roll.

Every time an action occurs (e.g., a new event, an updated event, etc.), it sets off one of the preset triggers and you are notified.

3. Pathable Requires Some Coding For Cvent Integration

To connect Cvent and Pathable, you’ll need a little more comfort playing in the code area, but don’t let that steer you away. Their clear, easy-to-follow instructions offer direct integration with Cvent’s registration system. 

You’ll need to work from both Cvent and Pathable dashboards to set things up, but the entire integration process shouldn’t take more than about 15 minutes. 

Once configured, Pathable automatically checks Cvent at hourly intervals for any updates, including the creation of new accounts or sending out of invitations.

4. Attendify Uses a Point-and-Click Integration with Cvent

Attendify allows for multiple integrations to help you optimize event management and connect to your favorite programs. 

Like Hopin, you won’t need any coding experience to complete your integration with Attendify. Their set-up is literally a point-and-click situation. 

Their website provides clear screenshots to walk you through the complete process. Attendify comes with preset options, including Eventbrite, Salesforce, and Google Forms, in addition to Cvent. 

Once you’ve enabled your integration, Attendify will check for new attendees at 30-minute intervals. 

5. Whova and the 2-Click Cvent Integration

Whova knows the long hours event planners log, and they are trying to save you time wherever they can. That includes their Cvent  integration. 

Preset integrations include Eventbrite, Constant Contact, and RegFox, in addition to Cvent. You can connect other ticketing and CRM systems using Zapier (and their support is available to help you with integration set up). They’re also actively working on integrations with ever-popular SurveyMonkey and MailChimp.

Whova boasts the ability to connect in “Just 2 Clicks!” and while that’s not entirely accurate (you will need to type a few characters), it’s pretty darn close.

  • Click one: From your Whova dashboard, choose Cvent from the list provided, 
  • Type in the Cvent login account (or API key provided by Cvent), and then 
  • Click two: ‘Done.’

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