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March 5, 2020

Virtual events are a hot topic right now. With the rising crisis of the Coronavirus COVID-19, event planners across the globe are considering what going virtual could mean for their immediate programs. 

First of all, we wanted to reflect for a second that as a community, we have been here and come through this type of crisis a number of times, from SARS to H1N1, to name a few. SpotMe has always put the best interests of clients first, and the COVID-19 outbreak is no different.

So, how can we help? 

  1. If you are thinking about canceling or postponing an event (or just considering your options) – talk to us, we will work with you to minimize the impact financially and to your event program.
  2. We can work with you to go virtual – In times like these, consider a hybrid (live and virtual) event or completely virtual event (We have been working with clients since 2017 to embed live streams into their events).

SpotMe now offers 3 virtual event options:

  1. Second screen – leveraging SpotMe’s event app as a second screen to enhance an event/meeting
  2. Embed a live stream – If you already have a live streaming partner, then embed the stream in the SpotMe virtual experience (full details in our Knowledge Base)
  3. SpotMe Anywhere, a full virtual event package – SpotMe provides a full virtual solution, including live streaming, breakout sessions, event registration, remote service and support.

If I want to bring my own live stream solution? 

The key to the virtual event is the live stream. Fortunately, with SpotMe, you have several options (beyond common virtual platforms like Zoom), here are some that our clients are already using:

YouTube Live StreamingVirtual event
Virtual eventVirtual event

If you have another solution in mind, please let us know, and we will do our best to work with you.

Like to find out more? Check out our guide to going virtual, or experience our new virtual platform for yourself.

Not sure what the best path forward is? Talk to us today, by reaching out to your SpotMe contact, chat with us from this page (see the smiling face icon in the bottom right) or in Backstage, or request a demo (and we would be delighted to show you live).


Update April 21st, 2020: It is clear that the term virtual event (and meeting) is somewhat of a reactive stance related to the COVID-19 crisis. A completely understandable reaction, as companies and teams try to find ways to engage their audiences in the crisis. However, we feel that companies, brands, and teams need to adopt a longer-term position on their engagement strategies, and hence we are focused on helping people deliver immersive digital experiences.


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