Your Ultimate Guide to Tech Events in 2021

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As the world is managing the list of interruptions incurred since the 2020 pandemic, large events are continuing to run online. This year, as global conferences and tech events must go on, we’ve put together some of the coolest digital conventions to attend within the tech space.

Tech Events in 2021

Now that it’s the “new normal” for events to be held online, those with large-scale attendance like conventions, summits, and conferences are heeding the call to adapt their former in-person gatherings. Fully virtual events provide greater access to a wider audience, allowing more speakers and guests to join without the hassle of travel and lodging.

Hybrid events are an even bigger development these days, so people can experience the best of both interpersonal and online communication. In-person connection, online networking, and e-learning collide thanks to hybrid events, with the option to join interactive workshops and direct Q&A feedback that wouldn’t be as available at event locations. 

If you want to stay involved and network across industries related to yours, your best bet is to get yourself to one of the many online tech conferences this year. 

tech conventions 2021

The Best Technology Events and Conferences to Attend in 2021

Looking for the best upcoming tech events online? Here are the notable mentions for industries in technology, marketing, and beyond. 


January 2021 Events

Event Hosted By Location Date
CES 2021 Consumer Technology Association  Virtual January 11th-14th, 2021
IMPACT 2021 CMG Virtual  January 19th-21st, 2021
MGA FinTech Summit MGA (Mobile Growth Association) Virtual January 28th, 2021
BettFest 2021 Bett VIrtual January 20th-22nd, 2021

CES 2021

CES 2021, the International Consumer Electronics Show, is an annual event held by the largest tech company in the world, Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Their 2021 show will be virtual, showcasing high-tech, new technology.


IMPACT 2021, CMG’s 46th annual technology conference, will be held virtually. However, it will still allow the full breadth of training and expertise it’s known for, with an even larger focus on the importance of enhancing digital spaces in light of the 2020 pandemic.

MGA FinTech Summit

Mobile Growth Association (MGA) is an annual financial technology conference. The 2021 summit will be held virtually, focusing on emerging topics such as internet-based banking, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, and financial mobile apps.

BettFest 2021

BettFest 2021: UK-based company Bett hosts annual self-titled events which share the latest in education and technology. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been major changes emerging in education, as most students are having to adapt to online learning. BettFest 2021 will educate the public about the innovative ways the world can improve remote learning, student technology programs, and beyond.


February 2021 Events

Event Hosted By Location Date
Digital Geospatial Intelligence Digital Flagship DGI (Digital Geospatial Intelligence) Virtual February 2, 2021
Datanova Starburst  Virtual  February 9th-10th, 2021
SaaStock 2021 SaaStock Virtual February 23rd, 2021
Startup Grind Global Conference  Startup Grind VIrtual February 22nd-25th, 2021

Digital Geospatial Intelligence for National Security 

DGI, the Digital Geospatial Intelligence, is hosting its first fully digital event in response to COVID-19. The world’s leading geospatial intelligence company, DGI brings professionals together to maintain allyships, partnerships, and interoperability, even when the world seems so uncertain. 


The fully virtual, global, free event, Datanova 2021, analyzes how data companies and professionals of all fields can improve analytics and master data technology today. Featuring guests like Bill Nye the Science Guy, there will be keynote speakers and a live Q&A panel to educate and inspire engineers, professionals, and digital consumers everywhere. 

SaaStock 2021

SaaStock is hosting a fully remote event to train and inform SaaS (Software as a Service) startups how to succeed. While many SaaS businesses fail early on, SaaStock aims to help companies improve their sales funnels, stabilize their business plans, and network with software experts to build better services.

StartupGrind Global Conference 

Startup Grind‘s global conference will offer lectures from over 100 speakers on all things startup companies. This remote event, which usually takes place in Silicon Valley, CA, will be a wealth of information in today’s industry where every startup is being prompted to move online, whether they like it or not. 


March 2021 Events

Event Hosted By Location Date
SXSW 2021 South by Southwest Virtual March 16th-20th, 2021
Festival of Marketing  Festival of Marketing  Virtual  March 23rd, 2021
Priv8: Digital Privacy Summit  Orchid Virtual March 23rd-25th, 2021
Code Beam Code Sync VIrtual March 10th, 2021

SXSW 2021

South by Southwest is one of the most well-known events of the year, bridging the gap between technology, film, and music industries with worldwide excitement. In 2021, they will be hosting their massive crowd fully remotely with online panels, live events, real-time showings of films, and more. 

Festival of Marketing

Every year the Festival of Marketing brings together the leading minds of the marketing world to innovate and explore. Their 2021 event will be hosted online, where speakers discuss the latest trends, upcoming software, and leading ideas for the year to come.

Priv8: Digital Privacy Summit 

Orchid, a company providing VPN (virtual private network), hosts the Priv8 event focused on digital privacy and safety. This digital conference is projected to be one of the best technology events in 2021, offering keynotes from speakers like Edward Snowden. Other topics will include the current shifts being made in internet privacy in light of the global pandemic, and new rights needing protection in the online world.

Code Beam

This event for developers and coders using Elixir and Erlang programming, Code Beam 2021 is a global conference focusing on the latest updates in program communication. Code Sync brings together developers from around the world to share, learn, and inspire.


April 2021 Events

Event Hosted By Location Date
Adobe Summit 2021 Adobe Virtual April 13th, 2021
True Influence Summit 2021 True Influence  Virtual  April 14th, 2021 2021 Vue.js Virtual April 14th, 2021
Failover Conference 2: Fail Smarter Gremlin VIrtual April 27th, 2021

Adobe Summit 2021

As leaders in the marketing and creative realm, Adobe’s annual Summit is loved and anticipated. Their 2021 Summit will be held virtually, but still offers keynote from hundreds of speakers and influential thinkers in all industries. 

True Influence Summit 2021

True Influence Spring Summit in 2021 will focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) concerning B2B (business to business) marketing, online data, and worldwide sales. Although fully virtual this year, speakers from Google, Live Earth, SAP, and Microsoft will provide their insight and discuss all realms of machine learning. 2021

A conference focused on JavaScript for user interface building, hosts an online event for community and project developers. 

Failover Conference 2: Fail Smarter

Gremlin, an IT testing company focused on improving technology reliability, introduces its second Failover conference. “Fail Smarter” being the event’s slogan, Failover 2 is a virtual event helping companies around the world improve incident response plans of action, team communication, and testing. 


May 2021 Events

Event Hosted By Location Date
GlueX 2021 GlueX Virtual May 4th-5th, 2021
RSA Conference 2021 RSA Virtual  May 17th-20th, 2021
Think 2021 IBM Virtual May 11th, 2021
Running Remote Running Remote VIrtual May 21st, 2021

GlueX 2021

An event by IT professionals, for IT professionals, GlueX promotes industry engagement with the latest brands and IT trends. Although usually in-person, 2021’s GlueX will be held online, with opportunities to connect virtually, stream extra content, and network with a wider audience. 

RSA Conference 2021

One of the industry leaders of cybersecurity and tech, RSA is hosting its annual conference virtually in 2021 with the theme: resilience. This event will teach you about preparing for online security risks, building resilience in business and community, as well as practical steps to adapt to the new normal since the changes experienced throughout 2020. 

Think 2021

IBM hosts its event, Think, to share the latest on machine learning, AI, and cloud data sharing. Geared toward workplace professionals, this conference is to be fully remote with a focus on solutions for online collaboration and improving content management processes. 

Running Remote

What better time to learn about remote working than now? Running Remote 2021 is an online tech conference all about optimizing working remotely. Tips for how to stay connected, team management, and quality assurance online are focal points of this event. 


June 2021 Events

Event Hosted By Location Date
Integrate Remote Microsoft  Virtual June 1st-3rd, 2021
Digital Transformation Conference 2021 Roar Media Virtual  June 3rd, 2021
VOICE Global 2021 VOICE Virtual June 16th, 2021
Workforce Technology Conference Geographic Solutions  VIrtual June 7th, 2021

Integrate Remote

Microsoft’s Integrate Remote conference to help people integrate their software systems runs as one of the most useful events this year. Speakers from around the world teach on global community integration and operations, from Microsoft Product members, team leaders, and more. 

Digital Transformation Conference 2021

The North American digital series conference on digital transformation occurs online this June 2021. This single-day event educates on business innovation, technology leadership, and marketing strategy.

VOICE Global 2021

VOICE Global 2021 is a way to learn from some of the biggest brands about how they’re utilizing their voice in today’s growing digital spaces. Top leaders from around the world share their insights, inspiration, and strategy on how professionals in the tech industry can improve business. 

Workforce Technology Conference

This free, virtual event — the Workforce Technology Conference — will focus on technology solutions for job seekers, market analysts, and employers in the economic workforce industry across the United States. Topics include performance reporting, case management, and unemployment.


July 2021 Events

Event Hosted By Location Date
Venture Summit Virtual Global Connect Young Startup Ventures  Virtual July 6th-8th, 2021
Agents of Hybrid Bizzabo and Cramer Hybrid  July 13th, 2021
#mtpcon Digital  Mind the Product  Virtual July 14th, 2021
AI Accelerator Festival APAC AI Accelerator Institute VIrtual July 20th-22nd, 2021

Venture Summit

More than 100 leaders in major industries such as Finance, Technology, Healthcare, FinTech, and Consumer Technology gather digitally this year to contribute to the global Venture Summit. Professional insights will be given by Angel Investors and more.

Agents of Hybrid

Hybrid events are partly in-person and partly online. Join Bizzabo as they offer solutions to the changing world where events are moving to hybrid. Agents of Hybrid assesses real change in the options for implementing hybrid conferences and events worldwide.

#mtpcon Digital 

A product-focused event hosted by Mind the Product, #mtpcon 2021 goes digital to enhance the product lines of companies large and small. More than 3,000 product leaders join this conference to help future leaders manufacture, source, and sell.

AI Accelerator Festival APAC

Designed by AI pioneers and representing over 40 countries globally, this AI festival will include topics on building AI infrastructure, AIoT innovation, and empowerment for AI established and upcoming brands.


August 2021 Events

Event Hosted By Location Date
AV/IT Summit Future PLC Virtual August 5th, 2021
Data Ops Virtual Event 2021 Zaloni  Virtual  August 25th, 2021
SaaS Tiger People & Computers Hybrid August 4th, 2021
Gartner Digital Marketing Symposium AI Accelerator Institute Virtual August 31st-September 2nd, 2021

AV/IT Summit

Audio/Video and IT Summit welcomes leaders, integrators, and end-users in the technology and manufacturing industry to dive into new possibilities for building efficiency. There will be debates, networking panels, and lectures from thought leaders in the field. 

Data Ops Virtual Event 2021

Learn from leading experts in data science and analytics in Zaloni’s virtual event for data governance decision-makers. Industry leaders will educate on collaborative, modern initiatives to grow business success. 

SaaS Tiger

Israel’s hybrid SaaS event will be discussing all things marketing, sales, and Software as a Service. They’ll be focusing on highlighting new strategies for sales, generating technology-driven revenue, and networking with professionals in the field. As a hybrid event, there will be ample opportunities for interactive workshops as well as live discussions with product teams.

Gartner Digital Marketing Symposium

A digital marketing conference with senior-level executives in mind, the 2021 Gartner virtual conference will be filled with leadership, innovation, and strategy for building resilience in the ever-changing marketing world. 


September 2021 Events

Event Hosted By Location Date
Mendix World Mendix Virtual September 7th-9th, 2021
Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA Reuters Virtual  September 14th-15th, 2021
SubSummit 2021 Subta Hybrid September 21st-23rd, 2021

Mendix World

One of the world’s largest virtual events for business people, developers, and IT leaders, Mendix introduces how low-code can help bring solutions. Learn how we can make a difference in the world with the power of digital tools.

Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA

C-suite level thought leaders will collaborate throughout this technology-based virtual event for insurance carriers. As businesses now have digital tools to expand their marketplace, it’s essential to learn strategies and tactics that help break the mold.

SubSummit 2021

Subscription Summit 2021 will be a hybrid event for commerce industry leaders who want to learn how to take their company to the next level. Learn how consumers actively discover, experience, and buy new products.


October 2021 Events

Event Hosted By Location Date
IT Arena 2021 IT Arena  Hybrid October 7th-9th, 2021
Software Architecture Gathering 2021 iSAQB Virtual  October 11th-14th, 2021
INBOUND 2021 HubSpot Virtual October 12th-14th, 2021

IT Arena 2021

The largest AI conference in Ukraine and Europe, this year’s IT Arena will be held fully in English, and be conducted in a hybrid format. Lessons from over 4,000 professionals in the world of IT will offer extensive insight into the latest research, technology, and competition moving forward. 

Software Architecture Gathering 2021

An international conference for software architects, one of the best tech conventions online this year will offer solution structures for those who build, develop, and operate software. 


A free, virtual tech conference with speakers featuring Oprah Winfrey, Spike Lee, and Tristain Walker, INBOUND 2021 is for anyone interested in business trends, marketing, and online sales. Learn from some of the most influential minds in the world about becoming a catalyst for positive change. 


November 2021 Events

Event Hosted By Location Date
MarketplaceLive 2021 Digital Realty Hybrid November 3rd-4th, 2021
TradeTech 2021 iSAQB Hybrid November 9th-10th, 2021
XtremePython Online Conference Python Virtual November 24th, 2021

MarketplaceLive 2021

Digital Realty hosts a hybrid event — MarketplaceLive 2021 — this November for those who seek an immersive conference about the future of digital. Stakeholders will share their experiences and innovations for the community at large in hopes of spreading best practices, thoughtful keynote speakers, entertainment, and more.

TradeTech 2021

Europe’s self-proclaimed “Biggest Buy-Side Equity Trading Conference”, TechTrade’s hybrid event will share trading expert insights, networking opportunities, and new trading technologies throughout the world.

XtremePython Online Conference

This online conference for developers using Python will cover the latest improvements, solutions, and frameworks for intermediate to advanced developers around the world. They are still open to scheduling new speakers who have extensive knowledge to share in the world of Python.


December 2021 Events

Event Hosted By Location Date
Xtreme JS Online Conference JavaScript Virtual December 22nd, 2021
Investment Summit 2021 Reuters Hybrid December 6th-7th, 2021

Xtreme JS Online Conference

This online conference for seasoned JavaScript developers — Xtreme JS Online Conference — will cover the latest and upcoming improvements in programming. Topics will include the future of JavaScript, Big Data, front-end developments, and more. 

Investment Summit 2021

Reuters’ Investment Summit will be digital this year. Their slogan for the event is “Diversify, De-risk, Drive growth.” The goal of this summit is to unlock the potential for emerging investment opportunities. Speakers will discuss geopolitical issues, workforce challenges, and changes in investor demands as digital becomes more involved in investing. 

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