SpotMe Launches Chat and Sets a New Support Standard, With Answers in 20 Seconds

Chat support will be available in Backstage and on the web 

New York, NY (February 25, 2020) SpotMe is leading the way with a truly global follow-the-sun support model (from its offices in Switzerland, Sofia, Singapore, New York and Chicago), that aims to give support answers within a 20-second target response time. 

Building on existing support channels (including phone and email), the new instant chat option within Backstage and on the web, will be available to clients as part of the 24×7 global support model.

 “We have learned from our 20 years in the industry and shipping over 6,000 event apps annually that our clients never stop and demand immediate answers. This is just the nature of the business,” said Pierre Metrailler, CEO “This initial launch of chat support is just the beginning of us radically changing the way we interact with the external world, from people inquiring about our solutions, to clients to the end users of our apps.”

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the chat support system pulls relevant information from various SpotMe content sources, including Knowledge Base and Marketplace, to answer all queries with robust resources. 

For example, any user can instantly connect with SpotMe’s global support team. Every support agent truly appreciates the challenges of event delivery as their training program includes firsthand field experience at onsite events.

“Traditional in-person training sessions cover copious amounts of material, which—if we can be frank—is often forgotten,” says Jerome Salaun, VP of Customer Success, “By contrast, the interactive resources available within SpotMe’s new chat support system can be referenced again and again as questions arise.”

In addition to existing onboarding resources like guided in-product tutorials and pre-built app templates, chat support now functions as an always-on supplement to traditional training sessions, allowing new and existing customers to pull up the information they need in minutes, with minimal effort required.

Interested to learn more? Join us on our website, or log-in to Backstage to start a conversation with our team.

About SpotMe

SpotMe has been helping clients engage their internal and external audiences for over 20 years. Annually, they’re used by 2 million people, including an app building community of 3,600, while shipping 6,000 apps. As a leading event app and G2 leader for the past four years, SpotMe provides best-in-class enterprise solutions to 80 Fortune 500 companies, including RedHat, L’Oreal, Pfizer and Daimler. With offices in Chicago, New York, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Singapore, the company provides optimal follow-the-sun support.


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