SpotMe Marketplace now available in Backstage

SpotMe Marketplace now available in Backstage

In response to the trend of vendor proliferation and complexity, SpotMe introduced a new SaaS Marketplace to our website to simplify discovery and consideration of software options for business leaders. Today, we are excited to announce that the SpotMe Marketplace is now available to clients within Backstage, our content management system (CMS). Integrating Marketplace into Backstage makes it easier to create, manage and update events and workplaces by allowing clients to discover new modules, gain inspiration around existing features, and access recent documentation and updates all in one platform.

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Discovery: browse or search

With 33 current modules and more on the way, the SpotMe Marketplace makes it easy to browse for options by displaying all available modules in one place. Clients can also search by name or description, or filter the modules feed by selecting specific categories from the menu.

Inspiration: explore and learn

Integrating the SpotMe Marketplace into Backstage also makes learning more about and staying up-to-date with current modules simpler than ever. Clients can view and manage active modules on their workspaces, browse helpful screenshots and documentation, and check the list of recent feature updates.

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Module Management: just a click away

Finally, clients who are managers of their workspaces can install and update modules directly from the Marketplace.

Simple installation can happen from the larger module list or on the module detail pages, just by clicking on the Install button. To make sure that modules are working as effectively as possible, updates can be launched for individual features or as a batch: all clients must do is click the Update All button on the Installed Module page.

To learn more about the SpotMe Marketplace in Backstage, please get in touch with us.

Read about how the Marketplace drives visibility for our partners, delivers greater agility and control for organizations, and inspires new ideas in our recent blog post.


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