New Digital Experience Strategist certification

Digital Experience Strategist Certification

Why a new Digital Experience Strategist course?

Digital event strategist certifications already exist. The PCMA Digital Event Strategist certification is the most popular today. These certifications are great, and will bring you a lot of useful insights on how to run physical conferences. They will also bring some elements on how to run virtual ones.

But they focus a lot on the theory.

At SpotMe, we believe the pivot to virtual will affect how technology supports events in the long term. But what do these changes mean?

We will see smaller and more fragmented event experiences taking place over longer periods of time. So people won’t be able to deliver these in the same way we used to – it will be too costly and inefficient.

We will see new technologies becoming more and more mainstream. For example, video games and podcasts significantly simplified the AV experience, and virtual events need to take advantage of this.

These changes will call for more agile and hands-on teams to deliver, overall.

This is why we launched a new, modern Digital Experience Strategist certification this month.

With this course you will learn all the practical aspects of becoming a Digital Experience Strategist, such as:

  • Going from physical to virtual: what are the typical conferences formats, and how do they best convert to virtual
  • The new KPIs: what are the numbers you need to track to measure your success
  • The creation of engaging virtual events: how to create events that will bring your audience back and get them to participate
  • The digital jobs: what are the new skills your team need to build, in order to deliver the best virtual events

Getting certified as a Digital Experience Strategist with SpotMe will enable you and your team to create your own virtual events. When joining, you will be mastering not only the concepts, but also the skills to bring modern conferences to participants.

Who is this for?

  • Event planners wanting to pivot to virtual
  • Event agencies interested in winning new digital business
  • Event freelancers wanting to be upskilled for this new world

Key benefits

  • Duration: 20 hours to complete the training.
  • All content is available on-demand on a mobile app or on the web.
  • Hands-on training with modern tools.
  • Join a Community of like-minded Digital Experience Strategists
  • Completely free.

Register for free and start your training today

The certification is free and completely on-demand. It means you can decide when you want to work on it. When you register, you will gain access to all the related content, as well as to our user community. Make the best out of it by contributing to the discussion.

The Digital Experience Strategist is part of our SpotMe Academy training program. You can register for free now.

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