Studio: the future of virtual events launches today

Studio: the future of virtual events launches today

With Studio, SpotMe allows you to focus on planning and delivering exceptional virtual events, without having to struggle with dozens of different tools and services.

It has everything you need for your online events, all in one place. Video conferencing, on-demand recordings, analytics, applause, Q&A, polls, and more — all thoughtfully connected.

With Studio we are introducing three key developments:

  • Web-based video conferencing built into Backstage.
    Invite up to 9 guests to your Studio, then broadcast the discussion to the audience, or record it for on-demand release.
  • Brand new polling. Designed from the ground-up for online and hybrid events, where you can create polls on the fly in the Studio and see results in real-time. Your audience also gets an immersive experience with the polls appearing intuitively as a part of the video.
  • Single-screen speaker experience. With everything they need available on a single screen, Studio provides the simplest experience yet for your speakers. No downloads or app switching, just a link to join.

We hope Studio will empower the next generation of marketing and event teams, channel partners, and many more, to run virtual and hybrid events on SpotMe’s leading B2B event platform.

Video conferencing

Invite up to 9 guests (speakers, presenters or panelists) into Studio’s built-in video conferencing system.

From there, you can use the conferencing to hold a presentation, do an interview, or have a panel discussion. It will be all automatically streamed to your audience, and saved for on-demand viewing.

Based on the number of speakers, Studio automatically positions the speakers on-screen to ensure everyone is visible and heard.


The redesigned version of polling built specifically for online events is now an integral part of Studio.

You can now instantaneously create polls from within Studio, both before and during the presentation. With up to 4 options and correct answers, you can use polls to hold debates, trivia quizzes, or launch simple polls.

Participants and speakers see the results in real-time over the video, helping you get the highest possible engagement.

Speaker experience

Screenshot of on-boarding screen in Studio
Studio asking speakers to check their microphone and camera before joining the room

Studio delivers a top-notch experience for your speakers. With all the video conferencing and interactivity tools, your speakers are equipped to deliver their most engaging and interactive presentations ever.

Speakers can use the speaker-chat to coordinate the presentation, approve Q&A questions, see real-time polling results and real-time applause stats.

And again, all of this is available without downloading any additional software.

Try it now

Studio is available starting today to all our customers. Simply update the live streaming module from the Marketplace and create a new stream.

If you are not a SpotMe customer yet, don’t hesitate to contact our team for a demo.


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