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SpotMe Zapier

It is finally here: Zapier for SpotMe (or is it the other way around – we never know). Whichever way, our marketing team is especially excited.

SpotMe for Zapier Integration


You can now save a lot of time on your day-to-day tasks by connecting SpotMe to Zapier and a whole host of b2b marketing tools (and CRMs, communication, data, and over 2,000 other tools).

What is our Zapier integration? And how SpotMe for Zapier works.

The SpotMe for Zapier integration works on a workspace (i.e. event) level from Backstage. This means that live or on-demand, data can be synced.

We actually wrote a guide, right here. It gives you everything you need to know. The whole A to Z on making this work.

All you need from the SpotMe side is your API Token. Then Zapier can find your events/workspaces and make the magic happen.

Essentially, what you build are connections between tools, otherwise known as Zaps. Each Zap will take action (or perform a task) in tool B based on something that happens in tool A.

For example, if a lead is added to Salesforce, you can create a new user in SpotMe’s Backstage.

How much is Zapier?

The SpotMe for Zapier integration is provided for free. The only cost comes from the Zapier side and depends on how many Zaps and tasks you need.

If you have less than 5 Zaps (or connections) and will run less than 100 tasks (or actions) per month, then Zapier is also free.

Zapier pricing model
The Zapier pricing model, based on number of Zaps and tasks. Image from Zapier.com/pricing.

The pricing then goes up based on the number of Zaps and tasks needed per month.

SpotMe for Zapier Use Cases

Now on to the best bit…. Our 5 favorite Zapier use cases!

#1 SpotMe to Mailchimp (and other marketing automation tools)

This is the one our marketing team is most excited about. We are a Mailchimp shop for marketing emails. So connecting SpotMe to Mailchimp via Zapier has made our lives so much easier.

Connect SpotMe to Mailchimp
SpotMe can now be connected to Mailchimp. The Mailchimp logo is proprietary and protected by Mailchimp.

These Zaps, would also work with other marketing automation tools: Marketo, HubSpot and ClickFunnels to name a few.

What we do with it:

  • Nurture leads – we add new Backstage users to a specific Mailchimp audience and tag them. This then triggers them to be added to a Mailchimp nurture campaign queue. Not only does this save the team lots of time, but critically it allows us to be very quick and proactive in reaching out and providing value to our leads. The best bit: we can even build in ICP criteria into the Zap to make sure we only connect with people we can truly help.
  • Manage campaign tags – we have an ongoing live and on-demand event, called The Weekly Show. Every time a new person registers for the show in Backstage, we remove a tag in Mailchimp. This then removes them from the ongoing show campaign to get them to sign-up. The best bit: we can then provide registered people with a different nurture, including credentials to access the show (instead of keeping on asking them to register again and again).

Other ideas:

  • Keep track of the journey – you could create a Zap that helps your team keep note of the person’s journey. For example, whenever someone registers for an event, or a new user is added in Backstage or an update is made to a user profile in Backstage, you could add a new note to that audience member in Mailchimp. Thereby helping you score any leads or just keep track of their activity to provide personalized outreach.

#2 SpotMe to Slack

As part of our lead management process, we have a dedicated Slack channel where the sales team can confer on new leads.

Connect your events to Slack
SpotMe can now be connected to Slack. The Slack logo is a protected trademark of Slack.

Here is how we connect SpotMe to Slack:

  • Keeping track of new leads – with our sales team spread across timezones and continents, keeping everyone in sync is essential. Every time a new lead is added through our trial app, a new message is posted to our Slack channel. All of this happens automatically because of the SpotMe for Zapier integration. This allows the team to keep each other in the loop on conversations or pointers. The best bit: organically sales conversations happen in the Slack channel, where everybody learns.

Other ideas:

  • Add new SpotMe users – say for example you wanted a really quick and easy way for your team to add new SpotMe users to an event. What you could do, is type their emails in a dedicated Slack channel, and have a Zap to add them in Backstage. Best bit: you could then have another Zap to trigger an email campaign.

#3 SpotMe to Event Reg & Ticketing

If your event requires a complex registration process or ticketing, then you could choose to use a dedicated registration or ticketing tool. In this case, while we offer some integrations ready to go, you might decide Zapier is a good option.

Connect SpotMe to Stripe ticketing platform
SpotMe can now be connected to the Stripe ticketing platform. The Stripe logo is protected and registered to Stripe.

For example, you could connect SpotMe to Stripe and offer tickets. Or even to Splash or Eventbrite to cover both registrations and tickets.

Then every time someone registers or buys a ticket, you can have the person automatically added as a user in Backstage.

Even better: when they are added to Backstage, this could trigger another Zap to begin an automated marketing campaign around your event.

#4 SpotMe to Salesforce

Say that you wanted to set up a lead generation experience on your website, or even keep a list of leads from a live and on-demand event…. A SpotMe to Salesforce Zap could help.

Connect SpotMe to Salesforce via Zapier
SpotMe can now be connected to Salesforce. The Salesforce logo is protected and registered to Salesforce.com, inc.

Whenever a person registered for the event in SpotMe, the Zap could create a new Salesforce lead or contact, or even assign a person in Salesforce to a campaign.

This would then help you keep tabs on the people accessing the lead gen experience and attribute them to a Salesforce campaign.

Or you could even have their Salesforce records updated so that sales and customer-facing teams are kept in the loop.

#5 SpotMe to Google products

At SpotMe we are also Google users. The great news is that everything from Google Sheets, to Google Forms and Google Calendar, are on Zapier.

Connect your events to Google products
SpotMe can now be connected to Google products. ©2018 Google LLC All rights reserved. Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC.

Here is how we connect SpotMe to Zapier:

  • Keep track of numbers of users (SpotMe to Google Sheets) – for The Weekly Show, we like to keep an automated track of the registrations. So every time a person registers, we are able to see the details, including timestamp added to Google Sheets. The best bit: we can now keep an automatic weekly log of registrations, as opposed to having to export a list and manually sort through it.

Other ideas:

  • Import your attendee list (SpotMe to Google Sheets) – if for some reason you were running an event without integration or native registration to SpotMe….. You could add people to a Google Sheet and then have a Zap to create a new SpotMe user.
  • Automatically invite certain people (Google Forms to SpotMe) – say you wanted to send out a Google Form, and if they completed the survey, have people added to an event (Say an internal training). You could set up a Zap for that.
  • Add new users to a calendar invite (SpotMe to Google Calendar) – if you had an internal event, every time someone registered in SpotMe, they could be added to the Google Calendar entry.

Where to get started

Ready to get started with Zapier for SpotMe? Check out the step-by-step here. Wondering what other integrations we have? Check out our Marketplace.

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