Artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of events

Artificial intelligence is everywhere these days, an invisible force powering innovative technology. When we flip through the “Recommended for You” section on Netflix or ask Alexa what the weather is like, we are interfacing with tech powered by artificial intelligence (AI). AI supercharges game-changing innovations like algorithms, image recognition software, and more. As such, it is becoming increasingly relevant in every industry—and this includes, to a notable extent, advertising.

The myriad ways that AI is transforming the world of advertising informed the theme of Cristal Events’ 2018 Media & Advertising Summit: “AI & Brands.” The SpotMe team is thrilled to have partnered with Cristal Events in developing the digital experience platform for the 2018 Summit, and to share our unique perspective on the role that AI has to play in the present and future of live events and experiences.

AI, event technology

AI & Event Technology: Today

SpotMe is a mobile engagement platform for leaders who want to to leverage events to bring about change. AI plays an essential role in this mission. Beginning with their very first engagement with a SpotMe app, AI works behind the scenes to help event participants make the most of any experience by delivering a personalized interface and highly actionable recommendations.

Elevating experiences with AI is all about the data.

First, AI uses the personal data and preferences provided by an event participant to customize the SpotMe experience, so that every app user sees a home screen that is tailored for them. Once the event begins and throughout the experience, AI works in real time, analyzing content performance, behavior journeys, and engagement patterns within the SpotMe app. The resulting data intelligence insights powers SpotMe’s signature capabilities: data-driven recommendations based on interests and behavior; advanced networking through participant matching; and personalized notifications and digests.

Because when the right information appears at your fingertips at the right time, events can be truly transformative.

AI, event technology


AI & Event Technology: The future

Events as episodes in a larger brand story.

At SpotMe, we know that AI is critically important to the future of digital experiences and live events. For one, the benefits that AI delivers now—powering new conversations, delivering custom recommendations, and driving meaningful experiences—will only improve in accuracy and impact over time. But the potential of AI for events goes far beyond the ways we currently use it.

Corporate events are themselves evolving. Why devote resources to isolated meetings, when you could instead design change-making digital and live experiences that support long-term goals? From employee onboarding to sales summits to team retreats, successful corporate events are beginning to function as episodes in a larger brand story that supports awareness, alignment, and advocacy amongst participants

But such outcomes are not guaranteed. Sustaining attention over time, overcoming resistance to change, and connecting events to outcomes requires innovative technology employed in strategic ways. AI will play a significant role in the evolution of corporate events by making digital platforms—and the experiences they support—even more impactful than they are today.

Powering end-to-end digital journeys.

These days, we talk frequently about “event technology.” But five years from now, it is likely that the category will no longer exist as something distinct from broader enterprise software. As everyday lives become increasingly digitized and connected, so too will companies’ relationships with their customers and their employees become more streamlined and simpler.

Digital experience platforms like SpotMe will become absorbed into intuitive and “end-to-end” digital journeys.

Rather than asking them to jump from app to app for different functions, a company will be able to consistently engage customers through a single digital platform. Instead of switching between platforms for client and internal communications, employees will just use one, allowing them to fully focus on outcomes. Such “end-to-end” platforms and experiences will allow businesses to accelerate innovation and grow at scale—and they will rely heavily on AI-powered automation, continuous integration, and hybrid cloud.

AI, event technology

Ensuring security and data protection

The advances that AI will usher in over the coming years involve huge amounts of sensitive data, and the companies collecting that information will have to put safeguards in place to protect it against attack or tech failure. Personal data management must be airtight; when they do occur, breaches must be identified and solved quickly in order to maintain trust in these new technologies.

SpotMe’s commitment to security is absolute. We are currently GDPR and SOC2 compliant, and are participants in the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield framework. And as future regulations and security certifications emerge, SpotMe will make accommodating those requirements a top priority.


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