2021 Attendify Review: A Virtual Event Software Review

review of Attendify

Shopping around for the next event management platform for an upcoming online event? Then stick around for this in-depth Attendify review.. 

We’ll share information about Attendify pricing, go over the pros and cons of Attendify, how it works, and we’ll share what other users have to say about how it impacted their event. 

What is Attendify?

Attendify is a cloud-based event management platform that claims to offer straightforward, DIY tools to help you make your event shine. Event organizers can choose to use just the mobile event app,  event website, or use a combination of the two.

Popular Attendify features include the ability to create a private social network for your event, seamless content management, a digital event guide, photo sharing, an in-app sponsor platform, messaging, browsing, and personal profiles.

Attendify Pricing Packages:

Attentidy implements an almost “a la carte” style of pricing in which customers can add on features and customizations for an extra fee. The cheapest “engagement” package is priced at $2,000 and gets you an unbranded event app and requires you to provide your own streaming service (YouTube, Vimeo, or Zoom).

In order to brand your own even app, it will cost you another $2,000.

Additionally, the price goes up depending on the number of attendees and streaming hours your event requires if you wish to use their Attentidify S, M, L, or XL streaming services.

This means that their platform + the event app could you run anywhere from $2,000 to $61,500 depending on your event size.

The Verdict of our Attendify Review

Their do-it-yourself approach to app creation — using drag-and-drop functionality — means users don’t need prior programming or design experience. In theory, an event organizer or event planner can build an event app within a day and publish it in app stores in a week to ten days. 

Attendify keeps it simple which is great if simple is all you need. A single data dashboard, and pretty layout can leave some hosts perfectly happy. If customizability and a robust data and engagement tracking system is required, you may want to consider another platform. 

The 2-step registration system can also be unintuitive and may require more touchpoints with guests to help them navigate the process.

The capacity to review social media on a single wall, in addition to attendees’ ability to check in with their smart device, are both convenient features.

The overwhelming majority of reviews for Attentify are positive, and come up from small businesses with 50 or fewer employees.

What we don’t love is the extra cost associated with branding your event app ($2,000)

What Types of Events is Attendify For?

Attendify is ideal for smaller organizations who want their events to focus on audience engagement, whether in-person, hybrid, or virtual events. 

Highly scalable, Attendify can accommodate everything from a single webinar with a few people, to multi-day conferences with several thousand attendees.

Attendify focuses on three event management areas:

  • Virtual event hosting
  • Mobile event app
  • Event marketing

Attendify Features Review

Attendify concentrates on helping event organizers get a thoroughly engaging event app up and running as quickly as possible, with minimal effort. Key features available include:

  • User-friendly design
  • Private and secure social network (It was noted that some of the privacy and security features can limit the functionality of the app)
  • Simple, effective event registration

User-Friendly Design and Build

Attendify doesn’t require users to have prior coding or design experience. 

All aspects of the app use a drag-and-drop framework to build their event app, making it ideal for new-to-virtual event organizers. 

Users have several options for adding content to the app. They can do the following::

  • Manually input data
  • Import content from a Microsoft Excel Open XML spreadsheet (.xlsx)
  • Use one of Attenditfy’s preset application programming interfaces (API)

Private Social Network 

Attendify makes attendee engagement easy through their private event-only social community. 

Event attendees are featured on the app timeline when they first join, nurturing introductions and connections from the start. 

Attendees can post photos, updates, ideas, and other short posts directly to the timeline, just like any other social media platform. 

Direct private messages between event attendees help to encourage more genuine connections. And the app notification center ensures users never miss a single comment, like, or push notification.

Event organizers can take advantage of real-time social network polling to further engage users while getting instant event feedback. 

Simple, Effective Event Registration

Attendify’s step-by-step registration builder offers users an intuitive, ad-free interface for maximum appeal. 

Registration handles multiple ticket types for the same event, supporting up to 25 different registration types per event.

Customizable checkout forms and a drag-and-drop interface allow event organizers to move away from standardized checkout forms. 

Attendify provides all of the tools to build the form you want, attach whichever ticket type(s) you’re using, and gather the data you need.

Unlimited promo/discount/unlock codes allow event organizers to offer discounts or conceal a particular ticket type or pricing tier option.

Users can launch registration within minutes, integrating it with the event app. Both the app and registration are automatically synced to deliver a seamless experience to attendees.

Overall Platform Experience

While it has its limitations, Attendify appears to focus on excelling with its current offering of features, rather than its development. And users seem generally pleased with it. 

Their client list is extensive, featuring household brands alongside smaller, startup organizations speaking to their ease of use, adaptability, and scalability. 

Overall, Attendify does what it does very well. If you can live without some branding bells and whistles but want an intuitive drag-and-drop framework, Attendify is a solid choice. 

An enthusiastic customer support department backs up an already straightforward design, making Attendify great for anyone trying to avoid a steep learning curve or those who simply want to get it done, fast and functional. 

What People Like About Attendify

Attendify reviews are mostly positive across a variety of events. 

Martin from the American Philatelic Society has used Attendify over several years and has many good things to say about the mobile-first platform in his Capterra review

He applauded their ability to share event details with attendees regardless of their location. “Our experience…has been excellent,” said Martin, noting that the Attendify team was knowledgeable, responsive, and very professional. “We will certainly use this tool again.”

Kyle, who works with the National Park Service, said “YESS!” when it came to describing Attendify in his SoftwareAdvice review. He called the app a “huge success” and praised their customer support responsiveness using the chat window. They promptly answered any of his questions “at any time of day.” Adding, “This was huge.”

What People Dislike About Attendify

While most users said they were completely satisfied, some suggested areas of improvement. Laura from Interise complimented Attendify’s ease of use on SoftwareAdvice. But she voiced frustration at not being able to book breakout sessions. She added she would have liked more features that supported “attendees building their own personal programs.”

A government administrator took to G2 to note experiencing “several issues” when it came to Android users that resulted in the app “not being applicable” at the expected levels.

Attendify Competitors and Alternatives

The main Attendify competitors and alternatives with G2 ratings are:

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